Aurelia White Paper
The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia is the official espresso machine of the World Barista
The Aurelia is a technologically advanced piece of equipment that was
designed to solve the five major problems of espresso machines. Nuova
Simonelli’s engineering department used it’s 101 years of experience,
several universities, and the largest ever research and development
budget ever for a traditional espresso machine to solve these five
problems. The five problems identified were:
1. Producing consistently good espresso was difficult and susceptible
to human error.
2. Traditional espresso machines were not ergonomic for baristi and could cause repetitive
3. The steaming of milk was too slow, cumbersome, and the bottleneck of coffee operations.
4. Many espresso machines were unreliable, difficult to repair, and had a short useful life
5. Machines consumed high amounts of energy, which made them ecologically unfriendly
Solved by Temperature Stability
extraction is inconsistent is because the
temperature of brewing water on many
espresso machines can vary by up to 30
degrees. It is impossible to brew a
consistent shot of espresso when a
machine’s brew temperature varies so
widely. In fact, many people mistakenly
attribute shot time inconsistency to the
grind being effected by changes in humidity, when in actuality the machine temperature
instability is the cause of inconsistent shot times. To solve this problem of inconsistent espresso
extraction, the engineers had to develop a system that brewed espresso at a consistent
temperature. If the Aurelia was to achieve its objective, it had to have an extremely high level of
temperature stability. In order to solve the problem, the Aurelia had to be designed in
collaboration with the science and engineering departments of leading universities to apply
computed theoretical models to achieve temperature stability. The result is a truly remarkable
system that self stabilizes and maintains thermal equilibrium using only its own water, and a
single heat source. This has never been achieved before as most companies have been forced to
use multiple boilers and multiple heat sources to achieve temperature stability. By their nature,
multiple boiler machines are less reliable and more expensive to maintain due to the existence of
multiple heating elements and added circuitry to run all of the boilers and heating elements. The
temperature of the brew water of the Aurelia is stable to 0.5 of 1 degree Celsius so there is no
logical reason to add more boilers. In order to achieve its high level of temperature stability,
every aspect of the machine had to be perfectly balanced, and each component had to be weighed
and measured to exacting standards.
Solved by Soft Infusion System (SIS)
Another reason espresso extraction is inconsistent is because standard espresso machines deliver
high pressure water instantly, on top, and in the center of the coffee cake. This method of water
delivery causes the top and center portion to be over extracted while the bottom and outer edges
of the coffee cake are less extracted. The instantaneous blast of high pressure water directly onto
the coffee cake also forces the barista to always apply a firm, consistent and even tamp to
achieve even a modestly consistent espresso extraction. Furthermore, high pressure water is
unforgiving if the ground coffee particle distribution is not homogeneous in the portafilter.
SIS is the only system that provides the
optimal pressure profile during extraction
Pressure (bar)
Time (sec.)
No preinfusion
Pump pressure delay
Electronic preinfusion
Preinfusion chamber
Standard flow restrictor
Soft Infusion System (SIS)
The Nuova Simonelli engineers solved these problems by developing the Soft Infusion System
(SIS). The Soft Infusion System (SIS) is a special extraction method that increases espresso
extraction efficiency and consistency when combined with temperature stable brew water. Soft
infusion mitigates human error and compensates for different tamping pressures, grind
dimensions, and particle distribution. This is achieved by an innovative system that delays the
arrival of full pump pressure by up to 10 seconds, arrives at indirect angles, and injects that water
in eight precise points perfectly
bisecting the diameter of the coffee
cake. The Soft Infusion System (SIS)
guarantees a perfect and uniform
extraction because it pre-wets 85
percent of the depth of coffee cake
and pre-wets 100 percent of the diameter of the coffee cake before extraction. This pre-extraction
process greatly reduces channeling and fines migration, which are the cause of inconsistent,
incomplete, and inferior espresso extractions characteristic of standard espresso machines. The
Soft Infusion System (SIS) is also totally adjustable in terms of length of pre-infusion, and flow
rates to accommodate any blend of coffee or dosing method. The pre-infusion is also automatic
and has not risk of user error.
