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M1276A Series
Reliability. Durability. Simplicity.
The Northern LIghts M1276A1 & A2
Series generator sets are built to be run at
high loads. Based on the solid reliability
of a four-valve Lugger diesel engine, the
M1276Aʼs can produce reliable on-board
power, with a kilowatt range of 235-280 kW
at 60 Hz (1800 RPM), or 185-230 kW at 50
Hz (1500 RPM).
It starts with engineering.
Northern Lights engineers its generators
around some important core principles. At
the forefront, is the commitment to creating
power in a reliably efficient package. The
cast iron exhaust manifold is combined with
the expansion tank and heat exchanger
housings on the M1276 series into a
durable, robust jacket water cooling system.
If it’s not there, it can’t break.
Advanced engineering has minimized the
number of hoses, belts and gaskets. Most
service points are conveniently located on a
common side. M1276Aʼs are also designed
to allow for longer time between oil changes
than comparable models.
• Junction box contains AC
terminal strip, automatic AC
voltage regulator with fuse, DC
system relays and DC circuit
Electronics equal better fuel economy.
The ultra high pressure electronic fuel
injection on the M1276A series allows
for quick, smoke-less starts - even when
cold - and improves fuel economy. The
electronic control unit promotes protection
by self-diagnosis.
Keep it safe, keep it running.
Safety and peace of mind come
standard with your Northern Lights
generator set as well. Northern Lights
DC Logic System continually monitors
vital engine functions. The automatic
AC voltage regulator keeps voltage to
+/- 1% to help protect the most sensitive
instruments and electronics from power
dips and surges. Automatic safety
shutdowns for low oil pressure and high
coolant temperature are standard features
of the M1276A family.
Clean, quiet operation.
Compact and high powered, the
M1276Aʼs are also engineered for comfort
with features like isolation mounts to
reduce vibration. The closed-loop
crankcase vent, intake silencers and
• Jacket-water cooled, cast
iron exhaust manifold. Two
pass coolant flow for even
temperature control.
235-280 kW
60 Hz / 1800 RPM
200-230 kW
50 Hz / 1500 RPM
cast valve covers help keep your engine
room remarkably clean and quiet. Optional
Northern Lights innovations like InSep and
our super attenuated sound enclosures
can dramatically reduce the generator setʼs
sound signatures.
Ease of customization.
With Northern Lightsʼ famous commonality
in parts, and easy customization, your
M1276A series generator set can be as
unique as your vessel. You have enough
worries on the high seas. Your power
generation system shouldnʼt be one of
them. And thanks to the reliability, durability
and simplicity of Northern Lightsʼ M1276A
series, it doesnʼt have to be.
• Cupro-nickel heat exchanger
with removable ends for easy
• Side
oil fill.
• Battery
• Molded beltguard
protects operator.
• Welded steel base with
drip pan helps keep engine
room clean and safe.
• Hydrolastic vibration isolation
mounts for smooth operation.
• White IMRON® polyurethane paint.
235 kW / 1800 RPM
200 kW / 1500 RPM
Service side.
• Fuel filter
with drain.
• Spin on oil filter with
full flow and bypass
elements in one can.
M1276A Series
Engine Block
• Six cylinder, in-line, four cycle, liquid cooled,
overhead cam, four valve, marine diesel
with a heavy-duty, cast iron, industrial-grade
engine block.
• Replaceable, wet
type cylinder liners
are hardened and
precision machined
for long life. Engine
is rebuildable to
original factory
• Liquid cooled cylinder liner top reduces
temperatures by up to 130°F (72°C) for
durability and head gasket life.
• Balanced, forged crankshaft with induction
hardened journals for long life.
• Replaceable valve seats and guides.
• Overhead camshaft reduces the valve train
parts and improves performance. Camshaft
is gear driven; no chains or timing belt to
worry about. Large camshaft journals and
bearings for long life. Large roller cam
Separate your set from the ordinary.
• Four valves per
cylinder increase air
flow and allow unit
fuel injector to be
placed in the center
of the cylinder for an
optimal fuel spray
• Cast aluminum,
“floating” valve
cover blocks valve train noise. Cover
is removable with three bolts for quick
service access.
• Articulated pistons with high strength steel
crown and aluminum skirt for long life
under high loads.
• Torsional crankshaft vibration damper.
• SAE 1 flywheel housing is standard.
Air Intake and Exhaust
• Turbocharged and aftercooled for optimum
power and performance.
• Dry air filter silences
intake air.
• Closed loop crankcase
vent keeps engine
room clear of vapors.
• Spin on oil filter placed high and dry on
generator set. Features full flow and
bypass elements in
one can for ease of
• Side lube oil fill.
• Oil drain outlets with
optional oil pump
M1276A2 - Non Service Side
• Large, cast expansion
tank. Easy coolant
fill. Single piece
• Electronically
controlled, unit type,
fuel injections provide
for precise fuel
injection, improved
fuel economy and
reduced emissions.
• Closed loop crankcase
vent keeps engine room
clear of vapors.
