Quick Start Guide - Precision Golf Simulators

Quick Start Guide - Precision Golf Simulators
Quick Start Guide
Read carefully the SkyTrak Safety and Product
Information Guide before setup or use of the SkyTrakTM
system. Failure to read and follow the Safety and Product
Information Guide may cause serious injury or death.
The SkyTrak system specifications and functionality are constantly
evolving, and we may update or change the SkyTrak system in whole or in
part, without notice to you. Such updates may be required for you to use
new functionality, access new courses or features, or continue to access
and use existing courses and features. The courses and features available
for use on the SkyTrak system change from time to time, and not all courses
or features previously offered will be available. Some features require an
annual subscription.
The software in the SkyTrak system is licensed and not sold to you, and is
subject to the End User License Agreement set forth in the SkyTrak Safety
and Product Information Guide.
Product Overview
Optics Lens
Power Button
Ready LED
USB Port
Power LED
See chart on page 10 for LED codes
What’s in the Box
SkyTrak® Personal
Launch Monitor
USB Cable
Quick Start and Product &
Safety Information Guides
Let’s Get Started!
Setting up your SkyTrak for the first time is a simple
3-step process:
Download the SkyTrak Mobile Software
Find the SkyTrak software in the Apple® App StoreSM or
follow a link to the application on www.skytrakgolf.com
Register Your SkyTrak
Launch the SkyTrak software on your
iPad® and follow the instructions in the
SkyTrak app on your iPad.*
Select the “Create Account” option to
create a SkyTrak online account.
Next, select “Register” to register your SkyTrak. Your
SkyTrak’s unique serial number will display and it will be
registered with SkyTrak
Your SkyTrak must be registered within 30 days of purchase. SkyTrak comes with basic functionality in-the-box and may come with some
trial features, enabling you to start playing immediately. Advanced features are available with a SkyTrak annual subscription plan, which can be purchased at www.skytrakgolf.com.
SETUP TIP: Once SkyTrak has been successfully configured
and connected with the software on your iPad,
all three LEDs will turn green and you will see a
red laser dot projected onto your hitting surface.
Pair Skytrak With Your iPad
You can pair SkyTrak with your iPad in two ways:
Via a direct Wi-Fi connection OR
Through your home network
Direct Wi-Fi Connection
Follow the instructions in the
SkyTrak software application
to pair your iPad directly to
SkyTrak’s via its Wi-Fi signal.
Your iPad will NOT have an
internet connection when
connected in this manner.
Network Connection (recommended)
SkyTrak can use your wireless
(Wi-Fi) home network to pair
with your iPad by connecting to
your wireless network router,
just like your computer and
mobile devices do. SkyTrak
will communicate with the
software on your iPad through your router. Plus, you will
retain access to the internet on your iPad.
SETUP TIP:Follow the Wi-Fi configuration steps in the SkyTrak software to select your desired connection mode. To make changes to your connection, access the Connection Wizard near the bottom of the main dashboard of the SkyTrak software at any time.
Powering On/Off
1. To turn on SkyTrak, press the POWER button.
2. The Power LED (bottom) will turn GREEN and you can start connecting SkyTrak to your iPad.
3. To turn off SkyTrak, press the Power button again.
Charging Your SkyTrak
SkyTrak contains a Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery that can operate up
to 5 hours on a full charge.
1. Charge SkyTrak for 6 hours prior to initial use (NOTE: to charge, SkyTrak
must be turned OFF).
2. Plug the USB cable into the USB port of a computer that is powered on or use a compatible, SkyTrak-supplied USB wall charger to charge SkyTrak.
3. The Power LED will turn AMBER when SkyTrak is charging.
Setting Up Your Space for SkyTrak
Before playing with SkyTrak the first time, be sure to remove the protective film
from its optics lens and to fully charge its battery.
To reduce the risk of injury or property damage, it is recommended that the
SkyTrak system be set up using the guidelines below. Please ensure that you
have created enough space around you to safely play with SkyTrak and that
you heed all applicable safety precautions at all times.
SETUP TIP: For optimum performance, it is recommended that you use a
hitting mat for both indoor and outdoor use.
Minimum Unobstructed
Area Dimensions
Ceiling height: Safe ceiling height varies and depends on your physical
height and the length of your club.
