Data Sheet: EV Charging Station
Data Sheet: EV Charging Station
For Ford Electric Vehicles
Model EVSE-RS from AeroVironment
Turn your home garage into a “filling station” for your electric car
The EVSE-RS Charging Station charges your electric car in just a few hours while you sleep,
enjoy a meal, or spend time with your family. The Charging Station safely delivers AC power
to your electric vehicle (EV) or plug-in hybrid (PHEV) so you’re always “fueled up” and ready
to go – featuring a weather-proof enclosure that makes it safe for both indoor and outdoor
The Charging Station can be installed by one of our certified licensed electricians who’ll also
perform diagnostics to verify the installation and show you how to use the Charging Station.
The connector “plug” that’s included is a universal standard maintained by the Society of
Automotive Engineers (SAE) and will charge any new electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle model
that meets this common standard.
Intuitive User Interface
• Standardized connector plug
GREEN = utility voltage connected
• Auto restart in event of power outage
GREEN = ready to operate
GREEN BLINKING = “off” state due to a manual STOP
• Breakaway safety cable
GREEN = connected to vehicle
• Integrated cable stowage
GREEN = vehicle is charging (fast blinking = high charge when
battery is low, slow blinking = charge near complete)
• Weatherproof housing
RED = error has occurred; blinking pattern based on fault type
• Auto short circuit and ground fault shutoff
• Protection against “live power”
• Underwriters Laboratory (UL) listed
• Optional pedestal mount
• Optional communication module
Will be supported by:
• Network of certified, trained electricians
• Nationwide coverage
• Convenient home site assessments and installation
• 24-hour response time during business hours
Operating Temperature
Cord Length
Regulatory Compliance
SAE J1772
Voltage 208VAC to 240VAC
50Hz / 60Hz
30A max
-30°C to 50°C
12” x 12” x 8” (approximate)
10 lbs. (excl. cable)
Up to 25’ available
UL, cUL, CE, CTick listed
Information and specifications subject to change.
These materials describe certain features of AeroVironment, Inc.’s Charging Station and residential installation services related to Ford electric vehicles, and are subject to change at any time without notice. Pricing, delivery model and availability of
the Charging Stations and residential installation services may vary due to geography, site conditions, local requirements and other factors. No energy efficiency claims or environmental claims relating to the Charging Station are intended or being
made. AeroVironment™ is a trademark of AeroVironment, Inc. Ford is a trademark of Ford Motor Company.
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