Integrated Telephone System
Success in Business Begins
with Reliable Tools
New business-use ITS
10 One Touch Speed Dial Key
Ringer LED for Incoming call
Ringer Indicator 30-Speed Dialer Long curl cord
2-Step Tilt Angle Wall Mountable
UAB "Panalita" technikos centras ¤ T.Ševčenkos 16a, LT03111 Vilnius ¤ Tel/faks: +5 2395080 ¤ info@panalita.lt ¤ www.panalita.lt
Integrated Telephone System
Strong Support for
All Types of Business
The Integrated Telephone System
combines function and design to
meet a wide range of business
situations. All required functions
are designed based on special
business specifications and ensure
extremely easy operation.
Outstanding Features with Built-In Quality
New businessuse ITS
10 One Touch
Speed Dial Key
To reliably support all business
activities, the Integrated Telephone
System features a wide range of
indispensable functions, a comfortable
handset and 2-Step Tilt Angle.
10 one-touch speed dial numbers are ideal for
storing emergency or frequently dialed
numbers. You can also store and retrieve 20
phone numbers for two-touch speed dialing.
A total of 30 speed dial numbers will save you
searching and dialing time.
2-Step Tilt Angle
Ringer LED for
Incoming call
You can confirm incoming calls
Ringer Indicator flashes to indicate
there is an incoming call.
Convenient when waiting for a call.
Wall Mountable
There’s no need to worry if
you can’t find a suitable place
to put your KX-TS820.
You can mount it right on the
wall for functional use.
The 2-Step Tilt Angle allows
easy adjustment when the
telephone is placed on a desk.
Careful engineering
and design ensure easy
use while minimizing
user inconvenience.
Other Features
Programmable Flash Time setting
Lock (4 digits PIN)
Indication (LED)
Handset Cord (39 cm)
Call Restriction
One Touch Dial (Stations)
One-Touch Tone Switching
Tone/Pulse Setting
Timed Flash
10 stations
● (Last number only)
600 ms
Insertable Pause
Ringer Selector (step)
Wall Mountable
Dimensions (W x D x H)
● (3.5 sec)
SW (Off / Low / High)
Electrical (4 steps)
172 mm x 220 mm x 93 mm
426 g
UAB "Panalita" technikos centras ¤ T.Ševčenkos 16a, LT03111 Vilnius ¤ Tel/faks: +5 2395080 ¤ info@panalita.lt ¤ www.panalita.lt
Actual product may vary slightly from Photograph.
Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. 0M0710TD-KX-TS820-LT.
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