Although tamping the coffee is still
recommended with the Soft Infusion
System (SIS), we can demonstrate its
effectiveness by pulling a shot without
tamping at all. This demonstration
proves with temperature stability, Soft
Infusion, proper dosage and distribution
of coffee, tamping pressure is less relevant to a consistent espresso extraction than previously
Solved by Better Design
The European Institute of Psychology and Ergonomics determined that most espresso machines
were not ergonomically correct for baristi and that prolonged used the these machines could
cause the following conditions: burns, arthrosis of the spine, backache, lumbo-sciatica, slipped
disc, and carpal tunnel syndrome. The Simonelli engineers
solved all of these problems and the Aurelia is now the only
espresso machine in the world certified as ergonomic for
baristi. The key aspects of the machine that make it ergonomic
1. Back lit silicone touch pads with gold-bathed magnetic circuitry
2. Cool touch steam wands
3. Smooth locking portafilters
4. Visually exposed group head design
5. Wide visual field
6. Push pull steam system
Back Lit Silicone Touch Pads
The backlit silicone touch pads with magnetic switches
utilize the finest gold bathed circuitry. The light
intensity of the buttons can be adjusted based on
lighting conditions, and they illuminate appropriately
to guide baristi. The buttons are made of a non-slip
soft silicone and they give the barista a positive feed
back without being too hard to depress. The non-slip
material, also ensures precise activation if either the barista’s hand or buttons are wet. The
silicone material is also very durable to assure a long life expectancy of the touch pad. The gold
bathed circuitry also has an instantaneous reaction time, and the magnetic switches are resistant
to corrosion from steam or moisture.
Cool Touch Steam Wands
The unique Cool Touch feature is very important and is much safer for the operator. Standard
steam wands heat up to 250 degrees, and can cause 3rd degree burns. The Cool Touch feature
also has the added sanitary benefit that the milk will not burn and bake onto the steam wand,
which makes cleaning very quick and easy.
Smooth Locking Portafilters
The precise engineering of the scientifically
portafilters, which is one of the most
important ergonomic features of the Aurelia.
This is very important because the locking
and unlocking of portafilters on the average
group head can be stressful on a barista’s
hands and wrists. The precision of the group
heads design, and special long lasting conical
group gaskets allow the Aurelia to have both
the smoothest and easiest coupling, and
uncoupling of portafilters for baristi.
ergonomics is the 10-degree inclination of
the portafilter handle, and the fact that the
group head has a large, visually exposed
chrome portion. The exposed chrome portion
makes it easily visible to the barista, even
from the corner of the eye. Many espresso
machines have sunken or non-visible group
heads, which is not ergonomically correct.
Non-visible group heads make portafilter
engagement more difficult, and increases
lower back stress by forcing baristi to contort to view the pour or engage the portafilter.
Wide Visual Field
The intelligent design of the Aurelia also incorporates the
perfect and widest visual field, which is evident from the angles
incorporated into the working space. This allows baristas of all
sizes, whether they are standing near or far from the machine, to
always be able to see the group head and the espresso pour.
These proper proportions and inclinations of the controls allow
the barista to do their job without encountering uncomfortable positions and over burden of the
backbone and cervical column.
Push Pull Steam System
The Push Pull Steam System is a major advantage for all
Nuova Simonelli machines. It is the fastest, most reliable,
easiest to use, most comfortable, and ergonomic system for
The first aspect of the Push pull Steam System is that the
steam lever is ergonomically correct to the human hand.
Absolutely no stress is placed on the wrist when activating
the valve since the handle is perfectly curved to fit the finger.
A slight downward motion with no twisting or turning is all
that is required to access the machines impressive steam
Turning off the steam valve is just as easy, and requires only a light touch to instantly stop the
flow of steam. Pushing the steam valve forward with the thumb is also ergonomically correct and
can be used to purge the wand, or to provide a reduced steam flow.
The design of the steam wand and its accessibility also
make the push pull system unique. The steam wand is
extra long so that it can accommodate both large and small
steaming pitchers. The wide range of motion and large
deck space can accommodate any size of steaming pitcher,
and allows the steam wand to tuck perfectly into the drain
tray for cleaning and purging. The angles and curves of
the steam wand are also perfect so that the steam tip is
always perpendicular to the milk surface, which is the
ideal angle for producing the best steamed milk. The high
quality stainless steel steam wands have a very long life
expectancy and the rounded corners, and soft shapes make
cleaning very easy when combined with the cool touch
feature. Each Aurelia espresso machine comes with an
authentic ergonomic certificate from the European institute of Psychology and Ergonomics. The
certificate can also be viewed on our website
Solved by the Push Pull Steaming System
While being a key ergonomic feature, the Aurelia’s innovative push pull steam system also
solves the slow milk steaming problem. With most coffee operations, the most time-consuming
task in making an espresso drink is the steaming of the milk. Many studies have concluded that
steaming milk is the bottleneck in workflow of a coffee operation. Simonelli engineers
determined that by increasing the steaming production of the espresso machine, they could
decrease the time it takes to make a drink and therefore increase the barista’s productivity.
