ML Cabinet Manual V2
Congratulations on your purchase of a Baer Amplification product. This product
was designed and manufactured to exacting standards and should provide you
with many years of trouble free service. The information contained in this
manual is designed to help you get the most out of your new equipment and help
get you on the road to better tone.
Our Philosophy On Tone
At Baer Amplification, we believe that it’s the countless hours of practice, the touch of
your fingers upon the instrument and your passion for playing that truly makes up your
signature sound. Our amplification products are specifically designed and crafted to
bring out the true voice of your instrument and provide you with all the power and
versatility you need to handle any situation. Plug in and play!
ML Series Speaker Cabinets
The ML (mid-loaded) Series bass cabinets were designed from the ground up to be
something different in the world of bass guitar amplification. We set out with one clear
goal in mind, to create the finest bass cabinets on the market, capable of accurately
reproducing the full frequency range of your instrument, all without the use of a
traditional tweeter or horn.
You see, decades ago, the idea to put a high frequency horn into a bass guitar cabinet
was quite revolutionary and resulted in a dramatic increase in fidelity over the previous
bass speakers of that era. It’s a design formula that has stuck with the bass world ever
since. The problem is, not all bass players like the sound of a horn in their cabinets.
For these players, there have always been a very limited number of truly high fidelity
options... until now.
Our extended range 6” drivers provide both better midrange dispersion and wider
frequency response than woofer-only cabinets, all with a top end response that
delivers more body and punch than the typical bass cabinet tweeter. These are no
compromise cabinets, computer designed and constructed from the highest quality
components available. All cabinets are fabricating using state of the art CNC routers
with rabbet and dado construction, then loaded with pro-audio grade neodymium
woofers and full, 2-way crossovers. While they were designed to reproduce the natural
tone of your instrument with minimal coloration, the ML Series speaker cabinets still
manage to have a personality all their own!
For safe operation, do not attempt to use this equipment until you
have read and thoroughly understand all the information contained
within this manual. If you are unsure as to the safe operation of this
equipment, contact Baer Amplification before using this product.
Do not expose speaker cabinets to water, rain, moisture, or extreme humidity.
Do not place liquids on top of the speaker cabinet. Should your drivers become wet
for any reason, allow the drivers to fully air dry before any further use.
Never use amplification equipment when lightning is present in your location.
Do not use near sources of heat, areas of extreme ambient temperatures, or in direct
Always make sure that the amplifier is connected to your speaker cabinet(s) before
powering on the unit.
When using an all tube amplifier, insure that the correct impedance has first been set
on the amplifier for the speaker configuration you are using. Failure to do so could
result in severe damage to your amplifier!
Do not use your speaker cabinet if it has been dropped, or damaged in any way. If
the cabinet is not acting normal for any reason, turn off your amplifier and refer the
cabinet to qualified service personnel.
Never connect more than one amplifier at once to the same speaker cabinet. Doing
so will cause severe damage to your equipment!
There are no user serviceable parts inside. Do not attempt to work on your
equipment yourself. Refer service to qualified personnel only.
The use of Speakon connectors is highly recommended.
As a musician, your hearing is your most precious resource. Your amplification
system is capable of producing extremely high sound levels and should be used
only while wearing adequate hearing protection. Repeated exposure to the sound
levels typically present while perfoming live music, without the use of hearing
protection, can result in permanent hearing loss!
Be sure that you fully understand the total impedance load of the
speaker system that you will be using before connecting any speaker
cabinets to your amplifier. Exceeding the minimum load limit can cause
severe damage to the amplifier and void your warranty!
4Ω load
2.67Ω load
2.67Ω load
2Ω load
2Ω load
2Ω load
• Lightweight poplar plywood construction utilizing rabbet and dado construction
• Extensive bracing to reduce panel vibration and unwanted cabinet resonances
• Baltic birch speaker baffles for extra strength and rigidity
• Custom designed neodymium woofers w/ 3” voice coils
• High quality 2-way crossovers for maximum driver efficiency
• Extended range 6” neodymium mid drivers
• Separate midrange enclosures
• Speakon 1/4” combination input jacks
• Heavy weight vinyl coverings
• Powder coated steel grills
• Heavy duty rubber isolation feet
Under normal playing situations, your speaker cabinet will need very little in the way of
care, but here are a few general suggestions that should keep your speakers operating
in peak condition.
POWERING YOUR AMPLIFIER ON AND OFF - To help protect your speaker cabinets
against possible damage, make it a habit to always turn the GAIN and MASTER
VOLUME on your amplifier to their minimum positions (or use your amp’s MUTE
function) before powering the amplifier on or off. The same rule applies when
connecting, or disconnecting your instrument.
BREAKING IN YOUR SPEAKER CABINET - While this is often a subject of some
debate amongst bass players, experience with our drivers tells us that these drivers
definitely go through a breaking in period, where the driver’s cloth surround will “loosen
up” during the first hours of use. To protect your drivers from damage and help your
speaker cabinet to eventually sound its best, we recommend that you do not exceed
moderate levels of volume for at least 4 to 6 hours of continuous use. At this point, your
driver’s surround will have become more flexible and you will usually notice an
increase in the low end response of your cabinet.
