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Underground Two-way Communications
Mine Wide Monitoring and Control
Personnel and Equipment Tracking
Gas and Atmospheric Monitoring
Conveyor and Motion Monitors
Fire and Dust Suppression
Product Catalogue
PBE Catalogue
The PBE Group
Industries We Serve
The PBE mission has always been to design and build reliable, high tech
equipment for mine safety and productivity. Four decades later that
tradition continues as we provide mine-wide monitoring and
communications equipment all over the world.
PBE was founded to supply eastern U.S.
coal mines with quality electronic
equipment and we continue to do so, but
over the years we have expanded our sales
to include many other industries all over
the world.
PBE has installed its proprietary personnel and vehicle tracking system in over
100 underground mines, enabling real-time reporting and tracking
information, improving mine safety and productivity. The PBE MineBoss™
monitoring system is currently operating in over 300 U.S. mines, and we are
the leading U.S. manufacturer of conveyor monitoring and controls, wired
and wireless gas monitoring, fire and dust suppression and paging telephone
lines, with installations in mining operations all over the globe.
In 2012, PBE acquired Minecom as part of its expansion plan within the Asia
Pacific region creating PBE Australia. PBE’s Minecom Leaky Feeder systems
are often installed in conjunction with our personnel and vehicle tracking
system. Not only are the Minecom Leaky Feeder and PBE tracking systems
suited for post-accident applications, they serve as superior productivity
In 2013, PBE acquired Mine Radio Systems (MRS). This acquisition solidified
our commitment to customer oriented global sales and local service.
The PBE Group is a constant innovator with significant investments in R&D.
Recent and imminent projects include our Generation 4 leaky feeder
amplifier, Proximity Alert System, wireless gas monitoring, underground text
messaging and ventilation on demand.
With global sales and local service The PBE Group are your one-stop-shop for
mine safety and productivity to support your mining operations now and for
years to come.
Currently we sell equipment to:
Coal Mines
Metal and Non-Metal Mines
Natural Gas Producers
Tunnelling Operations
Construction Industries
Water Treatment Plants.
Even if we did not list your industry
specifically, our versatile and varying
product lines mean we have something for
everyone, whether it is a total monitoring
solution or a simple tilt level switch.
For more information and all your wired or
wireless solutions, visit our website or
contact your local sales representative.
PBE Catalogue
Underground and Surface Radio Communications
Centrian (Cable Modem Termination System)
PBE’s Minecom Leaky Feeder System (VHF & UHF)
provides a reliable, easily expandable underground
communications system as well as a backbone for our
tracking and safety products.
Centrian (CMTS) is the industry's first Cable Modem
Termination System over leaky feeder cable, providing
an integrated communication solution for voice and
high speed data. Centrian has been engineered as the
first communication solution that provides high speed
internet services between surface and underground.
The sophisticated Centrian solution allows for use of
both VHF portable radios and Voice over IP handsets.
Centrian allows for wireless "hot spots" to be
strategically deployed anywhere the leaky feeder cable
is installed.
The PBE Minecom Leaky Feeder system is the most
reliable, clear and efficient two-way communications
on the market with digital capabilities.
Each Minecom Leaky Feeder System will be tailored to
specific site requirements to provide the best radio
coverage and data communications. The Minecom
Leaky Feeder system is a mine radio system that can
provide complete communications coverage for your
mine site including above ground site linking.