The Aurelia’s Push Pull Steaming System has been proven 40% faster in bringing milk to
temperature. It can bring a 32oz pitcher of milk, which is enough for two 20oz drinks, to
temperature in 45 seconds. The speed gains of the Aurelia are attributable to the impressive
steam power generated by the massive and highly-efficient steam boilers. The excellent steam
valve, steam wand design, and ideal angle steam tips also contribute to the gains in milk
steaming production and steamed milk quality.
Generally, a two group Aurelia will out produce most other 3-group machines on the market in
terms of steam production. This is an important fact as many coffee operations use 3-group
espresso machines to access the milk steaming production but do not necessarily need an extra
coffee brewing group, or the extra size of a 3-group machine. Although the Aurelia’s boilers are
very large and produce virtually unlimited steam, they are also very efficient and conserve
energy and water. The Aurelia’s high tech insulation system, advanced boiler technology, and 12
pound group head heat reserve are the components that make this possible. It is nice to know that
the Aurelia is ready to give you high steaming performance when it is called on to work, but is
responsibly efficient while at rest waiting for your next customers. This translates into lower
energy bills for the operator and a cleaner environment for all of us.
With the Aurelia you will never run out of steam, they are so powerful and efficient that they
actually build steam pressure while you are using the steam wand.
Solved by the highest quality components and rebuildable platform
It is easy for espresso machine
companies to make claims about the
performance and reliability of their
products, but only Nuova Simonelli
backs their products up with the industry’s longest warranty. Nuova Simonelli offers more than
double the industry’s standard warranty with a full 2 years against manufacturing defects and the
only lifetime warranty on boilers. Historically, espresso machines were very complex pieces of
equipment that required a specialized technician to perform even the most basic maintenance
task. The useful life of these machines was very short, even when they were properly maintained,
and while they were useful, they were not very reliable.
The Aurelia is engineered to be extremely reliable, easy to maintain, and rebuildable. This gives
the Aurelia the longest useful life expectancy of any espresso machine on the market, which is
estimated between 10 and 20 years. The precise engineering, strong build quality, and high
quality components make the Aurelia relatively maintenance free. The true cost of any piece of
equipment must take into account maintenance costs and useful life expectancy to determine the
true total cost of ownership. Since the Aurelia has the longest useful life expectancy and has the
lowest maintenance costs, it has the lowest total cost of ownership of any espresso machine on
the market.
Rebuildable Steam Valves
The two most common components on an espresso machine that need periodic maintenance are
the steam valves and the group heads. Nuova Simonelli designed both the steam valves and the
group heads to be easy and inexpensive to maintain. They are also rebuildable so that they have
an indefinite life.
Some steam valves on espresso machines require frequent
maintenance, as often as every 3 months. The Aurelia’s
Push Pull Steam System is designed to last 2 years
between maintenance intervals. When it is finally time to
rebuild the Push Pull Steam Valve, it is quick, easy, and
inexpensive. All that is needed is a few rubber O-rings,
and the steam valve is as good as new.
The valve body is built in the superior manor of being
machined precisely, as opposed to the inaccurate casting of
many steam valves. This is one of the reasons that the
valves last up to 2 years before they need servicing, as the machined portion of the valve creates
a perfect seal with the O-rings. This is not possible with the inaccurate, and less expensive
casting method in which most steam valves are made.
The other unique aspect of the Push Pull Steam Valve design is that there is no wear and tear on
the metal parts of the valve. The only parts subject to wear and tear are the rubber O-rings. The
reason that there is no wear and tear is because there is no twisting and turning or metal to metal
friction, like on many other steam valves. All the twisting, turning, and friction of rotating steam
valves cause the actual metal valve to wear out (not to mention the operator’s wrist), and require
expensive replacement of the whole steam valve. The Push Pull Steam System of the Aurelia
requires only inexpensive rubber O-rings to be replaced infrequently.
Now you can see why the Push Pull Steam System is the best to use for its speed, ergonomics,
and design. It is also the longest lasting, and easiest to maintain.
Rebuildable Group Heads
The other component of an espresso machine
that requires periodic maintenance is the group
head. The Aurelia’s 12 pound scientifically
designed group head has a unique 2-piece
design, which makes the group head very easy to
maintain, and totally rebuildable. Inside the
group head is what is called the group gasket.
Group gaskets generally need to be replaced
every 6 months. Nuova Simonelli has developed
special long life group gaskets that can last up to 2 years. Due to the 2-piece design of the group
head, it is very quick and easy to change the group gasket. This is because when you remove the
chrome group ring collar, the group gasket becomes totally visible and accessible.
