Sprayers - Wyatt Quarles

Sprayers - Wyatt Quarles
Chapin Sprayers/Dusters (CH)........................217-218
Delta Hand Sprayers (LF).......................................216
Dustin Mizer (DZ)...................................................216
Earthway Duster (EY)............................................216
Honeywell Safety (HO)..........................................216
Solo (SQ).........................................................214-215
Pressure Sprayers
Economy Series Perfect homeowner sprayer. Ideal for general purpose
spraying, gardening applications and
pest control. Features easy-to-fill
funnel top, pressure relief valve,
durable poly wand and shut-off valve,
built-in wand retainer for easy storage.
24” wand, 45” hose
SQ 405-US
1 gallon
R1999 1EA
SQ 406-US
2 gallon
R2279 1EA
Basic Series Multi-Purpose Sprayer
Full featured consumer sprayer in an
economical package. Perfect for the
homeowner and ideal for general purpose spraying. Pressure relief vale
Funnel top for easy fill up.
Plastic adjustable spray nozzle. 21”
SQ 400-1G
1 gallon
R1299 1EA
Deluxe 430 Series Multi-purpose deluxe hand-held pressure sprayer. Features easy carry, easy pump, 48” long
hose, and 28” unbreakable wand, carry
strap and carry handles for low effort
spraying and general ease of use.
SQ 430-1G
SQ 430-2G
SQ 430-3G
1 gallon
2 gallon
3 gallon
425 Deluxe™ 4 Gallon Sprayer Features fold-away handle, pressure gauge,
padded straps, brass and standard
nozzles. Four adjustable pressure settings and optional plug to obtain 90 psi.
Large 4.25” opening. Shut-off valve/
wand overall length of 28” 4’ high-pressure hose.
3 Gallon Piston Backpack 90 PSI,
piston pump. Comes with standard Solo
hose, wand and nozzle arrangement.
Good for pest control and homeowner
SQ 473P
Diaphragm Backpack Sprayers
3 Gallon Diaphragm Backpack 60
PSI. Diaphragm pump, standard straps,
wand and hose.
SQ 473D
R3999 1EA
R4299 1EA
R4799 1EA
Trolley-Sprayer Plant maintenance
made easy. The large wheels of the
SOLO 453 trolley sprayer make it
convenient to pull along, whether moving through a garden or transporting
to a site. Ideal for spraying pesticides,
herbicides, and for general spraying.
The spiral spray hose allows additional
reach. Adjustable Aluminium handle
with soft-grip cover. Long spray wand
(can be attached to pump handle for
transport and storage), adjustable universal nozzle.
SQ 453
3 gallon
R6499 1EA
Page 214
Piston BAckpack sprayers
425® 4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer
High-density polyethylene tank with UV
inhibitors. Large 4.25” opening for easy
filling and cleaning. Shut-off valve and
wand with an overall length of 28” for
hard-to-reach places. 4’ high-pressure
hose. Padded shoulder straps. Chemical resistant Viton® seals. Wide pressure range of up to 90 psi.
SQ 425
475-B 4 Gallon Sprayer Diaphragm
pump. Ideal for use with abrasive chemicals like those found in wettable powder
form. Can be used with liquid formulations. Large 4.25” opening with filter
basket. Shut-off valve and wand overall
length of 28.” 4’ of high-pressure hose.
Padded shoulder straps. Bleach resistant design.
SQ 475-B
Portable/Manual Spreader 20 lb.
capacity. Adjustable for drop rate and
direction. Fully enclosed gear box with
lubricated metal gears. Uses include
spreading ice melter, grass seed, feed
stock, fertilizer, cleaning agents, pelletized lime, wild game feed, oil absorbers, etc.
SQ 421S
hand held Sprayers
1 Liter Spritzer High-density polyethylene tank is UV resistant. Powered by
a piston pump for easy pressurization.
Chemical resistant seals. High-quality
nozzle is fully adjustable: from direct
jet to fine mist. Locking trigger reduces
user fatigue.
SQ 415
1 Liter Sprayer One hand pressure
sprayer. Fully adjustable nozzle, a
drip/drift guard and a hinged, 3” multidirectional wand assembly.
SQ 418
2 Liter Sprayer with 12” to 23” telescopic wand. High-density polyethylene tank is UV resistant. Pressure
relief valve. High-quality nozzle is fully
adjustable: from direct jet to fine mist.
Built-in drift/drip guard.
SQ 420
Hose-end sprayer
Adaptable Hose-End Sprayer Keep
your hands chemical-free. Adapts to
fit the most popular brands of chemical
concentrates. No mixing, measuring or
pouring. Quick-connect hose coupler.