Minecom Leaky Feeder System (VHF & UHF)
Minecom Head End Combiner
Minecom Leaky Feeder Cable
Minecom BDA-4 Bidirectional Line Amplifier
Minecom Branch Units (Single and Dual)
Minecom Power Coupler
Minecom Power Station
Minecom Joiner and Termination Boxes
Minecom Antenna Coupler
Model 1925 Power Supply
Model 1950A Leaky Feeder Power Barrier
Model 1954, 1955 Battery Backup
Model 1965 Wireless Trunk Line Access Point
Model 1968, 1969 Leaky Feeder Balancers
• 'Hot Spot' deployment capabilities
• Automatic Gain Control
• Automatic Slope Control
• Local Diagnostics
• Utilizes existing leaky feeder backbone
• System Configuration to act as LAN
• Voice over IP
• Video over IP
• Data Control
• Sensors Monitoring
• Extend LAN and WLAN
• Diagnostics
PBE Catalogue
Personnel and Equipment Tracking
MineBoss Monitoring and Control Software
The PBE mine-wide Tracking system is capable of
determining the location of personnel and equipment
by detection of the RFID tags worn by mine personnel
or placed on mobile equipment. Tracking information
is displayed on our MineBoss software. Stationary
and portable tag readers (wireless or wired) are
available for transmitting data over either leaky feeder
communications systems (VHF or UHF) or over existing
infrastructure without the need to install a new
The PBE MineBossTM Monitoring and Control Software
is used for displaying the location of miners and
equipment throughout any underground mine,
tunneling operation or industrial facility. This
information is gathered from the Tracking system and
the interface can be provided by the Model 1961 Head
End Unit. MineBossTM provides the integration and
visibility for site-wide activity and allows control from a
centralized location. PBE provides mine-wide
monitoring and control solutions for a more efficient
and safe mine environment.
The wireless version of the Tracking system is MSHA
approved for hazardous atmospheres when operating
on bac up battery. 96+ hours battery backup is
Mine Wide Tagging System
Model 911 Emergency Communicator
Model 1925 Power Supply
Model 1961 UHF Head End Modem
Model 1967 Tag Locator
Model 1980 Tracking Tag
Model 1981G Wireless Gateway
Model 1982HP High Powered Tag Reader
Model 1990 Tracking Node
Model 1995 Tracking Boss Programmer
Screen examples:
MineBossTM can monitor:
Weight scales
Water level
Pump control
Mine office
Power centres
Fire extinguishers
Battery charging stations
Air flow
MineTracker software provides realtime and last known location reporting
using imported mine maps. Collision
avoidance can be included in vehicles.
MineTracker has the ability to monitor
spe ed, telemetry, oil pressure ,
temperature and more.
PBE Catalogue
Gas and Atmospheric Monitoring
Conveyor and Motion Monitors
Our environmental gas monitors are capable of
measuring ambient gas concentrations and include a
variety of features that make them powerful and easy
to use.
Designed to increase safety and productivity, PBE’s
Conveyor and Motion monitors are used for conveyor
belts, rotating devices (eg. ventilation fans) or any
equipment, preventing, reporting, and suppressing
Gas monitoring options include:
- Carbon Monoxide
- Nitrogen Dioxide
- Nitric Oxide
- Methane
- Oxygen
- Hydrogen Sulfide
- Sulfur Dioxide
- Hydrogen
and more.
Model 805C, 805C/SS Remote Alarm
Model 830 Calibration Kit
Model 831 Hydrogen Discriminating Calibration Kit
Model 931 Blue Outstation
Model 1722 Low Power CO Monitor/Prestart Sounder
Model 1905 24 VDC Uninterruptable Power Supply
Model 2103 MSHA Approved CO Monitor
Model 2105 Modbus Single Gas Monitors
Model 2112 Smart Remote - Methane Gas Unit
Model 2200 Gas Monitoring
Model 2203, 2204 Hydrogen Insensitive CO Monitor
Model 3000 Gas Monitoring Series
Material Level Indicators are designed to detect
material spillage and cut power to conveyor belts to
prevent costly damage or accidents.
