LLC 101 Classroom Technology Tutorial - UO Libraries

LLC 101 Classroom Technology Tutorial - UO Libraries
LLC 101 Classroom Technology Tutorial
Living-Learning Center (LLC) 101 has three projectors with three separate Crestron touch panels.
Generally, instructors use the front two projectors and ignore the side (third) projector. Each projector
is controlled by its corresponding touch panel located on the wall near the projection screens.
1. Turn the projectors on
a. In the upper left-hand corner of the touch panel, press the “Projector” button to wake on the
b. Select “Projector turn on” to start up each projector
CMET Classroom Support:
2. Connect your device
a. Locate the input jack on the wall underneath the Crestron panel, the most commonly used
jack is for Input 2. Connect your device to the desired cable you would like to use. All cables
are located near the bottom of the touch panel.
o For some devices (such as Macbooks and tablets), it may be necessary to connect an
adapter to the VGA.
3. Select your projection source
a. To route a source to the projector, select the icon for the source that you would like to use.
If you have your device connected to the Input Jack 2 located in the middle of the room,
select Laptop Input 2 as your source.
b. Select DVD or VCR if you are using those players located in the cabinet near the middle of
the classroom (closest to Input Jack 2)
CMET Classroom Support:
4. Audio
a. Connect the device’s sound to the classroom system via the audio cable. Plug the audio
cable into the headphone input of your device. Increase the volume on the device and
player (Youtube, Window’s Media Player) first.
b. Next, control classroom system’s volume by pressing the volume control buttons on the
Crestron touch panel.
o Go slow when adjusting the classroom volume, it may take a second or two for a
difference to be heard.
5. Microphone
a. Locate the microphone inside the equipment cabinet in the middle of the room.
b. When finished, turn the microphone off, return it to its charging station and press down
until it clicks into place.
CMET Classroom Support:
6. Please turn off the system when finished
a. Press “Projector turn OFF” on the touch panel to turn off the projector.
b. Then press the “ALL OFF” button located near the upper right-hand corner of the touch
panel to shut down the entire system.
Light Controls – located on front wall near Projector 1’s touch panel and screen. LLC 101’s light controls are built
for stage lightening for events, take a minute to adjust the lightening that best fits your classes needs.
DVD & VHS Player – located in the wall cabinet near Projector 2’s touch panel and screen.
CMET Classroom Support:
Document Camera – LLC 101’s hosts many events and due to the nature of this room, a mobile document is on a
cart in the corner of the room. Typically, the cart is located near the entrance door closest to Projector 2. The
document camera connects to the system just like a laptop using the VGA cable. Confirm the VGA cable is plugged
into the document cameras “OUT” input and that the other side is connected to the wall plate. Be sure to select
the necessary input depending on what wall input plate you are using.
A. What if my audio isn’t working?
a. Check both ends of the audio cable, make sure the further end is plugged into the wall jack.
Next, confirm the near end is completely plugged into your device.
b. Confirm the volume on your device and the player is turned up close to maximum. Then, turn up
the classroom volume using the Crestron touch panel has necessary.
B. The Crestron touch panel is frozen.
a. Contact CMET immediately so a technician can properly reset the system: 541-346-3091
Center for Media and Educational Technologies
University of Oregon Libraries
Knight Library, ground floor
CMET Classroom Support:
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