Tank works as a container, if desired.
32 oz.
SQ 405HE
Piston Pump Repair Kit R2499 1EA
Models 425,435
Brass Adjust. Nozzle KitR1169 1EA
w/ cap & O-ring.
Solo Wand/Shutoff ValveR1269 1EA
Repair Kit
Solo Nozzle Assortment R1729 1EA
Solo Valve Plate
R379 1EA
Cap O-Ring
R559 1EA
Fits 425,425D, 475
R1499 1EA
Backpack Lever
R633 1EA
Flat Spray Nozzle
R289 1EA
Filter (for all sprayers) R399 1EA
Screw cap/retaining nutR419 1EA
Strap Buckle R199 1EA
Speed Tip Multi Nozzle R1099 1EA
Strap Hook
R499 1EA
Jet Cap
R350 1EA
Tank Cap w/ valve
R699 1EA
assembly. Fits models 425,425D, 475
Padded Strap, each. R675 1EA
For all Backpacks. Comes w/ hook.
Order 4074412 (buckle) separately.
Deluxe Shoulder Saver R3599 1EA
Harness - Fits all Backpack
Model Sprayers
Viton Collar Fits 425
R1875 1EA
Piston Pump Cylinder R3599 1EA
Diaphragm Pump
R3599 1EA
Cylinder Assembly
Shut-off Valve R1895 1EA
Models 454,456,457,430
Pump Arm (Lever) R1999 1EA
Fits 425,475
Universal Shut-off,
R2499 1EA
28” Wand, Elbow,
Nozzle Assembly
Brass Adjustable
R879 1EA
Spray Nozzle
20” Spray Wand
R1259 1EA
Elbow Nozzle Assy.
R895 1EA
27” Spray Wand
R1899 1EA
Handheld Pump Repair, R799 1EA
Kit f/ 454, 456, 457
20” Brass Wand
R1699 1EA
Drift Guard (oval) R2199 1EA
47”-90” Telescpc. Wand R8399 1EA
Double Spray Nozzle R3699 1EA
Plastic Adjustable
R598 1EA
Page 215
Replacement Parts
SQ 0031356 Solo Washer for 425 R229
SQ 0062258 O Ring
SQ 0064234 48” Hose
Models 425,425D, 475
SQ 0065210 Brass Flat Spray NozzleR529
SQ 0066388 Hose Clamp
SQ 0610402K Shut-off Valve Kit
SQ 0610406K Diaphragm Repair Kit R1997
Models 475B, 485
SQ 0610407K
SQ 0610410P
SQ 0610411K
SQ 0610456P
SQ 4061257
SQ 4061345
SQ 4074245
SQ 4074262
SQ 4074263
SQ 4074283
SQ 4074337
SQ 4074412
SQ 4074666P
SQ 4074837
SQ 4074755
SQ 4200242P
SQ 4300315
SQ 4300343
SQ 4400189P
SQ 4400203P
SQ 4400221P
SQ 4800170P
SQ 4800173
SQ 4900170N
SQ 4900207P
SQ 4900230P
SQ 4900258N
SQ 4900319
SQ 4900405K
SQ 4900421
SQ 4900430
SQ 4900445
SQ 4900477
SQ 4900527P
Plant Sprayers Envirokind, made from recycled milk
bottles. Locking on/off trigger.
LF HG61678 16 oz. R299 24CS
LF HG63278 32 oz.
R299 12CS
Compressed Air Sprayer Envirokind. Easy to pump
and use. Safety/pressure release valve. Locking on /off
trigger. Sturdy enough for all of your spraying needs.
48 oz.
R999 6CS
Dustin-Mizer w/ Deflector
Hand-held crank applicator may be used to apply diatomaceous earth, garden dusts, and dry powder fertilizers or soil mixtures. Made of high-impact resistant
plastic with internal steel parts. Easy to clean. Built-in
⅛” metal screen sifts powders for even application.
One pound capacity hopper.
DZ 1212
R5999 6CS
Protective Gear
White Disposable Nuisance Dust Mask Provides
basic protection against non-toxic dust, pollen, mold,
dander and common airborne irritants. Features adjustable nose bridge for a secure fit and is soft, odorless
and non irritating.
HO RWS54000
5 pack
R199 20CS
HO RWS54001
50 pack
R699 4CS
Air Cushioned Reusable Earplugs w/ Carrying Case
Flange design creates a better seal in the ear canal.
