FF-1000 Hi-Speed Bill Counter

FF-1000 Hi-Speed Bill Counter
FF-1000 Hi-Speed Bill Counter
The FF-1000 by Fraud Fighter™ Products is a highly efficient
currency counter utilizing counterfeit detection technology.
Counting by denomination, recognizing security features and high-speed
accuracy are just a few of the valuable features of this product.
Available now to Kentucky Banker’s Association Members for only
High-Speed, up to 1,000 bills per minute
Counts total quantity of banknotes
Simultaneously verifies Metallic/Magnetic, ultra-violet,
paper width and optical transparency features
Sounds an alarm and stops counting when suspicious bill is detected
Digital display of total currency counted
Double, chained, and half-note detection
Utilizes “fuzzy algorithm” for improved reliability and accuracy
Automatic starting, clearing, memory, and self-diagnosis functions
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FF-1000 Currency Counter[Qty] ________ Your cost $375.00 plus shipping & handling
Fax this form to:
UVeritech, Inc.
(626) 609-0377
For More Info: Robert@uveritech.com or call 800-883-8822 and ask for Robert Taylor
Uveritech, Inc. • 1743 South Grand Avenue • Glendora, California 91740
800.883.8822 • fax: 626-339-4227 • www.fraudfighter.com
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