2500 R Midtown Sacramento Municipal Utility District
2500 R Midtown
Sacramento Municipal Utility District
Lupe Jimenez
April 28, 2014
Powering forward. Together.
Residential Energy Smart Community
• SMUD, Pacific Housing and Sunverge
Energy Partnership
• 34 single-family new construction
• Designed to be zero peak energy
consumption, net zero energy, net zero
carbon, 40% below T24 and LEED
• Testing ability to monitor and control
energy storage, intermittent solar
generation, demand-response
technologies combined with dynamic
Research Goals
• Demonstrate integration of disparate
smart grid technologies into a residential
• Evaluate the benefits that these
technologies provide to SMUD and our
• Evaluate the possibility of scale benefits
such as
• spinning and non-spinning reserve
• demand response,
• renewable resource firming
• regulation support,
• voltage support
• renewable energy time shifting
The SIS Unit consists of standard
components that have each been certified
and tested.
Hybrid Inverter Charger
Distribution Panel
Gateway Computer
Solar Charge Controller
Battery Modules
Smart Home Technology
Each home will also have a smart thermostat
integrated with the Sunverge SIS.
• Smart Thermostat
• Demand Response Temperature Offset and
• TOU-CPP Dynamic Pricing with PV Net
• Online customer portal
Use Cases
The measurement and verification effort shall address the following use cases:
1. Demand Response- SMUD simulates DR signal to Storage and HAN systems,
measures performance and characteristics under different scenarios
2. Peak Load Shifting- Independent of signal given TOU rate, load shift given that
3. PV Firming- Demonstrate ability to automatically smooth PV curve, increase the
value of PV generation
4. Regulation- Demonstrate use of Energy Storage to provide ancillary benefits to
SMUD or to the CAISO (e.g. fast frequency regulation)
5. Spinning Reserves- Demonstrate ability and value of spinning reserve
6. UPS- Demonstrate reliability value and back-up power value
7. Power Quality- Demonstrate high power quality for end-user
Possible Benefits
SMUD Benefits
Customer Benefits
• Understanding the value of a zero-netenergy home to SMUD and its customers
• Determining the value of this technology
for multiple purposes
• Very low electricity costs
• Electricity arbitrage
• Buy low, sell high
• Peak shifting
• Avoid peak prices
• Demand charge reduction
• Enhanced Reliability
• Improved power quality
• Recovery during power outage
Peak demand management
Spinning reserve
VAR compensation / Voltage support
Frequency regulation
Intermittent resource support
• Improving system reliability
• Gaining experience installing and
interconnecting this new type of
• Quantifying utility, customer and system
• Understanding the grid impacts of multiple
residential energy storage systems on the
distribution system
Lupe Jimenez
Program Manager, Demand Response
Research and Development
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