Patented internal cushion. Stem handle makes insertion and removal easy. Includes attached cord and
storage case.
HO RWS53003
R199 6CS
OV/R95 Reusable Paint Spray and Pesticide
Respirator Half mask respirator with organic vapor
cartridges and R95 pre filters. Made of soft, comfortable, non-allergic elastomer. Suitable for Professional
Grade applications. Size: medium.
HO RWS54027Mask R2999 4CS
HO RWS54040Replacement Cartridge R1299 5CS
Protective EYEWEAR
Splash Goggle Clear frame. Clear lens with Anti-Fog
Coating. Economical. Fits over most prescription eyewear. Made of recycled plastic. Meets ANSI Z87+ and
CSA Z94.3 standards
HO RWS51028
R299 4CS
Spritzer Garden Duster/Sprayer
A simple, effortless, light and compact way to spray insecticide dust over your garden or chicken pen. Can be
used with diatomaceous earth. Sprays extra fine mist
up and down or wherever the bugs are.
EY 506
R3999 6CS
EY 9500-6
Repair Kit
R329 1EA
Washers, 4 pk.
R098 1EA
EY 0518
Filler Cap Gasket
R087 1EA
Page 216
Safety Glasses Sporty, lightweight and comfortable.
High performance polycarbonate lens with scratch
resistant coating. Fits a variety of face shapes. Meets
ANSI Z87+ and CSA Z94.3 safety standards
HO RWS51033
Clear Lens
R499 4CS
HO RWS51034
Gray Lens
R499 4CS
Promo Home and Garden Sprayer
Multi-purpose sprayer that can be used
for pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides
even for general cleaning. It features
and in-tank filter and ergonomic pump
handle for user’s convenience. The
spraying nozzle is adjustable from cone
to straight spray pattern. Comfortable
trigger shut-off. Made in the USA.
CH 16100 1 gal.
R1699 1EA
CH 16200 2 gal.
R1999 1EA
SureSpray™ Sprayers Multi-purpose
sprayer for Herbicides, Pesticides,
Fertilizers and general cleaning. SureSpray™ Anti-clog Filter.Translucent
tank. Ergonomic pump handle. Funnel
top for easy filling
CH 20003 3 gal.
R3499 1EA
SureSpray™ Select Sprayers Multipurpose sprayer for Herbicides, Pesticides, Fertilizers and general cleaning
with accessories, 12” poly extension
wand. Adjustable brass cone nozzle.
Translucent poly tank. Spray shield
and measuring cup
CH 27010 1 gal.
R3079 1EA
CH 27020 2 gal.
R3339 1EA
CH 27030 3 gal.
R3959 1EA
Poly Pro Series Sprayer SureSpray®
anti-clog filter. Large opening. Comfort
grip handle. Brass nozzle. Great for
weed control. pest control, and
CH 26021XP 2 gal. R4599 1EA
CH 26031XP 3 gal. R5759 1EA
Tri-Poxy Steel Lawn and Garden
Sprayer Tri-poxy coating prevents corrosion, cracking and pitting. Funnel top
opening for easy pouring. Poly curved
wand with adjustable spray nozzle.
Nitrile seals.
CH 31410
1 gal. R6199 1EA
CH 31420
2 gal. R6499 1EA
CH 31430
3 gal. R7899 1EA
Stainless Steel Sprayer Metal tank
sprayer with ergo “comfort” handle
and poly curved wand with adjustable
spray nozzle. Nitrile seals. “Lock-On”
Feature locks sprayer in spray mode to
reduce fatigue. SureSpray® Anti-Clog
CH 31440
2 gal. R124991EA
backpack sprayer
SureSpray™ Backpack Sprayer 3
stage filtration system. 4” wide opening with strainer/filter basket. Padded
shoulder straps. 3 pc nozzle pack (fan,
cone and adjustable brass).
CH 61700
4 gal. R7899 1EA
ProSeries Backpack Sprayers Large
pump makes pressurizing quick with
less pumping. Internal 4 position spray
valve for expert pressure control from
15 psi to 60 psi. Padded carrying
straps. Positionable pump handle for
right or left hand use.
CH 61800
4 gal. R9999 1EA
PremierXP Poly Sprayer Wide mouth
poly sprayer with extended performance - 40% pump volume per stroke.
Patented SureSpray® anti-clog filter.
Pressure release valve. Metal spray
handle. Epoxy coated zinc shut-off
with 12” brass extension wand
CH 21210XP 1 gal. R6699 1EA
CH 21220XP 2 gal. R7499 1EA
CH 21230XP 3 gal. R8699 1EA
Metal sprayers
Premier Industrial Metal Sprayer
TriPoxy Coated metal tank. SureSpray™ Anti-clog Filter. 18” Brass
wand and brass adjustable nozzle.
