DM-650 Digital Voice Recorder and Olympus Sonority

DM-650 Digital Voice Recorder and Olympus Sonority
DM-650 Digital Voice Recorder and Olympus Sonority
Recording a lecture with your Digital Voice Recorder
1. Turn on your Digital Voice Recorder (DVR)
Turn On your Digital Voice Recorder (DVR)
just before the lecture is about to start.
Remember to have your batteries fully
charged and aim to get a good seat near the
front in order to get the best possible
2. Select the Record Scene
Hold down Menu for a couple of seconds to
choose your Record Scene. Choose
Lecture if it’s a large auditorium or
Conference if it’s held in a smaller room.
This will then automatically adjust the menu
settings to be the optimum for your
recording environment.
Once selected, the Record Scene will
remain set on the device until you need to
select a different one.
3. Select the Recorder Folder
Choose one of your five destination folders
in which to record your lecture.
These folders have the default titles A, B, C,
D, E, but can be renamed to suit your needs
using the Sonority software when we
connect the device to the computer.
You might want to name them as your
Modules, the days of the week (Mon, Tues,
Weds, Thurs, Fri), or have a folder for
different study situations (Lectures,
Seminars, Tutorials, Dictation, Reminders).
*Remember, when you first turn the device
on, it will open up exactly on how you last
left it. Use the List button to navigate to your
Folder menu or the home button (F1) to
return to the Home screen.
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