10 feet (3,35m)
10 feet (3,35m)
CAUTION: Always use a safety net and a hitting mat specifically designed for golf
if the hitting area or the ball flight area is restricted such as indoors or in the back yard of a residence.
Placement of Your Golf Ball
Make sure SkyTrak is raised
level with the hitting surface.
Place SkyTrak parallel to
your intended line of play. Depending on your set up, this may mean your target is not the center of the net.
Once SkyTrak is properly
connected to the app on
your mobile device, it
will display a red laser
dot on your hitting
surface. Place a clean,
white golf ball on the
red dot.
Place ball
on red dot
- or Place base
of tee on
red dot
SETUP TIP: For optimum spin results, place the ball on the laser dot with
some kind of marking on the golf ball, such as its brand logo,
facing toward SkyTrak’s lens prior to hitting.
Helpful Tips & Care Instructions
SkyTrak uses advanced optics that are located behind its lens. Scratches and dust or other issues that impact the lens quality may interfere with
SkyTrak’s operation. Keeping the lens clean and scratch-free will ensure
the measurement accuracy and longevity of your SkyTrak system.
Use a clean, damp cotton cloth to clean the lens in a single wipe. Do not
use any chemicals to clean the lens.
Carrying cases to keep your SkyTrak protected and other accessories are available for purchase at www.skytrakgolf.com
Never disconnect or turn off your SkyTrak while it is syncing. Wait until it
is finished communicating before you disconnect it, power it off, or power off your mobile device.
Don’t expose your SkyTrak to extreme temperatures. Hot or cold
conditions may affect performance.
Don’t allow your SkyTrak to get wet.
Don’t drop your SkyTrak, or hit your SkyTrak with your golf club or golf ball.
Compatibility of your SkyTrak device with mobile devices, like tablet computers, varies by mobile device and its operating system and
display capabilities, which change often and are outside the control of SkyTrak. Not all mobile devices are compatible with your SkyTrak device. To view a list of currently compatible devices, go to www.skytrakgolf.com
Fully charge the battery prior to playing with your SkyTrak.
LED Color Code Chart
Use this chart to identify or troubleshoot SkyTrak’s various operational modes.
Battery is low and SkyTrak is about to turn itself
off. Please charge your SkyTrak as soon as possible.
SkyTrak is in Direct Connect Mode, waiting for a
connection with the SkyTrak Application on your
SkyTrak is in Network Mode and it is attempting to
locate and connect to a known Wi-Fi network.
SkyTrak is in Network Mode and it has located a known
Wi-Fi network. It is attempting to connect to that
SkyTrak is in Network Mode and it is connected to a
known network. It is waiting for a connection with the
software on your tablet.
SkyTrak is connected to the Application. If the Ready
LED is not turning green quickly, Please check to see if
SkyTrak is tilted instead of being level.
SkyTrak is ready for your next shot.
SkyTrak is charging.
SkyTrak is charging, but the power of the charger is not
adequate, it may take a long time for your SkyTrak to
- 10 -
When charging, ‘Power’
LED does not come on
Press and hold the Power button for 5 seconds. Make
sure the USB cable has power. Try other ports on your
computer or use a compatible USB wall charger. SkyTrak
should be turned OFF to charge.
All 3 LED’s turn red and
unit turns off after 15
Battery is low. Connect the USB cable and charge the unit.
The Power LED will turn off when SkyTrak is fully charged
and ready to go.
‘Wi-Fi’ LED is not turning
First, ensure that your SkyTrak is connected to the Wi-Fi
network. Then start the SkyTrak software on your iPad and
allow it to load. When the application is open, SkyTrak’s
LEDs will show whether it successfully connected.
Wi-Fi and Power LEDs
are green, but ‘Ready’
(top) LED is red
Your SkyTrak may have been triggered by a waggle
or other club movement. If you’ll wait a few seconds,
it should turn green again. If it still doesn’t turn green,
you should check your Wi-Fi connection and restart the
application on your iPad.
Results seem inaccurate
Be sure to position the ball correctly on the red dot and
make sure the unit sits level with the hitting surface. If
using a tee, make sure the base of the tee is on the red
Should this Trouble Shooting Guide not answer your question, please refer to the
Frequently Asked Questions at www.skytrakgolf.com .
- 11 -
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