Thermo Scientific CB Omni - Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific CB Omni - Thermo Fisher Scientific
Thermo Scientific
CB Omni
Cross-Belt Online Elemental Analyzer
for the Mineral and Metallurgical Industry
The Thermo Scientific CB Omni
cross-belt elemental analyzer provides
reliable and accurate analysis
of bulk materials. Providing
minute-by-minute composition
analysis of ores and concentrates
will reduce process upsets, therefore
increasing your mill throughput. The
modular design allows for quick, low
cost installation and maintenance.
•  Increases mill throughput
•  Reduces the effect of process upsets
•  Yields consistent product quality
•  Extends mine life
•  Reduces energy and
refractory consumption
in pyrometallurgical process
•  Removes the need for continuous
sampling and lab analysis
•  Low installation costs
and requirements
•  No need to cut existing structure
•  Modular design for ease
of installation
•  Modules are moveable without the
need for heavy lifting equipment
•  Belt widths from 600 mm (24 in)
to 1800 mm (72 in)
•  Variable tunnel heights to
accommodate process conditions
•  Superior, robust accuracy (ABLC)
•  State-of-the-art electronics
•  Flexible plant connectivity
•  Comprehensive user interface
The Thermo Scientific CB Omni is a Prompt
Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA)
system designed to integrate into either a
new or an existing conveyor structure and
analyze, in real time, the composition of bulk
materials being transported by conveyor
belt. The system analyzes the entire material
stream, providing a representative analysis
of the material conveyed.
The CB Omni incorporates the best and
most innovative technology from the industry
leading PGNAA supplier. The result is a
unique system that provides unparalleled
ease of installation, performance and
reliability for bulk material analysis
and control.
The CB Omni represents tried and proven
technology that has become the standard
over decades in cement, coal, and recycled
metals applications.
Thermo Scientific cross-belt analyzer
systems are powerful optimization tools
in the following applications:
• Material sorting
• Homogenization/blending stockpile control
• Blending of materials from multiple
• Mine grade control
Materials include:
• Sinter
• Iron ore
• Sulphide and laterite nickel ores
• Phosphates
• Ores of ferrochrome and ferromanganese
• Bauxite/alumina
• Copper
• Industrial minerals
Sorting Applications
In many cases, a process can be optimized
if the raw materials can be sorted based
on material composition. This can be based
on the economic metal component or the
concentration of impurities. The CB Omni
is perfectly suited for this type of work
and rapidly determines when a material
composition changes.
Blending Stockpile Applications
(from multiple sources)
One of the most popular uses of crossbelt online analysis systems is controlling
stockpile grade/chemistry to meet quality
targets. This ensures smoother downstream
processing and provides flexibility in mining
operations. Whether the stockpile
is longitudinal or circular, the CB Omni
allows the producer to achieve consistent
stockpiles, with minimal variations within
and between piles.
The analyzer can be used for quality control
by tracking the chemistry of the stockpile
compared to the target chemistry, which
determines the preferred proportions
of the source raw materials.
Proportioning Applications
A primary determinant of pyrometallurgical
process efficiency is the chemical uniformity
of the feed. Feed uniformity is in turn derived
from the precise dosage control for fluxes
and slag-builders. Located downstream of
the last component addition, a CB Omni
system provides the precise control needed
to reduce feed variability while at the same
time minimizing raw material costs and
satisfying multiple quality control targets.
The CB Omni: The Best of the Best
The expertise of Thermo Fisher Scientific brings the most
advanced and flexible technologies to your process.
• Multiple detector configurations to provide optimum accuracy for each application
• Factory calibrated
• Modular design that removes the need to cut the belt line,
simplifying the installation process
• Mounts directly onto the conveyor line
• Designed to suit belt sizes from 600 mm to 1800 mm (24 in to 72 in)
• Spectral analysis process, improved calibration methods
and the latest generation electronics ensure peak accuracy
• Applications expertise coupled with proven optimization
software and highly popular user interface
• Service staff are located around the globe for quick response times
The Thermo Scientific AccuLINKTM software
provides a rigorous, statistical analysis and
subsequent automatic implementation of
calibrations into your online analyzer system.
The package compares the results of your
online analyzer with the site laboratory and
provides in-depth data analysis in both table
and graphics formats.
This software ensures the very best online
accuracy possible, through continuous
comparisons with the lab, and timely,
automatic calibrations. In essence, we are
applying laboratory type accuracy to an online
instrument. This unprecedented step not only
brings you the ultimate in analyzer accuracy,
but it does so without any user intervention.
CB Omni cross-belt online elemental analyzer
The CB Omni: The Best of the Best
The CB Omni analyzer is designed for peak
performance with maximum flexibility and
reduced installation costs.
Easily Integrates into the Conveyor Line
The CB Omni’s steel framework sits on and
integrates with the conveyor line’s existing
support structure. In other words, a belt
line does not need to be cut to install a CB
Omni. This minimizes installation complexity
and costs. The CB Omni fits cleanly onto a
conveyor structure with few modifications
and walkways are generally not affected.
