Unicon™ Series Multi-Use Door Lock

Unicon™ Series Multi-Use Door Lock
Unicon™ DL20
Unicon™ Series
Multi-Use Door Lock
Model DL20
Unicon™ DL20
The Kaba Mas history is rich in the development of innovative products, designed for a wide variety of container
applications. From sophisticated locks safeguarding classified information and the cash supply stored in automated
teller machines (ATMs) to complete systems serving goods-in-transit, Kaba Mas products are world renowned for
their ability to greatly reduce incidence of theft.
This tradition continues with the Unicon Series DL20 door lock. Designed for new or replacement
applications, the DL20 is ideal for locations that require access by multiple employees, assigning a unique
User ID to each. Control door access to restricted areas and meet compliance requirements with the security
and accountability provided by the DL20.
DL20 at a Glance
Two CR-2 lithium 3v batteries in main housing.
Access Control
Users are assigned a 3-digit user ID and can select a unique
5-digit PIN. Use of PIN is optional, but is suggested for
added security.
Access Users
Independent Mode: (1) Master User, (124) Access users
Supervisor/Subordinate Mode: (1) Master User, (3) Supervisors,
(121) Subordinate access users.
Operating Modes
• Independent Mode: Master User adds individual access users
to the lock.
• Supervisor/Subordinate Mode: Master User adds up to three
supervisors, who then add or delete their direct subordinates
to/from the lock.
Access Modes
• Single User: Entering one valid combination required to
open lock.
• Dual User: Entering two valid combinations required to
open lock.
Audit Trail
400 events (including opening and closing) stored in the lock
with time and date stamp, can be downloaded to PC via a Dallas
iButton Reporting (Red) Key Fob. (Requires Unicon Series
Wrong Try Lockout
After five consecutive failed combination attempts, lock
disables for three minutes. Additional consecutive failed
attempts will result in another three minute penalty after each
failed attempt.
Access Schedules
Can be set and maintained at the PC using Unicon Series
Software and uploaded (transferred) to lock via Dallas iButton
key fob.
Can be installed on 1 3/8" - 1 3/4" frame door.
Bolt Design
Spring bolt.
Five button touch keypad accepts user
commands and access combinations.
Economical Retrofit
Similar mounting hole patterns as the industry
leading mechanical products, for ease of
replacement in existing applications.
Mechanical Construction
Lock front - Black, injection-mold polycarbonate, 1.25" (31.71
mm) x 5.63" (143 mm) x .85" (21.6 mm).
Turn knob - Black powder coat zinc diecast, clutch mechanism
prevents opening of lock when over-torqued.
Back Chamber Assembly - Metal electro-mechanical assembly
that includes motor and locking mechanisms - 3.75" (95.25mm)
x 5" (127mm) x 1.5" (38.1mm).
Key Override (optional)
Key override sensor kit allows cabinet key to override lock and
allow entry.
Uploadable Programming
Information can be loaded at the PC and transferred to the
lock via a Dallas iButton Programming (Teal) Key Fob. (Requires
Unicon Series Software.)
Compatible with Unicon CL Locks
The DL20 can be managed from the same Unicon Series
Software as the Unicon Cabinet Locks (CL10, CL20).
• Narcotics Storage Rooms
• Liquor Supply Rooms
• Cleaning Supply Rooms
• Hazardous Materials Storage Rooms
• Employee Only/Restricted Areas
• Unicon Series Software Implementation
Package (See Software Section
for details.)
• Reporting Key Fob (Red) for downloading
data from lock
• Programming Key Fob (Teal)
Red Reporting Key Fob
for uploading data to lock
for downloading; Teal
• Lock covers
Programming Key Fob
for uploading.
Customer Service
The Kaba Mas technical support staff is available 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week. Call 1-877-950-4744.
Unicon™ DL20
Unicon Model DL20 ordering example
Model DL20 multi-use door lock with housing, power source, keypad style, door thickness, bolt, control shaft, country code, install,
and packaging.
Unicon Series Software
The Unicon Series Software is an integral component of the Unicon Series locks (Models CL10, CL20 and DL20). While basic lock
functions can be performed at the lock without software, efficient administration, maximum convenience and full audit capability
can only be achieved once the software has been installed.
The Unicon Series Software allows you to load information at the PC, and
via a Programming Key Fob, transfer that information directly to the lock.
The following can be uploaded to the lock:
• Operating mode and Lock ID (Lock ID is important for
audit purposes.)
• Date and time
• User Data (Add/delete users.)
• Lock access schedules (shifts)
• Reporting capabilities (Defines who has authority to retrieve
data from the lock.)
Unicon CL Series Software Implementation Package includes:
Install CD-ROM; 1 Reporting (Red) Key Fob (download data from
lock); 1 Programming (Teal) Key Fob (upload data to lock); 1 USB
Adapter; 1 Key Fob Reader/Data Cable.
Data Retrieval
In addition, the Unicon Series Software allows you to download (retrieve) the following information from the lock via a Reporting
Key Fob and transfer it to the PC:
• User table - consists of all User IDs that are current in the lock
• Audit Trail - this feature records lock transactions in sequential order. Examples of audit events are:
• Lock opened
• Lock closed
• Users added/deleted
• PIN activated/changed
• Wrong try lockout
Reporting features include sorting, data selection, and export to various formats (Crystal Reports, Adobe® PDF, Microsoft® Excel,
Microsoft® Word, etc.)
System Requirements
PC Hardware minimum requirements for Microsoft® SQL Server Express Edition*:
• IBM® compatible PC capable of running Windows®, with available USB communication port
• 600 MHz Pentium III-compatible or faster processor, 1 GHz or faster processor recommended
• 512 MB of RAM or more recommended
• Hard-disk drive with 830 MB available disk free space recommended
• CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive
• Windows® XP (Service Pack 2 or later), Windows® 2000 Server (Service Pack 4 or later), Windows® Server 2003
Standard, Enterprise or DataCenter editions (Service Pack 1 or later), Windows® Small Business Server 2003
(Service Pack 1 or later)
*The Unicon database can also be installed on a Microsoft® SQL Server 2005 database engine.
The Kaba Safe Lock Division relies on product innovation to meet our markets’ ever-changing needs
for loss prevention and access control solutions.
The Kaba and LA GARD brands are synonymous worldwide with security, control and accountability.
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877-KabaMas (522-2627)
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