Follett`s Symphony™ Series ice and water dispensers Follett`s

Follett`s Symphony™ Series ice and water dispensers Follett`s
Music to your ears
Follett’s Symphony ™ Series ice and water dispensers
Symphony ice and water dispensers put
ice and water wherever you need it.
Breakrooms • Vending areas • Cafeterias
Conference rooms • Executive suites
Reception and hospitality stations
Providing fresh, chilled water for employees is a benefit everyone appreciates.
But storing water bottles takes up valuable floor space. Changing bottles can
be messy and result in employee injury. Open ice bins invite contamination and
the ice can take on unappetizing odors.
Follett solves this dilemma with convenient, sanitary
no-hassle ice and water dispensers with all of the
features you are looking for:
Attractive, compact modern cabinet design
Quiet, energy efficient operation
Chewblet® chewable nugget ice
Great tasting, filtered water
Exclusive chilled water option
Sanitary SensorSAFE™ touch-free dispensing
Modular, reliable Maestro™ icemaker
Best warranty in the industry
12 Series Compact Ice &
Water Dispensers
These compact dispensers give you the performance you need without
taking up a lot of valuable space. The 12 Series is ideal for spaceconstrained areas and applications needing smaller quantities of ice. Just
16” wide, these countertop or wall mount dispensers provide 12 pounds
of storage and a big 400 pounds of daily ice production. They’re fast
and easy to install – water line in, drain line out. Hospital-grade cord
and plug is provided.
Follett's new 25CI and 50CI series
dispensers with modular icemaker
behind the splash panel.
(Shown with optional SensorSAFE
infrared dispensing system)
Chewblet Ice
Bite-sized, chewable, slow-melting nuggets are the perfect
shape and texture for beverages.
Great Tasting,
Filtered Water
Follett’s NSF-certified water filter system delivers
fresh tasting clean ice and water.
• Eliminates chlorine, offtastes and odors
• Removes parasitic cysts,
asbestos fibers and
dirt as small as 1/2
micron in size
• Dramatically reduces
scale build-up
• Lengthens the PM
• Extends icemaker life
The entire compact unit fits
below standard counters with
plenty of room for easy, quick
cartridge replacement.
SensorSAFE touch-free infrared
dispensing eliminates contact
between the container and
dispenser, reducing the opportunity
for cross-contamination.
Focused ice and water chutes
accommodate many sizes of cups and pitchers.
Cups fill easily using one hand.
Exclusive chilled water option eliminates the need for bottle
water coolers.
Modular, Reliable
Maestro Icemaker
Every Follett dispenser uses the same
Maestro icemaking components. In most
models, the entire icemaker slides out
for easy cleaning or maintenance.
Dispensing can continue even
with the icemaker removed.
Follett’s water filter
system combats the most
common water-related
icemaker problems.
Some facilities even
keep a “spare”
icemaker to eliminate
downtime and allow
servicing when
technicians’ busy
schedules permit.
Exclusive Chilled
Water Option
Only Follett offers chilled water. Our passive chiller
delivers water that is about 30˚ colder than the building
water supply.
Follett’s exclusive slide-out
icemaker means easier access
and faster servicing.
Pick the configuration that’s right for you.
No other family of dispensers gives you this much flexibility
in configuration, size and capacity. Choose countertop,
wall mount or freestanding, all using the same reliable
400 pounds per day icemaker. All fit neatly into your
facility, requiring less space and ventilation clearance
than competitive dispensers.
12 Series
12 pounds of storage
25 Series
25 pounds of storage
50 Series
50 pounds of storage
110 Series
90 pounds of storage
with integral icemaker
with Satellite-fill™
The Maestro
Maestro icemakers consume less water and
electricity than cube ice
machines. The design
eliminates costly
defrost cycles and high
wastewater. Maestro
icemakers continuously
produce Chewblet
compressed nugget ice
quietly, unlike cube-type
icemakers that harvest in
noisy batches.
From a company known for
quality and reliability, the
most reliable icemaker Follett
has ever built.
Plus a Total Program
of Service and
When you buy a Follett ice and water
dispenser, you’re getting far more than the
best warranty in the industry.
Follett offers a Total Program of
Service and Support.
• Two-year parts and labor on
entire machine, five-year parts
on compressor
• Factory-direct parts
• Toll free, factory direct
technical support
• Online parts ordering, manuals
and technical support
Superior engineering
design includes stainless
steel jacketed evaporator
technology and stainless steel
• Free technical service seminars
• Comprehensive manuals and
free videos
top bearings.
Sizing Guidelines — for Breakrooms
Up to 50 employees
12 Series
50 - 100 employees
25 Series
100 - 200 employees
50 Series
200 - 350 employees
110 Series
Wall Mount
with integral or
Satellite-fill icemaker
with icemaker in base
Follett knows what you want to hear.
Now you can orchestrate your own symphony with 35 models, offering
placement flexibility, convenience and reliability.
More attractive, less space. Beautiful new modern styling complements any
decor. The stainless steel cabinets have the industry’s smallest footprint. Our
compact design and zero-side clearance requirement provides maximum
capacity in the minimum amount of space.
The most complete selection of models and
configurations in the industry
Countertop with
integral icemaker
Countertop with
Satellite-fill icemaker
Wall Mount with integral
or Satellite-fill icemaker
Freestanding with
icemaker in base
12 Series
12 lbs storage
16” wide
(5kg, 407mm)
25 Series
25 lbs storage
21” wide
(11kg, 534mm)
50 Series
50 lbs storage
21” wide
(23kg, 534mm)
base stand
110 Series
90 lbs storage
24.5” wide
(41kg, 623mm)
All Follett dispensers produce 400 lbs (181kg) of chewable, compressed nugget ice per day.
Other Innovative Ice Management Solutions by Follett:
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Ice Transport Systems
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Beverage Dispensers
Symphony, SensorSAFE, Maestro, Satellite-fill and Ice•DevIce are trademarks of Follett Corporation.
Chewblet is a registered trademark of Follett Corporation, registered in the US.
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