Lexmark Clinical Assistant Overview

Lexmark Clinical Assistant Overview
Lexmark Clinical Assistant
Solution Summary
The Lexmark Clinical Assistant
is a Lexmark X646dte
multifunction printer with
embedded applications
designed to save clinicians’ time
and improve patient care by
streamlining common
healthcare workflow processes,
each easily accessed with one
touch from the intuitive eTask
interface screen:
• Scan to EMR securely
scans and routes
documents directly to
Solutions Overview
We’ve changed the way nursing looks at technology. The idea that we’ve been able to
introduce technology into areas of the hospital that never had it before and to get the
employees to actively use it, has been eye-opening to the nursing staff.
SOURCE: Steve Art, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Lutheran Medical Center
Lexmark’s Clinical Assistant MFP performs critical healthcare workflow
functions with just one touch
Healthcare organizations are increasingly challenged to reduce medical errors and improve patient
outcomes while cutting costs and boosting the productivity of clinical staff. The focus of many of these
efforts is the nursing station—the busy crossroads where physician orders, patient care and facility
management converge. But with chronic nurse shortages and increasing job pressures, the need for
new tools that increase staff productivity and free up more time for quality patient care is critical.
network destinations or
leading electronic medical
A versatile, hard-working assistant for busy nursing stations
records solutions. Easily
provides instant access to
time-sensitive patient care
or business documents.
• Physician Order Routing
allows nursing staff and
clinicians to securely route
physician orders and
automatically separate STAT
and normal orders with the
touch of an icon. Saves
clinicians from having to
wait on slow fax machines
and reduces orderprocessing time to improve
patient care.
The Lexmark Clinical Assistant is a Lexmark X646dte monochrome laser multifunction printer (MFP),
pre-loaded with custom embedded healthcare-specific applications to simplify clinical workflow
processes. Custom healthcare functions are all easily accessed through icons on the MFP’s userfriendly eTask touchscreen interface, allowing clinical staff to complete complicated workflow
processes with a single touch—and without special training. The Clinical Assistant also offers all the
features of the Lexmark X646dte MFP, including the ability to print up to 50 pages per minute with
robust copy, scan and fax capabilities. The Clinical Assistant frees up precious space in nursing
stations by combining the ability to print, copy, scan and fax into one efficient footprint.
Lexmark Clinical Assistant
Solution Summary
Solutions Overview
Immediate access to a suite of powerful healthcare workflow solutions
• Forms on Demand lets users
choose and then print
Lexmark’s Embedded Solutions Framework (eSF) allows these Java-based healthcare applications to
run directly on the Clinical Assistant right out of the box, saving the expense of installing additional
selected documents right
from the Clinical Assistant
touch screen. Frees up staff
time and saves money by
eliminating the need to order
and stock pre-printed forms.
• Card Copy scans each side
of ID cards and prints both
Scan to EMR
Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems can help reduce medical errors by capturing and storing
patient information electronically, allowing physicians to quickly access critical information. With the
Clinical Assistant’s one-touch Scan to EMR feature, clinical staff can:
• Securely scan and route documents to network destinations
• Scan patient updates into their EMR files in a timely fashion
• Reduce turnaround time for accounts receivable with easy access to supporting documentation
for insurance claims
sides in an enlarged format
on one side of a single sheet
of paper. Saves paper and
improves the quality of
critical documentation.
Physician Order Routing
Improving the medication order process is a top priority in virtually every healthcare organization. But
fax machines are still commonly used to send handwritten physician’s orders to the pharmacy or a lab
for processing, leading to lost, delayed or inaccurate orders. The Clinical Assistant includes an
integrated one-touch Orders Routing function that allows nursing staff and clinicians to:
• Securely route physician orders from nursing stations to pharmacy
• Automatically separate STAT orders from normal orders for faster processing
• Integrate with leading medication order management systems
Forms on Demand
Many healthcare facilities are moving away from expensive pre-printed forms to storing frequently
accessed documents online for printing on demand. However, clinical staff often do not have time to
log in to a workstation, locate the document and submit a print job. Forms on Demand allows clinical
staff to quickly and easily access those forms right from the Clinical Assistant, making it easy to:
“Technology investments
designed to ensure the
safety and expert care of our
patients are investments
worth making.”
—Steve Art
• Select and print documents right at the MFP
• Quickly assemble patient chart form sets
• Assure that the most current form versions are used
Card Copy
Patient insurance or identification cards are copied frequently and included with patient files. However,
because the cards are typically two-sided, medical staff must go through an extra step and make two
separate photocopies for the front and back of the card. The Card Copy function allows staff to scan
each side of the card and print both sides on one side of a single sheet of paper to:
• Save time
• Save paper
• Improve legibility with enlarged format option
Lexmark Clinical Assistant
Solutions Overview
Simple, efficient and cost-effective prior to CPOE, plus a platform for
additional healthcare solutions
While most healthcare organizations are working to adopt Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE),
acceptance by physicians and other hurdles are slowing the process. The Clinical Assistant not only
functions as a productive, cost-effective interim solution prior to CPOE implementation, but can also
serve as a back-up once installed.