• Intakesilencing air
• Cast
piping for
• SAE A,
9 tooth
• Electronic controls. Water and corrosion
• Gear driven
(no belt) seawater pump with bronze resistant module protects engine control
unit (ECU) for electronic fuel injection and
and stainless steel construction.
ESP engine system profiler.
• Northern
Lights brushless
generator with
• 24 Volt starter
placed high
and dry.
Electronic Fuel Injection System
• Electronic engine control unit (ECU) monitors
engine functions for easy diagnosis.
• ECU is housed in water and corrosion
resistant module and supples an SAE
J1939 information data stream through
a CANbus data stream
for the Electronic
System Profiler
(ESP) monitor
• Electronic unit
injectors provide precise fuel delivery
for excellent fuel economy and performance.
Reduces cold start smoke and noise.
• Fuel filter with drain.
Cooling System
• Jacket water cooled, cast iron exhaust
• Two pass coolant flow for even temperature
AC Generator
• Direct coupled, single bearing Northern
Lights brushless generator is maintenance
• Features long-life Permanent Magnet
Generator (PMG).
• Engines and generators are torsonially
matched for long life. Factory tested to
ensure quality.
• Class H insulation, accessible diodes,
oversized ball bearings and marine grade
shafts to provide stability in challenging
marine environment.
DC Electrical System
• DC system uses reliable, replaceable
relays instead of unrepairable printed circuit
• 24 volt starter and battery charging
alternator. (12 volt optional)
• Standard panel.
• Automatic shutdowns for low oil pressure
and high coolant temperature.
Special Equipment
• Standard hydrolastic
mounts isolate
vibration from hull.
• Molded belt guard
protects operator.
• White IMRON®
polyurethane paint
provides enhanced
protection and
• Printed operatorʼs and parts manuals
standard. (Optionally available on CDRom.)
Options to customize your power system.
Control Panels
Design your next generator set.
Here are just some of the options you can choose for customizing your Northern Lights to match
your special requirements. These are not slap-dash add-ons. Each is engineered to be part of an
integrated power system working in concert to enhance your comfort, safety and ease of vessel
operation. Your Northern Lights representative will help your naval architect and boatbuilder specify
the ultimate set for your vessel.
Additional control panels
Add an additional control panel, to replace or
complement your systemʼs standard panel.
Northern Lights offers several to chose from,
compatible with the M1276 series.
Sound Enclosures
Our super attenuated sound enclosures
have dual dampening sound barriers, sound
trapping air ducts, and powder coated
aluminum frame and panels for corrosion
resistance. Easy-to-use trigger latches
on panels allow quick access for easy
High HP front power take offs
At the touch of a button,
the front end power take
off gives you 114 to 137
Horsepower (based on
model and RPM). Run
hydraulic bow thrusters,
deck gear, winches and
more from your generator.
Equipped with an electric clutch.
Shutdowns and prealarms
Safety shutdowns are
available for almost all
generator set systems
and pre-alarms can save
even more time and
money by warning before
the shutdowns occur.
DC Alternators
High capacity battery
charging power is
available from our line of
DC alternators. Options
include 12v 90A and
120A; 24v 75A and 100A;
standard or isolated ground.
Aluminum base frames
Take a load off your
yacht with lightweight
aluminum base frames.
Aluminum boat owners
can even have their sets
welded into place.
InSep exhaust systems
A Northern Lights exclusive, InSep integrates
the generatorʼs water lift exhaust muffler
and gas/water separator inside the sound
enclosure. InSep not only saves valuable
engine room space, but can dramatically aid
noise reduction as well.
Paralleling controls
Northern Lights can provide load sharing
controls for parallel generator installations.
Contact your factory representative for more
ESP monitoring systems
The ESP monitoring system is your window to
the operational condition
of your generator set.
You can monitor all major
engine functions and
diagnostics on an easy
to read LCD screen,
mounted wherever is
most convenient.
Sight oil gauge/alarm
Check the oil level in
your sump with a quick
glance, even when the
set is running, when
you add a custom sight
oil gauge. The optional
alarm warns you when
the oil level is low.
Exhaust components
Customize your
generator further with
our wide variety of
wet and dry mufflers,
exhaust gas-water
separators, wet and dry
exhaust elbows and dry
exhaust flex. Whatever
your exhaust systemʼs
needs, Northern Lights
can provide it.
Available in 12 or 24 volt, these handsome
panels allow you to monitor vital generator
functions from one or more convenient
onboard locations.
S-1 Includes:
run light, start/stop switch
and shutdown bypass/
preheat switch.
S-1B Includes:
run light, engine hour
meter, start/stop switch
and shutdown bypass/
preheat switch.
S-3B Includes:
DC voltmeter, coolant
temperature gauge, oil
pressure gauge, engine
hourmeter, start/stop
switch and shutdown
bypass/preheat switch
in a NEMA enclosure.
Available with autostart.
S-3C Includes:
same features as S-3B
in a compact flush mount
S-4 Includes:
AC voltmeter, frequency
meter, ammeter with
phase selector switch,
DC voltmeter, engine
hour meter, engine oil
pressure gauge, engine
coolant temp gauge
and control switches.
