Understanding Your Ricoh Control Panel

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Understanding Your Ricoh Control Panel

To access system administrator tools and counter information

Clears screen to default settings

The program button allows you to store frequently used job settings and screen display defaults

Allows user to interrupt job in progress for new job

Hard function keys have

Red/Yellow status LEDs

8.5” Full Color W-VGA Screen

Ready Not Ready

Simplified display magnifies fonts for easy viewing. See page 2 for example

Simplified Display

Pressing the Simplified Display button will cause letters and keys to be displayed at a larger size, making operations easier.

To access the [Simplified Display]

Press the Simplified Display on the Main Screen

Display s the basic copier functions

Finishing options may be added to this screen for ease of use. Not all functions are available with this screen.

Key color is only available in simplified display mode.

Specify color mode and quality.

Black & White Display

Batch & Mixed


Simplified Display

Color Copier Display Panel

Confirm current settings.

Short cut keys. Register keys in user tools “General


Paper tray status.

Frequently used reduce/enlarge ratios. These can be adjusted to suit users needs.

Finishing options. Sort, Stack,

Staple and punch.

Extended feature options including; margins, stamps, page numbering, covers & slip sheets.

Finishing options may be added to this screen.

Key color is only available in simplified display mode.

Copying Documents

Remove paperclips, staples or other loose objects before placing originals in feeder. Be sure to straighten bent or curled edges

If using the Glass Platen, Lift the lid and place documents face down on the glass at the position of arrow regardless of size

Select any additional copy settings

Place Originals in the document


Press original document type, i.e. Text, Text/Photo, Photo, etc.

Press [sort] to collate document (if not highlighted)

Enter any finishing options

Enter desired number of copies

Press [Sample Copy] copier will print one completed set and prompt you [Suspend] to cancel job or change settings

[Continue] if job is correct to complete remaining copy sets

Or press START to skip [Sample Copy]

Adjust paper guides

Note: When copying from the glass and requesting multiple copies, press the # key after feeding your last original to release the additional copies

Copy Enhancements

Select an original type that is suitable for your originals to enhance your copies.

Select your Original document type

You may also select the [Auto Density] option to further lighten or darken your document settings.

Auto Image Density is highlighted

Press the Right or Left arrow to lighten or darken document

Press [] or [] to adjust the image density

There are five original types available:


For originals that contain mainly text or printed characters.

Text / Photo

For originals that contain both text and photographs or pictures.


For Photographs or pictures choose from the following types.

• Glossy Photo:

Use when copying developed photographs

• Printed Photo:

Use when copying photographs or pictures that are printed on

• paper e.g. magazines)

• Copied Photo:

Use when copying copies or originals generated by color copiers


For originals that have lighter lines written in pencil, or faintly copied slips.

Generation Copy

For originals that are copied repeatedly. The copy image can be reproduced sharply and clearly

Sort/Stack & Rotate Sort Output

SORT Rotate/Sort

– the machine assembles copies as sets in sequential order. Use [Sort] when placing multiple page document to maintain page order - Same as [Collate]. When a finisher is installed with the device the machine will output the document in the Sort/Shift Sort order, separating the first set from the next set.


– groups together copies of each page in a multi-page original. Use Stack when setting multiple pages in the document feeder and requiring the same copy number count per page to be stacked.


– Use Rotate Sort when your machine does not have a finisher to keep jobs separated . To use this option you must have one paper tray loaded with 8.5x11 paper in landscape orientation and the other tray loaded with 11x8.5 portrait and select this option from the finishing mode or from the short cut menu on copier screen.

Stapling Documents

1. Place Documents in the document Feeder

2. On bottom of touch screen - select the staple position that match your job output.

Select Top Left (straight)

Top Left Slant

Bottom Left (for landscape documents fed through feeder in portrait orientation)

Double Staple Left (portrait Orientation)

Double Staple Top (landscape orientation)

Booklet stapling (for booklet folded at center stapling)

3. Press [OK]

4. Press [Start]

2. Select desired staple position

3. Press [OK]

Single Slant Top

Double LTR



Double Ledger


The number of pages stapled and stapling positions will vary by machine model type and type of finisher installed.

