V-LA03 Mini Drone

V-LA03 Mini Drone
Valore Mini Drone
With 2.0 Camera (V-LA03)
Thank you for purchasing the Valore Mini Drone With 2.0 Camera.
Get superior stability for both indoor and outdoor footage capturing while enjoying a smooth
piloting experience with the latest built-in 6 axis technology to resist strong wind.
Important: Please read the user manual thoroughly before using your Mini Drone.
• Camera lens: 120º wide-angle
• Video resolution: 2.0 MP
• Image resolution: 1280 x 720 @30fps
• Maximum speed: 7.2 km/h
• Maximum charging time: 35mins max
• Controller wireless range: 50m max (outdoor)
• Storage: Up to 32GB micro SD card (class 6 and above)
• Material: ABS + PC
• Battery for drone: 3.7V 300mAh (included)
• Drone dimensions (L x W x H): 130 x 130 x 30mm
• Controller dimensions (L x W x H): 97 x 60 x 34mm
• Drone weight: 44.2g
• Controller weight: 55.3g
Package Contents:
• Mini drone with 2.0 MP
• 2.4G remote controller (2 x
AAA batteries not included)
• Extra blade x 8
• USB cable
① On/Off connector
② Micro SD card slot
③ Battery
④ Blades
⑤ Protecting frame
3 Channel Mode
① Photo/3 channel mode
② Speed/Stunt
③ Indicator
④ Video/4 channel mode
⑤ Turning/Forward/Backward
⑥ On/Off switch
⑦ Speed indicator
⑧ Trim
⑨ Side to side/Altitude
4 Channel Mode
① Photo/3 channel mode
② Speed/Stunt
③ Indicator
④ Video/4 channel mode
⑤ Side to side/Forward/Backward
⑥ On/Off switch
⑦ Speed indicator
⑧ Trim
⑨ Turning/Altitude
1) Charging the battery
a) Insert battery plug into charger and charging cable provided to a charging adaptor or PC.
When the battery is fully charge, the red light on the charger will go off.
Note: Average charging time is approx. 35 minutes. The mini drone operates for approx. 6-8
2) Switching On/Off
a) Switch on the mini drone by connecting the On/Off connector located at the back of the
mini drone.
b) Switch on the controller by pressing onto the On/Off switch. The indicator will be red.
3) Pairing the controller to the mini drone
a) After switching both the mini drone and controller on, push the left control lever all the way
up (there will be a beep) and down (there will be another beep). The mini drone and controller
is now connected.
After it is connected, your left control lever acceleration is on zero.
4) Operating the mini drone
a) Hovering up and down
Push left control lever up or down, the mini drone flies upward or downward.
b) Forward and backward
Push right control lever up or down, the mini drone flies forward or backward.
c) Rotating clock-wise and anti clock-wise
d) Side to side
e) Changing speed
Press the button on the top left of the controller to set the speed for the drone.
The 3 LED indicator located at the bottom of the controller will tell you the speed of the drone.
5) Replacing the propeller blade
When replacing the propeller blades, make sure to match both the colour of the blades and
the letter indicated at th bottom of the blade.
Grey Blade Front (Left)= F
Grey Blade Front (Right)= R
Black Blade Back (Left)= R
Black Blade Back (Right)= F
6) Changing channels
Short press onto the channel 3 button located on the controller, there will be 3 beeps to
indicate connected.
Short press onto the channel 4 button located on the controller, there will be 4 beeps to
indicate connected.
Channel 3
Channel 4
7) Stunt flying
Fly the mini drone more than 2 meters high, press and hold the stunt button the push the
control lever of forward/backward or side/side. The mini drone can roll over.
8) Video recording and photo taking
After inserting the Micro SD card into the slot, short press the photo button located on the
controller to take a photo. The tail (red LED) of the mini drone lamp flashes after photo is
Short press the video button to start recording, short press again to stop recording. When in
recording mode, the tail of the mini drone lamp flashes slowly.
Trouble Shooting During Flight
After mini drone is switched on, the LED indicators keeps flashing, no response when
a) Unable to pair to transmitter
b) Mini drone battery is insufficient
Pair remote controller and mini drone when battery is fully charged.
Blades continue to spin after landing.
Accelerating control lever is not on the lowest position.
Make sure accelerating control lever is on the lowest position.
The mini drone keeps turning after trim/has inconsistent speed during left/right turn.
a) The blade is not packed in place.
b) Blades are deformed.
c) Blades do not match code.
Replace the blades and make sure to place it in the right front/back position.
• For Technical Support, email us at v.info@valore.sg.
• For Warranty Registration, visit www.valore.sg.
Read all the instructions and warnings carefully prior to using this product.
• Do not store the mini drone in a high temperature environment.
• Do not place the mini drone near a fire or other excessively hot environments.
• Do not expose this mini drone to moisture or submerge it in liquid. Keep mini drone dry at all
• Do not disassemble this mini drone or attempt to repair or modify it in any manner.
• Be cautious of excessive drops, bumps, abrasions or other impacts to this mini drone. If
there is any damage to the mini drone such as dents, punctures, tears, deformities or
corrosion, stop using the mini drone and contact us immediately via email at
v.info@valore.sg, or return this product to the store where you have purchased it from.
• If the product produces an abnormal smell, high temperature (low temperature during
normal use), discolours or changes shape abnormally, stop using the product and contact us
immediately via email at v.info@valore.sg.
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