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8 in ONE Software
About “8 in ONE” Software
Bundles with value-added functions such as: 8-in-One, 4-way Wheel and keyboard/mouse simulation.
Define the Mouse Buttons
1. Click the icon "
" at the system tray to open the
“Main Menu”.
2. Select the function you preferred for each button
from the pull-down function list.
3. Store and apply the setting by clicking "Apply".
4. Click “Exit”.
Gesture 8 in ONE
Select “Gesture 8-in-1” from the pull-down function list of the mouse RIGHT button
, the setup box will
pop up.
You may set up 8 user-friendly functions/commands to the defined gesture RIGHT button, including the
functions of Keyboard/Mouse simulation, Open a file, Office, Text, Multimedia, Internet, etc.
Press/hold the gesture RIGHT button and draw a line in the direction described to perform the preset
Setup Box
Example: Using
as “Zoom In” by default, just press/hold the gesture RIGHT button and draw a line
as shown below, and then release the button, the picture or the document will be zoomed in immediately.
a. Press/hold the gesture RIGHT button
b. Draw the line as the
arrow direction
c. Release gesture RIGHT button
Then the picture has been zoomed in.
Zoom In
Product Support
Need more technical support? Please go to: http://support.a4tech.com/ and our support team will respond
within 72 hours.
**Features and specifications of all A4TECH products are subject to change without notification.
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