4. Place documents in feeder

5. Press [START]

2 & 3 Hole Punch

Duplex Copying (2 Sided Output)

Place Originals in Feeder

Landscape orientation or

Portrait orientation




You can select these options from the main copier panel

Press OK

Enter desired options

Select copy count


Copying Mixed Originals

1. Place Originals in the Document Feeder

Place the smaller sizes at the top of the stack as shown in the image

Adjust the Side Guide flush against the largest original.

Ensure that the right edges of all the sheets are aligned against the right side guide


Ensure that all originals are lying face up.

2. Check the condition of the paper stack:

All sheets should lie flat, with no curled or bent edges,

Paper should be clean and feel dry to the touch,

Attachments such as staples, tags or tapes must be removed.

3. Press [Special Original]

4. Press [Mixed Sizes] then touch [OK]

5. Select any additional options


If there are multiple paper sizes you must either have all the sizes in different paper trays, or select the size paper you want them all to be or they will output al the default auto paper select.

6. Enter desired number of copies

7. Press [Start]

8. Press [Clear Modes] key when you have finished.

Selecting Duplexing must all be output on the same size.

This will return the document feeder to normal copy mode ready for the next user.

Acceptable sizes in Inch:11" x



8½" x14" ; 8½" x 11" ;5½" x 8½"

Create Margin

Reduces the image to 93% of its original size and places the reduced image at the center By combining it with the Reduce / Enlarge functions, you can further increase a margin.

1. Press [Create Margin].

2. Select the reproduction ratio, if necessary.

3. Press START


Select the option that matches your output

Place originals, Press START

Directional Size Magnification%

Use this feature to enlarge a document by placing percentage proportions in the horizontal and vertical fields.

Place document on platen glass

Press [Reduce/Enlarge]

Press [Horizontal)

Enter the desired ratio with the number keys, and then press [ ].

Press [Vertical].

Enter the desired ratio with the number keys, and then press [ ].

Press [OK] twice.

Place the originals, and then press the [Start] key.

Press [Direct. Mag. %].

Edit/Stamp or Edit/Color Tab


Vary by machine type and hard drive installed

Edit Color

erase color, change or adjust color

Scan Position -

Used for moving copy image up or down on page

Margin Adjustments

used to move margins for hole-punching, stapling or binding


used for background numbering, page numbering, watermarks, date stamping


used for cleaning edges and borders, page centers

Edit Image

used to replicate images, center images, invert images or duplicate images

Copy Quality

used to adjust contrast and image background


Use this function to have certain pages of your original copied onto designation sheets or to insert a designation sheet for each page specified. Before using this option you must set up the paper trays under paper tray settings.


Press [Cover/Slip Sheet].

Press [Designate / Chapter].


Select [Designate: Copy] to copy designated page on the designated number page


Press [Designate: Blank]. Not to copy anything on the specified page.

Press the key to select the chapter number.

Enter the page number of the first chapter using the numbers key, and then press the



You can continue to specify additional page location numbers, up the 20 locations may be selected.

After making all settings, press [OK] twice.

Press [Start] or [Sample Copy].

Preset Stamp

Allows users to place a watermark on documents being copied. Users

Can choose stamp option, placement, size and density. Users and also choose to place on first page only or on all pages being copied. If using

A color unit, these options may be printed in color, on units with

60+ page speeds have the option to create a desired stamp.

(Options may vary by machine types)

Place image on glass

Press [Edit/Stamp]

Press [Edit Image]

Press [Image Repeat]

Press [OK]

Press [Reduce/Enlarge]

Press [Numbers Key]

Enter the reproduction ratio

Press [OK]

Select the paper size

Press [Start]

Image Repeat

4 Repeats (50%)

8 Repeats (35%)

16 Repeats (25%)

Allows users place a single page on the glass and have the image repeated multiple times on a single page

Image Repeat

This feature allow you to take an original image and copy the image repeatedly on the same page.

4 repeats 50%

Select the size of copy paper and the reproduction ratio.

Press [Edit/Stamp] Key

Press [Edit Image] key

Press [Image Repeat] key

Press [OK]

Press [Reduction/Enlargement]

Enter the Percentage amounts to repeat the image on the page.