Furthermore, clearance requirements
between the delivery and return strand of
the conveyor are minimized, such that bend
pulleys used to clear the lower part of the
system may not be required.
Analysis Zone Configuration—Tunnel
Height, Width and Detector Position
• System accommodates all material profiles
and processes
• Tunnel width and height optimized per
• Adjustable detector position allows
optimization to specific application
Remote Diagnostics and Assistance
All Thermo Scientific online analyzers are
equipped with the capability to connect to
the system from one of our regional service
centers in order to provide rapid interactive
assistance. The connection is made either
via the web or through a dedicated
telephone connection.
Automatic Belt Load
Compensation (ABLC)
The CB Omni incorporates the unique
Automatic Belt Load Compensation feature
which ensures analyzer accuracy over a
range of changing production rates and
belt loading. As the material loading on
the belt decreases, the background signal
from elements in the conveyor itself grows
accordingly. If not accommodated this would
increase the analyzer measurement error. The
unique ABLC feature ensures that the system
remains accurate no matter what loading
conditions are encountered.
Analyzer Components
The CB Omni analyzer system consists
of four major subassemblies:
Integration with other
Thermo Scientific Products, Providing
Quality and Quantity Control
CB Omni can be supplied with:
• Belt scales
• Weigh feeders
• Metal detectors
• Moisture analyzer
• Sampling system
• Magnetic content gauge
• Nautilus and AccuLINKTM
Analyzer Assembly
A unique modular assembly and frame easily
mounts onto an existing conveyor structure
without cutting the conveyor structure. The
analyzer assembly contains the detection and
measurement mechanics of the system.
Electronics Module
Advanced, high-speed digital electronics
control, process, monitor and exchange
information between the Analyzer Assembly
and the Operator Console.
Operator Console
The Thermo Scientific Operator Console is the
user interface for the CB Omni system. The
OpCon utilizes the Thermo Scientific standard
software package that provides analysis
data on minute-by-minute, rolling average
and interval average basis; product tracking
capabilities; extensive graphic functionality;
alarms; and the ability to transfer data to
control systems. Optionally, the OpCon can
Analysis Capabilities
The CB Omni system measures
and reports various elements,
the performance is application
dependant and capabilities are
subject to concentrations being
above the limits of detection.
Please contact your sales manager
for measurement levels.*
*Capability is subject to concentrations
being above the limits of detection.
The CB Omni can compute
customer defined ratios,
for example:
• CaO: SiO2 (Basicity)
• SiO2:MgO
• Ni:Fe
be coupled with process control software that
allows either automatic or manual control of
blending stockpiles or proportioning circuits.
Reference Standards
Unique modular reference standards are used
to qualify and monitor system performance.
Analyzer Components
CB Omni Analyzer Assembly
Reference Standard
Analyzer Electronics Enclosure
Operator Console
Thermo Scientific CB Omni Specifications
Belt Size
600/800 mm
900/1050/1200 mm
1400/1600/1800 mm (24/32 in)
(36/42/48 in)
(55/63/71 in)
Length of Unit
3392 mm
3392 mm
3392 mm
(133.5 in)
(133.5 in)
(133.5 in)
1890 mm
2090 mm
2606 mm
(74.5 in)
(82 in)
(102.5 in)
Approximate Height (base)
1645 mm
1671 mm
1798 mm
(64.5 in)
(65.5 in)
(71 in)
Weight (base)
3500 kg
3900 kg
4900 kg
(7700 lb)
(8600 lb)
(10800 lb)
Standard Physical Specifications
Troughing Angle
35° ; 45°
Electronics Enclosure
NEMA 4 enclosure
800mm tall x 6000mm wide x 300mm deep (31.5 in tall x 23.5 in wide x 12 in deep)
Electronics Connection to Analyzer
Standard 25-meter cable provided; Configurable on request
Operating Temperature
-30°C to +50°C (-22°F to +122°F)
Electrical Specifications
Electronics Enclosure
230 VAC 50 or 60 Hz, 7 Amps 3 wire (L1, N, GND) Operator Console
120 VAC 50 or 60 Hz, 5 Amps 1 Phase or
230 VAC 50 or 60 Hz, 2.5 Amps 1 Phase
Electronics Enclosure to Operator
Console (Customer Supplied)
Fiber Optic 62.5/125 multimode (minimum of 2 fibers) 2000 meters maximum (longer distances optionally available) or Optional wireless data communication package (Thermo Scientific Wireless Xpert)
Operator Console to Customer
OPC client/server link, major communication protocols, ODBC
Control System (Customer Supplied)
Offsite (Remote) Communication
One data quality phone line or internet link required
Cf-252 Neutron source; amount defined per application and performance requirements
Related Products
AccuLINK TM – Automatic Calibration Software
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