Model 300 Belt Spillage Switch
Model 407 Mini Slip 12 VDC
Model 450 Mini Motion Switch
Model 452 4-20 mA Motion Switch
Model 455 Dual Channel Slip/Sequence Control
Model 470 Slip / Sequence Tester
Model 1032, 1040, 1048 Complete Conveyor
Monitoring and Control Unit
Model 1010M Fire Suppression Solenoid Monitor
Model 1100 Conveyor and Motion Monitors
Model 1717, 1718 Section Pre-start Sounder/Strobe
PBE Catalogue
Fire and Dust Suppression
Two Way Radios and Page Phones
PBE’s Fire Suppression products detect and suppress
fires at the conveyor belt, air compressors and battery
change-out stations and then activates audible and
visual alarms. Dust Suppression products provide an
electronically controlled water spraying system
designed to control the dust generated at the transfer
points of conveyor belt systems.
PBE provide a wide range of radio options for site,
surface and underground linking and mine radio
communications, including Motorola, Tait, & Kenwood
two-way radios.
Model 225 Water Sprinkler System
Model 227A / 125 Belt Head Dry Chemical Fire
Suppression System
Model 229 Battery Charging Station Dry Chemical
Fire Suppression System
Model 234 / 237 Conveyor Transfer Point
Suppression System
Model 235 Water Deluge System
Model 235J Deluge Valve
Model 460 Digital Dust Suppression
Model 942, 943 Continuous Belt Fire Monitor
Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems
Flow Boss 2" Fire Suppression System
Page Boss Paging Telephones provide clear and
undistorted communication across the entire pager
phone system with rugged enclosures and handle
handset hanger and mounting brackets.
HT750 Motorola Portable (MSHA approved)
XPR 4350 Numeric Display Mobile Radio
XPR 4550 Display Mobile Radio
XPR 6350 Non-Display Portable Radio
XPR 6550, 6580 Display Portable Radio
XPR 8400 Repeater
XRC 9000 Trunking Controller
and other two way radio as required.
Accessories: microphones, holsters, headsets and
Paging Telephones
Page Boss Family
Models: 111, 114, 116, 117, 119, 139, 140, 152
GEN II Page Boss: Models 110 , 112, 113
Model SB-12-A “I.S. Barrier”
Model 128 Mini Page Boss
Armored Strobe and Siren Strobe and Siren Alarm
PBE Catalogue
Mine Wide Monitoring and Control
Proximity Alert System
With multiple user defined alarm and warning levels
MineBoss can monitor and control power status,
vibration, speed, water levels, bearing temperatures,
and more, linked directly from a centralized computer
screen map.
PBE's Proximity Alert System is designed to enhance
workplace safety by reducing risk of collision through
asset and personnel detection and warning.
MineBoss Monitoring & Control System
Model 230 Tilt Switch
Model 233 Air Flow Switch Alarm
Model 236IA Intrinsically Safe Photo Switch
Model 236 Photo Switch
Model 248, 248S Monitor Alarm
Model 495 Cable Monitor
Model 630, 631 Low Cost Monitoring Device
Model 850 Alarm Module
Model 860 & 861 Remote Alarm System
Model 915 Cable Length Monitor
Model 944 Alarm Interface
Model 948, 949 Alarm Module
Model 950A Remote Alarm Series
Model 990C, 991C, 992C, 990CD "J" Box
Model 1080, 108081 LED Strobe
Model 1600 Analog Scanner
Model 1956CI, 1956USB Computer Interface
Model 1957CI Networkable Scanner
Model 1965 Wireless Trunk Line Access Point
Model LP2000I Electronic Circuit Breaker Interface
Model RM-2 Remote Switcher
Dust Proof Computer Enclosures
Ÿ 900 MHz bidirectional Tag (for vehicles, obstacles
and personnel)
Ÿ 900 MHz Tag readers (installed in vehicles)
Ÿ Electromagnetic proximity sensors (used for close
range detection)
Ÿ Radar (used for mid-range detection)
Ÿ GPS Tracking Modules for surface tracking
Ÿ Real time video surveillance
For a full list of our approved products please visit
our website:
For the latest information on any of our products
please refer to our Technical Datasheets available
on our website or contact your local distributor or
a PBE sales representative.
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