NuVinci® Harmony™ Fact Sheet - Fallbrook Technologies Inc.

NuVinci® Harmony™ Fact Sheet - Fallbrook Technologies Inc.
 NuVinci® Harmony™ Fact Sheet What is NuVinci® Harmony™ Intelligent Drivetrain? NuVinci® Harmony™ intelligent drivetrain is the first continuously variable, automatic shifting system for e‐Bikes. The Harmony system comes with and leverages the unique benefits of the NuVinci N360™ seamless‐shifting rear hub. The innovative shifting system offers a choice of fully automatic operation or manual shifting controlled independently by the rider. What is included with the Harmony system? NuVinci N360 CVP hub is at the heart of the system. It is a new class of continuously variable transmission that offers smooth, seamless shifting with no steps through an infinite number of effective gear ratios between its wide 360% ratio range. Electronically Controlled Hub Interface is attached to the NuVinci N360 CVP hub at the rear wheel. It monitors cadence, bicycle speed and adjusts ratio automatically and seamlessly to maintain a constant, set cadence. The system draws its low power from the e‐Bike’s battery. Base or Advanced Controller Models: Base model is a three‐button, handlebar‐mounted controller preprogrammed by the e‐Bike manufacturer for three cadence settings: slow, medium and fast. The rider selects the desired cadence on the push‐button controller and the Harmony system then automatically and continuously shifts to maintain the selected cadence setting throughout the ride. Advanced model is a twist‐shifter, handlebar‐mounted controller that allows the rider to dial‐in and set a precise cadence speed anywhere within the system’s 360% ratio range for fully automatic operation. The advanced controller also includes a button to switch from auto to manual operation, allowing the rider to shift and manage his or her own cadence with “ride by wire” technology. Blue (auto) and orange (manual) LEDs in the controller display provide a visual link to the rider to indicate operating mode and cadence settings. NuVinci® Harmony™ Fact Sheet Page 1 What is the Harmony ride experience? Harmony represents a new era of cycling and the next evolution of shifting that is truly automatic without any limiting or jarring steps. It delivers simple and smooth automatic operation for seamless e‐Bike shifting that improves overall ride quality, optimizes motor and battery performance and extends vehicle range. For riders who do not like shifting or who just prefer simplicity, the three‐button Base model offers an “automatic only” system that allows the rider to simply select one of three preset cadence speeds, push the button and ride. Harmony does the rest. Because Harmony continuously and automatically adjusts ratios as terrain and road conditions change, the e‐Bike motor operates more efficiently, battery power is managed more effectively and vehicle range is increased enabling longer rides per charge. How does the Harmony intelligent drivetrain work? The Harmony system draws its power from the e‐Bike’s 12‐48V battery. The cyclist selects the desired cadence setting on a simple, intuitive controller located on the handlebar and then simply pedals. Harmony monitors pedal and bike speed and continuously adjusts the N360 ratios to maintain the desired cadence throughout the ride. Where can I buy a Harmony system? The Harmony system is only available on e‐Bikes from leading manufacturers. It is not currently available as an aftermarket kit at this time. Harmony system is affordable, advanced technology and is attractively priced to e‐Bike manufacturers. The e‐Bike manufacturer will set the price of their vehicles equipped with Harmony. The first brands to offer Harmony‐equipped e‐Bikes include: Zemo and Pegasus (Germany), Simpel (Switzerland), TDR (Netherlands), and Bodhi (USA). NuVinci® Harmony™ Fact Sheet Page 2 
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