The Physician Order Routing feature integrates with Lexmark’s Queue & View™ solution, an optional
application that allows pharmacists and nurses to view and manage physician orders online.
Lexmark’s Queue and View solution also provides order tracking, logging and storage.
Put Lexmark’s Clinical Assistant “on staff” at your healthcare facility
By seamlessly integrating the versatility and one-touch ease of use of the Lexmark X646dte MFP with a
suite of four powerful healthcare workflow solutions, Lexmark’s Clinical Assistant can help your
healthcare organization streamline processes, improve productivity and reduce medical errors. To put the
Clinical Assistant to work in your facility, contact a Lexmark healthcare industry representative today.
One Device, Multiple Solutions
Forms on Demand
Scan to EMR
Clinical Assistant
Clincial Assistant
Orders Routing
Card Copy
Normal Order
STAT Order
Nursing Station
Clinical Assistant
Pharmacy Printer
Clinical Assistant
Scan Twice,
Print Once
Lexmark Clinical Assistant
Solutions Overview
Productivity Right Out of the Box
Easy-to-use, integrated Lexmark multifunction printers with a color touch screen allow you to manage documents more
effectively. Big, colorful and easy to use, the new e-Task touch screen puts powerful output features to work with just a
touch. Customize the touch screen interface with Lexmark’s new embedded solutions framework or Lexmark
Document Solutions Suite Software to access electronic forms and automate complex business processes.
e-Task Interface - Customizable, vivid and familiar icons on the Lexmark e-Task 8-inch color touch screen
provide access to print, copy, fax and scan-to-email functions or custom workflows.
Scan Preview – The ability to view the first page of a scanned document before sending helps ensure accuracy.
This is standard on the X646e, X646dte, X850e, X852e, X854e and X772e.
Job Build – When scanning jobs that include both the automatic document feeder (ADF) and the flatbed, the
entire job can be saved as a single file.
Every day, Lexmark color and
monochrome multifunction
printers go to work for some of the
world’s most important companies.
Priority Copy (Job Interrupt) – For convenience copying, this feature allows you to temporarily interrupt a print
job, then resume once the copy is made.
Mixed Original Sensing – When mixed sizes of documents are placed in the ADF, this feature ensures that the
appropriate paper size is selected in the copy process.
And their performance hasn’t
gone unnoticed.
Job Cancel – This intuitive feature clearly lists all jobs in each queue (print,copy, fax) to ensure cancellation of the
correct job.
Direct USB Scanning/Printing – Print image files directly from a USB flash drive or scan documents and save
them as pdf, tif or jpeg files onto a USB flash drive.
Security Standard
Your business invests in securing networked PCs and servers, so why not secure your printers and MFPs? All high-function
network devices should be protected against attack and configured to support your network security policies. Lexmark’s
MFPs and printers support best industry practices for network device protection. Lexmark devices can be managed
securely through an array of industry-standard functions that suit your needs.
Lexmark Multifunction
The award-winning Lexmark
printers include many features
right out of the box. The only
limit to what your business can
do with these devices might
just be your imagination.
Centralized Devices
Lexmark X850e
Lexmark X852e
Lexmark X854e
Confidential Print – Hold print jobs until the intended recipient enters an appropriate PIN number that allows
the job to be printed.
Operator Panel Lock – Lock a printer or MFP operator panel, entirely or to administrators only, requiring a PIN
number to unlock it.
TCP Connection Filtering – Printers and MFPs can be configured to allow TCP/IP connections from only a
specified list of TCP/IP addresses.
Hard Disk Encryption – An MFP hard disk can be configured using a 128-bit AES key that encrypts all data on
the drive.
MFP Lockout - MFPs can be locked so that the touch screen is disabled and all incoming print and fax jobs are
stored securely on the hard drive until the MFP is unlocked by entering the appropriate PIN.
SNMPv3 – Lexmark MFPs support SNMPv3, including authentication and data encryption, to allow secure
remote management of the devices.
IPSec – All network traffic to and from printers and MFPs is encrypted and authenticated.
Distributed Devices
Lexmark X644e
Lexmark X646e
Lexmark X646dte
Lexmark X772e
Secure User Authentication – MFP functions can be restricted so that users must authenticate prior to
performing copy, scan-to-e-mail, scan-to-fax, scan-to-network, workflow scripts or embedded applications.
Secure LDAP over SSL – Information exchanged via LDAP, including user credentials, names, e-mail addresses
and fax numbers, is encrypted to preserve the confidentiality and privacy of data.
For more information on Lexmark products and services please visit www.lexmark.com
Lexmark and Lexmark with diamond design are trademarks of Lexmark International, Inc. registered in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are
the property of their respective owners. © 2006 Lexmark International, Inc. 740 W. New Circle Rd., Lexington, KY 40550.
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