Available with autostart,
flush mount or NEMA box.
Custom control panels are also available.
M1276A Series
General Specifications and Dimensions
AC Output
60Hz, 1800 RPM* kW
50Hz, 1500 RPM* kW
Voltage regulation with PMG
Frequency droop control
Phase and power factor
Generator full load temprature rise
Lugger L1276 Marine Diesel Engine Data
Displacement - cid (ltr)
Bore / Stroke - in (mm)
HP @ 1800 RPM / HP @ 1500 RPM^
Oil capacity w/filter - US qts(ltrs)
Engine Cooling System
Approx. HE cooling capacity - gal (ltr)
Min. seawater inlet/through hull dia. - in (mm)
Seawater pump inlet hose ID - in (mm)
Heat rejection to jacket water - BTU/min @60Hz/50Hz
Fresh water pump capacity - gal/min (ltr/min) @60Hz
Fresh water pump capacity - gal/min (ltr/min) @50Hz
Seawater pump capacity - gal/min (ltr/min) @60Hz
Seawater pump capacity - gal/min (ltr/min) @50Hz
DC Electrical Data
Starting voltage - standard/optional (volts)
Min. battery capacity - amp/hour
Starter rolling current - 12/24VDC @ 0oC
Battery size - 12/24VDC (CCA)
Battery cable size up to 10 ft (3 m)
Air and Exhaust Systems
Generator cooling air flow - cfm (m3/m) @ 60Hz
Generator cooling air flow - cfm (m3/m) @ 50Hz
Air consumption - cfm (m3/m) @ 60Hz
Air consumption - cfm (m3/m) @ 50Hz
Exhaust gas volume - cfm (m3/m) @ 60Hz
Exhaust gas volume - cfm (m3/m) @ 50Hz
Exhaust gas temperature - oF/oC @ 60Hz
Exhaust gas temperature - oF/oC @ 50Hz
Approx. heat radiated to air - BTU/min @ 60Hz
Approx. heat radiated to air - BTU/min @ 50Hz
Max. exhaust back pressure - in H2O/mm H20
Fuel System
Fuel injection type and control
Min. suction/return line - in (mm)
Max. fuel transfer pump suction lift - in (mm)
Max. fuel flow to transfer pump - gal/hr @ 60Hz
Max. fuel flow to transfer pump - gal/hr @ 50Hz
Full load fuel returned to tank - gph (lph) @ 60Hz
Full load fuel returned to tank - gph (lph) @ 60Hz
Spec. fuel consumption max load - @ 60Hz
Spec. fuel consumption max load - @ 50Hz
Approx. fuel rate max load - gal/hr @ 60Hz§
Approx. fuel rate max load - gal/hr @ 50Hz§
Dimensions and Weight
Length - in (mm)
Height - in (mm)
Width - in (mm)
Dry weight w/ heat exchanger - lbs (kg)
235 kW
200 kW
+/- 1%
Iso 0%
3 ph (0.8 pf)
280 kW
230 kW
+/- 1%
Iso 0%
3 ph (0.8 pf)
6 inline / 4 cycle
Turbo aftercooled
763 (12.5)
5.00 (127) 6.5 (165)
341 / 310
44 (42)
6 inline / 4 cycle
Turbo aftercooled
763 (12.5)
5.00 (127) / 6.5 (165)
402 / 338
44 (42)
14.25 (54)
3 (75)
3 (75)
11120 / 10175
92 (352)
73 (276)
92 (352)
14.25 (54)
3 (75)
3 (75)
13195 / 11094
92 (352)
73 (276)
92 (352)
76 / 287
24 / 12
1280 / 600
1800 / 900
24 / 12
1280 / 600
1800 / 900
794 (22.5)
635 (18.0)
1783 (50.5)
1514 (42.9)
755 (402)
840 (449)
30 (762)
816 (23.1)
678 (19.2)
2083 (59)
1627 (46.1)
960 (515)
860 (460)
30 (762)
Electronic unit injectors
3/8 (9.5)
36 (914)
consult factory
consult factory
Electronic unit injectors
3/8 (9.5)
36 (914)
consult factory
consult factory
98.7 (2507)
52.7 (1339)
35.3 (895)
5660 (2515)
103.8 (2636)
52.7 (1339)
35.3 (895)
6002 (2723)
Notes on dimensions: Dimensions as shown are subject to change without notice and are not intended for installation. Contact a factory representative for current installation data. Data shown is for units with hydrolastic mounts, heat exchanger cooling and 3 phase generator ends. Dimensions and weight are affected by optional
equipment, AC output, phase, exhaust and cooling configuration.
* Prime kW ratings for 3Ø at 0.8 power factor. Consult factory for deration factors.
^ Net flywheel hp rating for fully equipped engine at rated speed under SAE J816b.
Based on prime kW rating at 1800 and 1500 RPM. Fuel rate may vary depending on operating conditions.
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Information and dimensions subject to change without notice.
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