Oral-B Bluetooth- Connected Electric

Oral-B Bluetooth- Connected Electric
Oral-B BluetoothConnected Electric
Toothbrush and App
Campaign Summary
To improve both brushing habits and patient-dentist communication, Oral-B created a connected toothbrush
that syncs with a mobile app. The innovation targets purposeful consumers with low price sensitivity. The smart
toothbrush and app have generated earned media ahead of their global launch and have m-commerce potential
for the brand.
Objective and Context:
People brush their teeth for only about 45 seconds on average and tend to miss the same spots again and again.
This is something dental professionals point out during cleanings, but the patient often forgets or still does not improve
the brushing routine. At the same time, global smartphone use is exploding; there may be more mobile phones than
toothbrushes in the world.
Oral-B has been making electric toothbrushes since 1963. Based on consumer insights, Oral-B has developed a
strategy that connects its electric toothbrush hardware with mobile app software. The technology was developed
from the ground up in partnership with iconmobile, representing a first-to-market innovation by Oral-B/P&G.
Target Audience:
A key objective of the new app and connected technology was to greatly enhance the interaction and oral health
dialogue between two target markets: dental professionals and their patients. Oral-B calls these target patients
“purposeful consumers.”
Purposeful consumers are responsible and motivated
about their health. They understand that prevention is
not fast and easy, and they want an enjoyable brushing
experience using the best, most advanced technology.
As a result, they have low price sensitivity and are willing to invest in the best possible result. They are ages
40 to 49 with at least a secondary school education.
Creative Strategy:
The smartphone serves as a remote control for the
toothbrush connected through energy-saving Bluetooth
4.0 technology. The app provides real-time advice, the
latest news, and weather updates as users brush their
teeth. User brushing history and statistics are stored in
the app and made visual in graphs. Good behavior and
brushing habits are reinforced through gamification elements which award achievements (i.e., digital trophies)
for compliance. And the interactive toothbrush can be
programmed by either the consumer or the dentist via the app for the ultimate personalized oral care experience.
Programming can adapt to the user’s individual needs, providing a custom-care regimen of brushing modes and
durations to address problem areas.
Mobile Execution:
The Oral-B interactive toothbrush with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity recently launched in the German market, followed
by an international launch in summer 2014. The expectations for the full global launch in summer 2014 were to
position Oral-B as an innovative oral care brand, leverage the halo effect this product could have on the entire
brand, protect premium price points, and drive trade-up (the purchase of premium brushes with the next purchase
cycle). A microsite (connectedtoothbrush.com) was set up to provide target consumers with more information.
The beta version of the iOS app improved consumers’ average brushing time from 45 seconds to two minutes and
16 seconds. The app also creates a new channel for one-to-one marketing and increasingly more personalized and
convenient e-commerce. For example, consumers will be able to seamlessly and automatically purchase brush
head refills from inside the app.
The connected toothbrush allows Oral-B to leverage the unique properties of mobile as both a connection to a
product and a communication platform between consumers and dentists. The Oral-B interactive toothbrush and
app were introduced to the public in February 2014 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, generating
media buzz to position Oral-B as a leading innovator in oral health care. Global media coverage for the Oral-B app
and toothbrush skyrocketed, with more than 2.2 billion impressions and more than 2,163 earned placements.
Coverage included a Reuters exclusive, dental trade interviews, and more than 90 media interviews with 97 percent
positive sentiment. Social media engagement generated nearly 9.3 million impressions. And Oral-B hashtags were
featured in 27 percent of #ConnectedCity conversations at MWC, making it one of the highest-contributing exhibits.
“Oral-B Bluetooth-Connected Electric Toothbrush and App.” 2014 MMA Smarties Global Bronze Winner Innovation;
North America Finalist Innovation. Brand: P&G/Oral-B. Lead Agency: iconmobile Group.
Oral-B Bluetooth-Connected Electric Toothbrush and App
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