Model PBX 308

Model PBX 308
PBX 308
Extension User Guide
Internal calls
Making outgoing calls
Making outgoing calls from Direct Dial extensions
Door Phone or Reception Phone
Transferring Calls
Call pick up
Call Diversion
To remove Call Diversion
Conference calls
The Orchid PBX 308 extensions need to Dial 9 for access to an outside Exchange Line, however,
Extensions can be converted to Direct Dial by the System Administrator – Direct Dial extensions
do not have to dial 9 for a line. The Direct Dial feature is ideal if you make a lot of outgoing calls
and few internal calls. Direct Dial extensions need to dial * in front of the extension number when
making internal calls and when using some of the other features of the PBX 308.
Allows you to call another extension
Off Hook
Dial Extension Number 201 - 208
For Direct Dial Extensions, Dial * in front of the Extension number.
Off Hook
Dial 9 and wait for External Dial Tone, dial the telephone number.
Ideally, program 9 and a pause into a one touch memory.
NB: The pause is necessary in case you need to Redial a number. Direct Dial extensions just
need to press Redial.
Making outgoing calls from Direct Dial extensions
Off Hook
Dial the Telephone Number
Last Number Redial in “Dial 9 For a Line” mode
For last number Redial to work properly in “Dial 9 for a Line” mode you need to enter a Pause
after the 9 when dialling the number. Most modern telephones have a pause button on the keypad. Some DECT cordless phones enable you to program the phone so that “9 Pause” is inserted
in front of every number dialled.
If your telephones do not have a Pause button, we recommend you contact the System
Administrator to get your extension converted to “Direct Dial” Mode.
BT or Cable Select (Star) Services
Select Services (Also known as Star Services) such as Call Divert, 3 way Calling etc, can only be
set up on extensions that are in “Dial 9 for a Line” mode. They cannot be set up on extensions
that have been programmed for “Direct Dial” mode.
Allows you to have a conversation with a visitor at the door or reception.
If your extension has been designated to ring, it will ring like an Internal call.
If your phone has not been designated to ring when the visitor lifts the reception phone and you
want to answer the call:
Off Hook
Dial # 7
Allows you to manually or automatically transfer an incoming call to another extension.
To transfer manually:
Dial Recall / Extension Number
Announce Caller
If the extension wants to take
the call, replace handset.
NB: If the Extension does not answer Replace your handset (On HOOK), in a few
seconds, your phone will ring and you will be connected back with the Caller.
To transfer automatically:
Dial: Recall
Extension Number
Replace Handset
If the extension does not answer within 25 seconds the call will be redirected back to you and your
phone will ring.
NB: If the Extension is engaged you will hear the Engaged tone and 2 seconds later you will be
connected back with the Caller.
If your extension is not programmed to ring on incoming calls this feature allows you to pick up a
call ringing on another extension.
Off Hook
Dial: # 7
For Direct Dial Extensions
Off Hook
Dial: * # 7
Allows you to divert your calls temporarily to another extension.
Off Hook
Dial: # 0 Extension Number
Replace Handset
For Direct Dial Extensions:
Off Hook
Dial: * # 0 Extension Number
Off Hook
Replace Handset
On Hook
Allows you to set up a conference call between 2 extensions and an incoming outside call.
During the call press RECALL
Dial: * Extension Number
If the other extension answers all three parties will be connected.
If the extension does not answer or if it is engaged, press Recall to revert back to the Caller.
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