Solution LCD Text-Icon Code Pads
Intrusion Alarm Systems | Solution LCD Text-Icon Code Pads
Solution LCD Text-Icon Code Pads
The Solution LCD Text - Icon Code pads have been
thoughtfully designed to provide everything you would
expect from a state of the art security system and
much more. The code pads decor friendly housing and
stylish curved face blends with the most discerning of
interior designs and it can be used with or without the
hinged door according to individual customer taste or
Colour coded, illuminated keys allow for easy
identification and operation in all ambient light
conditions and provide a positive feel to the user. Red
and green indicators provide easy identification of
Armed and Disarmed modes and the in-built sounder
provides audible feedback via polyphonic like
signalling tones during system operation. The sounder
emits a siren sound during alarm condition providing
early warning and the volume level is individually
programmable for each code pad connected to the
Large back-lit graphical LCD display
ICON display with text
Terminal block connections
Dedicated On, Off and Part Keys
Adjustable volume, backlight and contrast
Large back-lit LCD display.
The LCD Text - Icon Code Pad combines Bosch
industry leading ICON interface technology with the
added benefits of a text display. Installers are
provided key information whilst programming such as
memory location and existing data in easy to read text.
Adjustable contrast, backlight and volume.
Brightness and contrast levels are all programmable
via the code pad so the user can adjust the display to
their desired optimum clarity. The user may elect to
fully extinguish the keypad lighting when not in use.
Volume control means the code pad is equally perfect
for noisy industrial locations or quiet office and home
Status LEDs
Red and green status LED indicators provide eay
identification of armed, disarmed modes from a
distance and positive confirmation of programming
mode activation.
Proximity Control
An enhanced version of the ICON LCD Code Pad
incorporates a built-in proximity reader allowing users
to simply present their token to the keypad to arm /
2 | Solution LCD Text-Icon Code Pads
disarm and / or unlock a door. Children and the elderly
will find this feature extremely easy to use as no PIN
codes are required for operation.
Technical specifications
30mA standby, 70mA MAX
0 to 55°C
5% to 85% at 30°C non
90mm x 23mm x 146mm
Ordering information
CP510i 16 Zone Icon Code Pad
Order number CP510i
CP511i 16 Zone Proximity Icon Code Pad
Order number CP511i
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