See examples for original sizes below:-

8 repeats


25 repeats 35%









× 8



/Copy paper: 8





/Copy paper: 8




× 11 , or Original: 5




× 11, or Original: 5




× 8




× 8




/ Copy paper: 8




/Copy paper: 8

× 11




× 11 Original: 5





Margin Adjustment

Allows users to move the margins of a document being copied for better placement of documents being copied, i.e. used to move the margins to the top, bottom, right or left of the page. When using this option, the system does not reduce the image being copied

Therefore users must have adequate blank space when moving


Document Centering

You can make copies with the image moved to the center of the copy paper.

Place the document

Select the paper size.

Press [Edit / Stamp].

Press [Edit Image].

Press [Centering].

Press [OK].


You cannot use the bypass tray with this function.

Double Copies

Place Original in Document or lift the lid and place face down on Glass Platen

Press [Edit / Stamp].

Press [Edit Image].

Press [Double Copies].

Press [OK].

Select the paper size.

Enter desired number of copies

Press [Start]

Original Feed Copy Output orientation


Full menu for short cuts on panel


– 1 sided+2 Sided

2 Sided+ 2 Sided


– Combine multiple pages on single pages with options for 2 sided or single sided output and options of placing 2, 4, 8 or pages on a single page. Users can choose different size pager for output.


– output documents from 2 Sided to 1 Sided

Copy 2 face forwarding pages of a book to 2 single pages.


– Create a magazine output (use booklet for 4 page output) use

Magazine for 5 or more pages. When the booklet finisher is installed,

Users can choose to have the job stapled and folded.

Use to copy 2 face forwarding pages of a book as a duplex output.

Default Screen


Combine Pages

Use this option to combine multiple single pages or 2 sided pages for multiple pages copied on each side of a page. Originals can be copied in portrait or landscape orientation.

Some of these options are available from the main copier panel. You cannot use the Bypass tray with this option.

Book Copying

Place open Book on Glass Platen

Press [Dup./Combine/Series ]button

Select [SERIES] button

Press [Book - 1 sided] for single pages

Outputs 2 single pages for the right and left pages

Press [OK]


Press the [BOOK ]button

Select [BOOK TO 2 SIDED]

Copies the left and right pages and place front and back to a single page

Press [OK]

Press Page size Paper tray

Enter desired sets

Press [Start]

Book 1-Sided

Book 2-Sided

Odd sized books may require some manual adjustments

Booklets & Magazine Modes

1. Place all originals in ADF face up, portrait orientation or Landscape orientation

2. Select [Dup./Combine/Series]

3. Select [Book]


Select [Magazine]



1 - Sided for Simplex originals or


Magazine 2 - Sided for Duplexed originals

5. Touch [OK] twice

6. Select [Edit/Stamp]






7. Select [Centering]


Select [OK]

9. Select the [Paper size] for output

10. Enter desired number of sets

Use [*Booklet] mode for 4 page originals

11. Press [Start]


Press [Sample Copy] to preview job before running multiple sets

Use [*Magazine] Mode for 5 or more page originals



5 6



7 8




Using the By-pass Tray

3. On copier panel press the # key

5. Press Paper Size

2. Place copy paper in tray

Adjust tray paper guides to fit paper size

4. Press Paper Type, Select

Paper option, Press OK

6. Press OK

7. Place originals, enter desired number of copies, press START, Press Clear Modes


How to Print Documents from your PC

Printing a Document

Open your document to Print

Select [File>Print]

Select the Ricoh Print driver

Enter desired number of copiers

Press [OK]

To add any finishing options to the document

Open your document to Print

Select [File>Print)

Select the Ricoh Print driver

[Staple, hole punch or duplex]

Press [Properties]

Select the desired finishing option

Press [OK] repeatedly to print

Printer Properties

Job Type

Locked Print: Temporarily holds print jobs in the memory until a valid password is entered at the control panel. Files are automatically deleted from the system HDD after printing.

Hold Print: Temporarily holds multiple print files in the memory until selected. Does not require the user to enter a password.

Sample Print: Outputs the first set of a multiple-set print job so that output settings can be checked for accuracy prior to printing the entire job.

Stored Print/Store and Print: Identical in functionality to Hold Print, except files are not immediately deleted after printing. Store and Print enables users to print files immediately while simultaneously storing data. 4-8 digit password is optional.

Document Server: Sends files directly to the document server for storage and printing at a later date.

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