Surflink Advanced Wireless Remote Control OpMan

Surflink Advanced Wireless Remote Control OpMan
O p e r at i o n s M a n u a l
1. Ear Selection Switch
6. Special Feature
2. Volume Up
7. Home
3. Volume Down
8. Lock/Unlock
4. Mute/Unmute
5. Memory Change
Your SurfLink Remote is always on and ready
to work with your hearing instruments. When
you are not using your remote control, you
can lock it.
Adjusting Your Hearing Instruments:
The Ear Selection Switch controls how your hearing instruments are adjusted. To adjust both of your hearing instruments
at the same time, the Ear Selection Switch
should be positioned in the center.
To adjust a single hearing instrument, place
the Ear Selection Switch to the position
indicating the side to be changed. When
the switch position is on one side, all remote
commands will be sent only to that hearing
To reset your hearing instruments to program one and the standard volume level, press the Home button on the remote control.
Your remote control can mute your hearing
instruments. To mute the instruments, press
the Mute/Unmute button. To unmute,
simply press the button again.
Note: Pressing any button will also unmute
the hearing instruments and perform the
function of the selected button.
My special feature
button is:
SurfLink Media Audio Streaming
1. Press Star to Stop or Start
Audio Streaming
Self Check
1. Choose your right or left hearing instrument using the Ear Selection Switch
2. Press Star once
3. You will hear a brief “buzz” sound
4. You will hear the test results
For more information on this feature, consult with your hearing care
SurfLink Remote is designed to comply with the most
stringent Standards of International Electromagnetic
Compatibility. However, it is still possible that you may
experience interference caused by power line disturbances,
airport metal detectors, electromagnetic fields from other
medical devices, radio signals and electrostatic discharges.
If you use other medical devices or wear implantable
medical devices such as defibrillators or pacemakers and are
concerned that your SurfLink Remote might cause interference
with your medical device, please contact your physician or the
manufacturer of your medical device for information about the
risk of disturbance.
SurfLink Remote should not be used during an MRI procedure. Use on Aircrafts
SurfLink Remote should not be used on aircrafts unless
specifically permitted by the flight personnel.
International Use
SurfLink Remote is approved to operate at a radio frequency
that is specific to your country or region and might not
be approved for use outside your country or region. Be
aware that operation during international travel may cause
interference with other electronic devices, or other electronic
devices may cause interference with your SurfLink Remote.
The battery in your SurfLink Remote is not replaceable. Do not
attempt to replace the battery.
IC: 6903A-WR
FCC Notice
This device complies with part 15 of the FCC rules and with RSS-210. Operation is subject to the following
two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful
interference, and (2) this device must accept any interference
received, including interference that may cause undesired
operation of the device.
Note: The manufacturer is not responsible for any radio or
TV interference caused by unauthorized modifications to this
equipment. Such modifications could void the user’s authority
to operate the equipment.
Hereby, Paradigm declares that the SurfLink Remote is in
compliance with the essential requirements and other relevant
provisions of Directive 1999/5/EC. A copy of the Declaration
of Conformity can be obtained from the addresses below.
Paradigm, Inc.
6600 Washington Ave. South
Eden Prairie, MN USA
Paradigm, Inc. European Headquarters
Wm. F. Austin House, Bramhall Technology Park
Pepper Road, Hazel Grove, Stockport SK7 5BX
United Kingdom
Waste from electronic equipment must be handled according to local regulations.
© 2010 Paradigm, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 84623-007 10/10
BKLT0217-01-EE-XX Rev. B
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