Digging, chiseling, or prying out, baked in group gaskets is a thing of the past. Simply remove
the chrome ring collar, and changing the group gasket becomes a quick and easy task. The other
benefit of the 2-piece design of the Aurelia’s group head is that it makes the group head totally
rebuildable. The group ring collar is chromium plated which makes it stronger and last longer.
After hundreds of thousands of espresso shots, engaging and disengaging the portafilter, both the
portafilter and group head experience wear. In the past eventually both the portafilter and the
group head would have to be replaced.
Due to the cost of these components and labor involved to change them, it was more cost
effective to just replace the whole espresso machine. With the two-piece group head design, after
many years you can simply replace the chrome group ring collar, and the Aurelia group head will
be as good as new. This 2-piece group head design greatly increases the life expectancy of the
machine, and keeps maintenance costs low.
Boilers Built to Last
The boiler on the Aurelia is a key component
in its thermal stability. As any great chef will
tell you, copper is the finest material to use
for any cooking tools as it guarantees thermal
transmission and a more homogenous heat
exchange. For this reason, the Aurelia’s
boiler is composed of 100% pure copper.
Using copper for the boiler instead of steel
also makes the Aurelia much safer since
copper will not explode. A little known fact is that copper is an antibacterial material, which is
even more sanitary than stainless steel. An additional benefit to the Aurelia’s boiler system is
that water used to make coffee is always fresh and never comes in contact with the heating
element, eliminating the risk of alkalinity spikes, and stagnation associated with water stored in
boilers and hot water heaters. Water delivered to the coffee is always fresh, controllable and pH
balanced. Simonelli is so confident in its boilers - it is the only company to offer a lifetime
guarantee on its 100 percent pure copper boilers.
Amazing Accessibility
The intelligent engineering of the Aurelia and “frame off
design” make it extremely easy and accessible to perform
routine maintenance or even major interventions. This
accessibility makes service calls faster, and keeps maintenance
costs low. The removal of six screws gives you access to any
part of the machine.
Solved by Product Line and Corporate Environmental Initiatives
In an effort to make espresso machine perform
better, most companies made them more powerful,
with more heating elements and more electronic
circuits. The problem with these systems is they rely
on huge amounts of energy and electricity, they use
more unrecyclable material, and they do not last as
long. Many espresso machines also require frequent
“flushing”, or “purging”, of the group head to
achieve temperature stability which wastes our
Earth’s most precious resource: water. Also, the
inefficient high energy loss of most espresso machines wastes energy and water just to maintain
steam pressure. All of these characteristics result in a machine that is not ecologically
responsible and costs the operator more to use.
Nuova Simonelli engineers were determined to find a better way and build a machine that was
consistent with one of our core company values of environmental responsibility. Our engineers
were determined to produce a machine that had top performance, consumed less energy, used
more recyclable material, used less water, and lasted longer. We are delighted that our engineers
were successful in achieving all of their goals and the Aurelia is now the most ecologically
friendly machine on the market.
These advancements were only possible through the relentless pursuit of improvement and a
commitment to science, technology, research and development. Our pursuit of improvement is
constant and we are currently developing systems and products that further reduce our
environmental impact.
Our factory is located in the beautiful
Comunita Montana Dei Monti Azzurri in the
Marche region of Italy. For centuries this
land has fed us and we are proud to have the
strictest environmental laws in all of Italy.
Far away from Italy’s industrial centers, we
take a special pride in our region’s beauty
and pristine environment. It is with this pride
and true love of our Mother Earth, that we
developed product specific environmental initiatives, as well as corporate initiatives.
Product and Corporate Environmental Initiatives
1. Energy Savings: Energy savings is accomplished through advanced boiler technology and
high-tech thermal insulation. The Aurelia’s body is not only a work of art, but is also a
functional part of the hydraulic system. By having the highest R factor of any machine, it
consumes less energy while at rest by trapping the heat inside the machines chassis.
These improvements enable the machine to achieve a weekly power consumption
reduction of roughly 50% from conventional machines.
2. Water Saving: The Aurelia’s scientifically designed 12 pound group head, and the
thermally insulting body work combine to save water in two different ways. The group
heads mass has an enormous heat reserve which is always at ideal brew temperature.
Excessive flushing, purging and wasting of water is not required to make an excellent
espresso. The thermal insulted body work allows the machines to use minimal energy to
maintain steam pressure while at rest. This greatly reduces water evaporation and,
therefore, total daily water consumption.
