Sunny Island 4248U
Sunny Island 4248U
SMA’s new off grid inverter - A technological leap into the future
Optimized for high ambient
Very high overload capability
High efficiency
Integrated DC breaker
Intuitive user interface
Output load shedding
DC and AC coupling of energy
Nearly silent operation
Automatic generator start
Battery protection
Insect proof
Easy installation and
Non volatile parameter settings
Compatible with the Sunny
Family of products
The new Sunny Island 4248U battery based inverter is the first off-grid inverter from
SMA for use in the U.S. Perfect sine wave off-grid electricity is now available with
high efficiency, robust power and outstanding reliability. Simple to install and use,
yet loaded with powerful and advanced features, the Sunny Island 4248U is designed to meet the needs of off-grid as well as back-up power system applications.
Whenever and wherever electric power is needed, the new Sunny Island 4248U
will perform!
DC Input
Utility Grid
Service Panel
AC Input
Sunny Boy
Bi-directional Inverter
Windy Boy
Load - Shed
Critical Loads
The Sunny Island 4248U provides a continuous power output of 4200 watts at 25°C and 3400 watts even at scorching temperatures up to 45°C. That’s enough power to comfortably energize most household appliances with power to spare. Large critical loads
such as water pumps and refrigerators can be easily powered by the Sunny Island 4248U. This inverter operates silently and can
be powered from multiple sources: wind, utility grid (for back-up power), hydro, solar electric and is even compatible with fuel cells.
A number of communication options provide flexible remote system monitoring. The optional SMA "GenMan" (Generator
Management Box) provides advanced control of even the most basic generators. The Sunny Island 4248U also works in conjunction with grid tied Sunny Boy solar systems to provide a powerful and efficient back up power solution.
The internal battery charger can supply up to 100A to the battery when in charge mode. Transition from charge to invert mode is a
lightning fast 20ms, so even your computers will stay on-line. A pass-through relay with a rating of 60A at 120V is also included. Two
Sunny Island 4248’s may be paralled to support 240VAC split-phase load centers. Once installed, the Sunny Island 4248U will run
with basically no maintenance for years to come. With its state-of-the-art software and non-volatile memory, just set it and forget it.
Technical Data
Electrical / Mechanical data
Nom. Battery Voltage:
Battery Voltage Range:
Nom. AC Voltage:
AC Voltage Range:
Nom. AC Frequency:
AC Input Charge Current:
Max. AC pass through current (transfer relay):
Consumption (no load operation):
Consumption (standby):
Total harmonic distortion:
SMA America, Inc.
12438 Loma Rica Drive
Grass Valley, CA 95945
phone: 530.273.4895
48 V
41 - 63 V
120 V
105 - 132 V
60 Hz
40A @ 25°C
28A @ 45°C
60 A
<22 W
<4 W
<3 %
Temperature Range
-20°C to +45°C / -4.0°F to +113.0°F
39 kg / 86 lbs
W 390 x L 590 x H 245 millimeters
W 15.35 x L 23.22 x H 9.64 inches
- 2 LEDs; 2-line LCD; 4 push buttons
- 1 dry contact output for load shedding
- 1 dry contact for generator start
- 1 generator-ready opto isolated input
- Remote battery temperature sensor (included)
- Generator Management Box (optional)
- 1 RS232/485 galvanic isolated for communication(optional)
Solar Today ...
Energy Tomorrow
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AC Coupling on Output Side
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