Epoxy coated zinc shut off. Funnel top
for easy filling. Equipped with Viton®
Seals in necessary key areas.
CH 1180 1 gal.
R8399 1EA
CH 1280 2 gal.
R8999 1EA
CH 1380 3 gal.
R9599 1EA
CH 1480 3.5 gal.
Tree/Turf Pro Commercial Backpack
Sprayers Stainless steel wand. Wide
4” filtered opening. Pressure gauge for
maximum efficiency. In tank removable
filter. Adjustable cone and fan nozzle.
Wide comfort back and waist strap.
CH 61900
4 gal. R114991EA
Page 217
20V Rechargeable Battery PowBackpack Sprayer One charge
sprays up to 50 gallons. Powered by
Black + Decker™ 20v Lithium Ion
Battery (charger included). Weighs
39% less than competitve units (9.8
lbs). Sprays at a constant 35 PSI.
Equipped with Viton® seals and gaskets in key areas. 6” Wide Mouth™
cap. Built-in carrying handle makes
cap removal easy and carrying the
unit a breeze.
CH 63985
4 gal.
Light Gardening Hand Sprayer
48 oz. light duty hand sprayer.
CH 1000
R1299 6CS
Poly Rose & Plant Duster Easy
handling duster has a 16 oz. powder
capacity and a large filler opening.
CH 5000
R1739 6CS
Single Action Mist Sprayer Easyfilling 16 oz. poly tank has a flat,
stable base. Has powerful compression and finely atomized spraying.
Lightweight design for easy handling.
CH 5001
R859 6CS
Continuous Action Mist Sprayer
Tank holds 16 oz. of liquid. Features
instant compression and continuous
action on both pump and spraying
return action.
CH 5002
R1469 6CS
Slide Sprayer Weighted strainer
filters and draws liquids from any
container. Delivers up to 150 psi.
Sprays from any 5 to 55 gallon container. Features brass construction
and an 84” reinforced hose.
CH 6002
R1999 1EA
Page 218
All Purpose Air-O-Matic Fits onto
any hose end. No pre-mixing. 16
mixing ratios. Sprays up to 100 gallons. Built-in anti-siphon prevents
backflow. Durable brass mixing head.
3 simple steps: Fill, Set, and Spray! It
automatically mixes liquid concentrate
with water.
CH G362
R2489 6CS
6 Gal. Insecticide Hose End Built-in
anti-siphon device. Fan spray up to
30 feet. Durable, chemical resistant,
polymer construction. Up to 6 gallons of finished spray. Continuous
siphoning at a fixed rate (5 oz per gallon).
CH G385
R599 6CS
20 Gal. Lawn Hose End Sprays a
mixture of any lawn and garden w ater
soluble chemicals.Fan spray for quick
coverage of large areas. Up to 20
gallons of finished spray. Continuous
siphoning at a fixed rate (1.5 oz per
CH G390
R599 6CS
Sprayer Parts
CH 010022
Plunger O ring R149
Fits 21210,21230
CH 010500
Repl. Tank/Cap O Ring R289
CH 1-2446
Gasket R099
CH 1-2541
Pump Gasket
CH 1-2619-1 Extension Clip
CH 1-3170
Cap Gasket f/ Bkpack R429
CH 1-3632
Gasket for Shut-off
CH 1-4324
Rubber Bottom Valve R139
CH 1-4528
O ring for Poly ShutOff R079
CH 1-4958
O Ring for Nozzle
CH 1-4973
Cap for Nozzle R289
CH 1-5143
Fan Spray Nozzle Cap R799
CH 1-5297
Washer for Extension R079
CH 3-3538
Plastic Plunger Cup
CH 6-1898
Brass Shut-Off R3939
CH 6-2000
Shut off f/2000, 20003 R999
CH 6-3337
Carrying Stap R989
CH 6-4566
4 Position Spray NozzleR599
CH 6-4626
Poly Shut-Off R1139
CH 6-4645
Pressure Relief Valve R969
CH 6-5368
Repair Kit f/ 26021
CH 6-6000
Brass Adj. Nozzle
CH 6-6003
Poly Adjustable Nozzle R529
CH 6-6136
42” Hose w/ Clamp,Nut R2369
CH 6-7703
24” Brass Extension
CH 6-7711
18” Brass Extension
CH 6-7749
18” Poly Extension
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