3. More Recyclable Material: When possible Simonelli uses recyclable material on all
components and uses recycled material when possible. From the development and design
stages Simonelli strives to attain 85% recyclability and 95% recoverability. This is
superior to the European Union’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive
(WEEE Directive).
4. Long Life Expectancy: The most environmentally friendly machine is the one that does
not need replacing. Thanks to high quality components and a rebuildable platform, the
Aurelia has the longest life expectancy of any machine on the market.
5. Factory Rebuild Program: Nuova Simonelli is the only company to offer factory rebuilds
in both our Italian and US facilities. Most companies would find this practice counter
productive, but we see it as an invaluable service to our customers and the environment.
While the design and technology of the Aurelia solved the major problems with espresso
machines, the Simonelli engineers included additional features to make the Aurelia even more
user friendly.
Custom Americano Tap
The Aurelia has a custom Americano tap. The height of the tap is increased so that it can
accommodate up to a 20oz cup. The large and highly efficient boilers of the Aurelia have plenty
of hot water on reserve to accommodate Americanos and steam production. Furthermore, the
Americano tap has a cold water blending mechanism. This is an
excellent feature as most Americano taps release water at 250
degrees, which is much too hot to consume. The cold waterblending feature also eliminates the splashing and sputtering of hot
water, which can burn operators. You will notice how smooth and
controlled the water flow is. The other advantage of the cold water
blending system is that it causes less hot water to be removed from
the steam boiler when making Americanos. Since less hot water is
being removed from the steam boiler, less cold water is needed to
refill the boiler and optimal steam pressure is maintained.
Adjustable Group Height
Each brew group on the Aurelia can be adjusted to the tall
setting, or the standard height setting. The tall setting is
what we call “Group Height Optimization”. The tall
setting is just high enough to place a 20 oz cup under the
brew group with the portafilter engaged. It is also low
enough to drop shots directly into a shot glass. Many tall
cup espresso machines are too tall, and do not allow the
barista to drop shots directly into shot glasses. Furthermore, the excessive height of these tall cup
machines causes the actual espresso machine to be very large, tall, and disproportionate. An
excessively large espresso machine on the front counter of a coffee bar can impede visual contact
with customers, and act as an undesirable barrier wall. The Aurelia’s intelligent design allows
you to have tall cup functionality in a sleek low profile design.
Smart Wand System
Optional on the Aurelia is a third steam wand called the Smart Wand. The Smart Wand is a
special steam wand that automatically froths and stretches the milk then turns off at the correct
temperature. All the barista has to do is place milk in the steaming pitcher, and press a button.
The smart wands design is also very functional and reliable. The cool
touch system is incorporated into the Smart Wand, which helps keep
it clean and contributes to the reliability. All that is needed to keep the
smart wand functioning properly is periodic cleaning with a cloth.
There are no chemical solutions, or cleaning regimes required. The
Smart Wand is also very fast and can bring a 32 oz of milk to
temperature in 45 seconds. The stretching or air induction is also
adjustable so that the desired froth consistency can be achieved.
Automatic Cleaning
Each Aurelia is equipped with the Automatic Cleaning feature. This excellent feature makes
cleaning the Aurelia simple and automatic. The barista needs only to load the portafilters with a
Back Flush disk and detergent, and the Aurelia does the rest. The machine will automatically
cycle the brew groups on and off for an optimal and thorough cleaning. This feature allows the
barista to be more productive and do other things while the machine is cleaning itself.
Interactive Digital Features
The Aurelia can be equipped with an on board computer interface accessible from the touch pad.
This computer interface allows the following functions:
1. Shot timers for each brew group
2. Digital programming of shot doses
3. Grind particulate measurement for coarse or fine grind
4. Shot counts and inventory control
5. Mechanical failure diagnostics
6. Maintenance schedule programming
7. Automatic on/off programming for energy savings
Producing the absolute best espresso beverages creates tremendous value for your company that
is priceless. The technology in the Aurelia makes achieving this goal possible. Now that you
know the design philosophy and technology incorporated in to the Aurelia, it should come as no
surprise that it retains its value better than any other espresso machine and represents a wise
investment in product quality and hardware. In addition to the obvious value created by making
the best espresso drinks, the long useful life expectancy and low maintenance costs go directly to
your operation’s bottom line. The Aurelia will help you produce the best espresso drinks which
your customers will appreciate and keep coming back for. Please contact Nuova Distribution at
360-366-2226 or to find a dealer near you. Nuova Simonelli is
proud to work with only the finest service companies, dealers, and high quality coffee roasters.
6940 Salashan Pkwy, Bldg A
Ferndale, WA 98248
TEL: (360) 366-2226 FAX: (360) 366-4015
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