Barrier gate Xparc

Barrier gate Xparc
Barrier gate Xparc
Enter a new era of Parking Access Control with the XP1203 barrier gate.
• 1.4 sec Open/Close time
• Exclusive compact design
• Durable weather-resistant housing with double powder coating
• Microprocessor controlled logic board
• Dip-switch selectable operation modes
• 3 meter rectangular arm
• On-site changing for Left or Right hand movement
• Smooth, secure full 90° movement
• Up to 10.000 operations in 24 hours
• Constant movement cycle monitoring for motor safeguard
• Electronic movement control to Reverse or Stop in case of collision
• CE approved
Barrier gate Xparc
The XP1203 barrier gates are especially developed for use in car parks with a high frequency
of use. The wear-proof mechanical design allows a speedy, smooth and secure movement.
AMANO’s XP1203 is suited for heavy-duty situations and will perform up to 10.000 cycles a
day. Automatic reverse or stop is selectable in case of contact with an object in the down
movement. A microprocessor logic board, in which all features are dipswitch selectable, fully
controls the gate.
Easy installation is a feature, however, even this can be made simpler using the optional
foundation frame.
• Folding Arm (max.2.2m.)
• Round Arm
• Plug-in Radio Remote Control
• Manual opening in case of power failure
• Electro-magnetic Arm Rest
• Arm movement warning light
Barrier gate Xparc
Mains : 230V AC 50Hz
Power con. : Max. 1250W (ex. heater)
Connections : Din Rail screw terminals
Field Wiring: Numbered plug terminals Dry contact inputs/outputs
12 V DC output
220/240 V AC output
Motor characteristics
Horsepower : 0.37 KW Motor
AMPS : 2.5 A
Heavy duty maintenance free gear reducer
Wear proof transmission parts
Tested for 10.000 cycles per day
Operating time 1.4 secs
Temp : -20 ° to 70° C
Weatherproof (IP54) slim aluminium housing
Dim. : 35cm (W) x 30cm (D) x110cm (H)
Barrier gate Xparc
Weight : 47,5 Kg
Removable front door for easy access
Double Powder coating RAL1004 Paint (Other RAL-colors on request)
Gate arm
Rectangular arm (100mm x 25mm x 3m)
Red/White Reflective
Easy changing from left to right hand movement
No-nonsense arm clamping/fixing
Easy tension adjustment to compensate for armweight
Quick plug-in and operate installation
Detachable logic box for easy wiring and set-up
Status and Control LED’s on all features
Switch selectable operation mode : Test, Manual, Semi and Full automatic
Switch selectable features : Loop function, Photocell security, Time-out closing, Automatic
More available models
XP1204: arm length 4m and open/close speed 3.2 sec. 4/4
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