Wiring Diagram Generator
Automatically Create Wiring
E³.Wiring Diagram Generator
E³.Wiring Diagram Generator automatically generates schematics/wiring diagrams
for development, service and after sales. It can also be used to migrate and create
standardized diagrams from older systems. After defining the diagram placement and
routing rules, schematic/wiring diagrams are generated automatically from a netlist
(connection list in CSV format). The diagrams created by E³.Wiring Diagram Generator
can easily be modified as you would any drawing using E³.cable. This is supported
by additional functionality such as deleting connections and automatic rerouting.
Modifications to the entire system or specific subsystems can be implemented using
the Update functionality. All modifications can be optionally listed and highlighted
as well. E³.Wiring Diagram Generator functionality is integrated in the E³.cable user
interface with its own easy-to-use toolbar. A broad range of diagrams from simple
from-to connections to more complex environments can be processed. For example,
variants, splices, inline connectors, wiring and display symbols are all supported.
Configuration menu for
default settings, placement
and routing rules
Automatically generate wiring diagrams; configurable placement and routing rules
S h E E T
Special Functionality in E³.Wiring Diagram
Easy-to-use toolbar integrates into E .cable
Customer-specific configuration
Define placement and routing rules
Generate diagrams automatically for individual systems (e.g.
The E³.series Base Functionality
Automatic and parallel connections
Save, load, copy, rotate and mirror drawings and areas
Extensive functionality for exchanging symbols and
Selectively regenerate individual systems
Modifications using integrated automatic functionality
-Disconnect signals
-Move components to another position
-Regenerate connections
Update functionality displays all modifications
The E³.series Standard
Completely integrated in Windows® environment
User-interface in numerous languages; easy to switch
Supports all Windows® fonts using UNICODE
Configurable user interface and toolbars
Object-oriented user interface with possibility to directly
integrate in other applications
Display drawings using different norms (DIN, ANSI, JIC)
Supports any sheet format, e.g. DIN, Ladder, special formats
Translate text into any language
Search mechanisms for symbols, devices, connections, text
and attributes
Continuous verification of adherence to manufacturing
specifications, such as multiple assignment of symbols and
brakes, lighting)
overcrowding of components
Supports variants and options, Boolean operators and alias
Online cross-references for connections and devices
Object and text hyperlinks also within E³.series projects
User-defined connection attributes
User-defined grid sizes, fonts and line types
Drag and Drop
Dynamic zooming and panning
Additional E³.series Modules
E³.cable offers enhanced functionality for designing cables and
cable harnesses. Different views of the design enable specific
documents to be created for production, start up and service.
From idea to detailed wiring plan, E³.topology enables early
evaluation of system harnesses including their length, weight and
cost. This allows tradeoff analysis of harnesses and sub-harnesses
to optimize manufacturing, performance and cost.
The module used to create 1:1 nailboard drawings for
Context-sensitive Online Help
256 object-related display levels
Print and plot using all Windows® standard drivers
Supports standard formats like STEP, DXF/DWG, SVG, PDF,
E³.view is the free-of-charge viewer for all E³.series projects (.e3s)
pixel graphics
and special viewer files (.e3v). It can be used by anyone within a
Bidirectional API (COM/DCOM Standard)
Integrated database editor
Compatible with data from all previous E³.series versions
manufacturing cable harnesses. Quickly and easily place views,
define the cable harness structure as well as specify the mounting
and cable protection.
company or passed on to suppliers and customers.
E³.3D Routing Bridge
E3.3D Routing Bridge transfers wire, cable and cable harness
information to 3D M-CAD systems. After routing, the individual wire
lengths can be transferred back to E³.series.
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Version May 2011
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