SPEAKER RULE #1 - Don’t ask more from your speakers than they are capable of
delivering. If you hear your speakers distorting, turn down the volume!
CLEANING YOUR SPEAKER CABINET - Under normal use, your speaker cabinet will
not require any special care. Should you accidentally spill something on the cabinet,
immediately wipe the spill with a clean, slightly damp towel. Do not use harsh
chemical cleaning solvents on your cabinet’s covering.
SPEAKER COVERS - We recommend the use of a good quality speaker cover to
protect your cabinet from damage during transport. Speaker covers also help keep dirt
and dust out of your drivers when not in use and will help keep your cabinet looking
like new for many years.
1- 12” neodymium driver
w/ 3” voice coil
1- 6” extended range neo
mid driver
2- 12” neodymium driver
w/ 3” voice coil
2- 6” extended range neo
mid driver
1- 15” neodymium driver
w/ 3” voice coil
1- 6” extended range neo
mid driver
350 watts
700 watts
500 watts
8 ohms
4 ohms
8 ohms
Frequency Response (-3dB)
55Hz - 7kHz
55Hz - 7kHz
50Hz - 7kHz
Usable Frequency Range
40Hz - 9kHz
40Hz - 9kHz
35Hz - 9kHz
23.25”w x 16.75”h
x 16.875”d
23.25”w x 31.5”h
x 16.875”d
23.25”w x 25.75”h
x 16.875”d
Driver Complement
Power Rating *
Weight (approximate)
Dimensions (with installed
*A Word About Our Speaker Cabinet Power Ratings
When talking about power ratings, there are two important factors to consider, the driver’s
thermal rating and the actual performance of the drivers within the enclosure during real world
use. Driver thermal ratings are based on the amount of heat the driver’s voice coil can sustain
before actual failure. They do not however, represent the amount of power the driver can
handle before exceeding maximum excursion (Xmax) at any given frequency. The power level
at which your speaker cabinet can still produce the lowest frequencies, before the drivers
exceed Xmax and distort, will usually be less than the thermal rating and is dependent on
many factors, including technique and EQ settings. For example: A 5 string bassist with an
aggressive attack and boosted bass frequencies, will place a much greater demand on the
drivers than a 4 string bassist that leaves the EQ flat, and plays with a lighter touch.
Because so many variables exist, we no longer use driver thermal ratings and instead
determine our power ratings by combining driver specs with computer based cabinet
modeling and live, on stage testing to come up with a rating we feel is a good reference for
the power level that you can expect your cabinet to handle.
Be sure you are purchasing a speaker system with enough capacity to handle the full
dynamics of your playing style and reach your desired volume levels!
Baer Amplification Limited Warranty Policy
Baer Amplifiaction products are covered under this limited warranty policy against defects in materials
and workmanship. This policy shall apply only to products purchased in the USA and Canada. For
products purchased outside the USA or Canada, please contact the dealer in your country for
information about the warranty and obtaining service. This limited warranty is fully transferable for the
first ninety (90) days from the date listed on the original sales reciept or invoice, provided that the
original sales reciept or invoice is transfered to the new owner.
Length of warranty varies by product and are listed below:
Amplifiers - Amplification products are covered under warranty for a period of three (3) years.
Tubes - Tubes shall be covered for a period of six (6) months.
Speaker Cabinets - Speaker cabinets are covered under warranty for a period of two (2) years.
Accessories - Accessory products are covered under warranrty for a period of ninety (90) days.
Warranty Coverage - Baer Amplification LLC reserves the right to repair or replaced defective
products or components at their own discretion. Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, or
damage to product coverings or finishes. Warranty shall not apply to products in need of repair deemed
by Baer Amplification LLC to be the direct result of misuse, or neglect by the user. Warranty is
considered void on any product that has beed serviced, altered or modified in any way by personnel not
authorized by Baer Amplification LLC. Baer Amplication LLC assumes no liability for any property
damage that may occur as a result of failure of this product.
To Obtain Warranty Service - Please contact Baer Amplification before sending any equipment to us
for repairs. You must be able to provide proof of purchase by providing us with a copy of your original
sales receipt. You will then receive a return authorization number which must be included with the
product being returned. All shipping charges shall be paid by the purchaser. When possible, return
equipment packed in the original shipping materials. Baer Amplification LLC is not responsible for any
damage that may occur during shipping. Any claim for damages that happen as a result of shipping,
must be filed by the purchaser directly with your shipping carrier.
Warranty Transfer Policy - Your product’s original factory warranty is fully transferable for the first
ninety (90) days from the date listed on the original sales receipt, provided the original sales receipt is
transferred to the new owner and the transfer of ownership is registered with Baer Amplification.
Please download and complete a Transfer Of Ownership Form and return it to Baer Amplification,
along with a copy of the original sales receipt, or invoice. You must register the transfer of ownership
with Baer Amplification within the first 90 days for the warranty to be transferred to the new owner.
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