EL-888A Specification and Installation Guide – PDF

EL-888A Specification and Installation Guide – PDF
Auto Gate System
General Description
elock EL-888A is an electro-mechanical complete system for
automatic swing gate. It is composed primarily of an electronic panel
unit that control actuator motor to open or close the gate in a swing
motion. EL888A has been carefully designed and thoroughly tested for
Malaysia extreme weather condition. Its performance is continuously
refined by 15 years of experience.
EL-888A (Auto gate)
Our stringent quality control
guarantees the consistency and reliability of elock swing gate system.
 Residential home with single gate leaf weight not exceeding 300 kg.
 Good quality. elock system major components are made of top grade
tough, durable and rust resistance material.
 Fast and silent. The actuator is capable for 90° opening within only 7
to 10 seconds and is exceptionally quiet in operation.
 Last longer. Gear box is submerged in oil bath for more protection.
This design significantly improves the actuator’s mechanical life span.
 Secure. DC powered lock ensures that there is no unauthorized
opening of the gate. The gate can only be opened with the remote
control transmitter or special key (during power failure).
 Safe. Fully DC operation to avoid any potential electric hazard.
 Convenient.
Remote control coded transmitter allow convenient
operation for user in the vehicle within 30 to 50 meters from the gate.
 Intelligent. Smart microprocessor is used in the control panel. Can
be upgraded to support standby battery in case of power failure.
 Gate leaf operation with cushioning – gate will slow down towards the
end of opening or closing swing. This is to avoid the gate banging
loudly into the stopper and pillar light wall at high speed.
Auto Gate System
System Package
System package consist of the following:
elock swing gate actuator
Lock solenoid lock & stopper
Key for manual release
Actuator arm & bracket
Control panel c/w transformer
ABS weather resistant plastic casing
Remote control c/w 3 transmitter
Technical Specification – Actuator
A rotary drive unit complete with DC motor, speed reducer and electro-mechanical system housed in a
waterproof rust resistance cast alloy casing. Actuator drives the gate leaf to move.
Motor voltage rating
Power Consumption
Trust force
Max Opening angle
Max leaf weight allowable
Motor rated load speed
Actuator output speed
Traveling speed
12 - 24 VDC
120 watt per actuator
0 to 60 kg
300 kg
4700 RPM
2.2 RPM
7 – 10 sec for 90°
256mm x 245mm x 155mm
Power supply input: AC 230 Vac+/- 10%. Available DC12V and 24V output for actuator. Integrated
power surge arrestor to protect against lightning strike.
Auto Gate System
Technical Specification – Control Panel
Consists of an advanced microprocessor based PCB, and transformer housed in weather resistant
casing. Controls operation of the whole swing auto gate system.
 Dual Speed gate Control
 Gate leaf opening and closing with cushioning
 Automatic pillar light control
 Single or two gate leaf open; selectable from remote control transmitter or in house push button.
 Adjustable opening/closing angle.
Gate can be stopped immediately and resume motion at any angle
 LED indication
 Casing is made from weather proof ABS plastic. Casing dimension 320mm x 250mm x 150mm
Technical Specification – Remote control & transmitter
Transmitter dimension
Receiver dimension
Effective 30m. Max 50m
52mm x 35mm x 12mm
95mm x 95mm x 30mm
Consist of a receiver and transmitters. Allows gate operation to be controlled remotely within the
specified range.
Modulated RF transmission:
Transmission coding (6561 combinations) is set by 8x3 DIP switched in the receiver and transmitter –
easily accessible and changed by owner. Coding on both sides must be the same for it to work.
Receiver is installed inside the ABS casing together with control panel. Transmitter uses a single 12V
small size alkaline battery- normal usage should last 6 months. First button for full open and second
button for half open.
Auto Gate System
Technical Specification – Solenoid lock
Consist of a solenoid lock, stopper, keys, L-bar, angle bar and 4 set anchors.
It automatically locks the gate when it is closed.
Rated voltage
Locking stopper
Manual override
Solenoid lock dimension
12 ~24V DC
Solid mild steel coated with hard PVC
Key operated cam-lock to enable manual operation in the event of
power failure
140mm x 80mm x 70mm
Technical Specification – Actuator Arm & Bracket
Consist of two arms and two brackets. These are the supporting component that connects the gate to
the actuator output shaft. Both are made from good material: Nickel-Chrome plated mild steel.
Arm’s dimension: 460mm x 25mm x 5mm
Auto Gate System
User Guide – Wiring and installation Diagram
This wiring diagram only shows correct point-to-point
Single leaf
electrical connection. It does not represent the underground
Both leaf
wiring path in actual installation. Underground wirings are
protected by PVC conduits.
Solenoid lock and L-bar must
maintain 5mm gap above the
stopper surface to avoid damaging
the rubber coating
Wire run through
inside the hollow
section of the gate
frame to reach
During closing,
left gate leaf will
move slightly
ahead of right
The purpose of the bracket is to contain the arm’s bearing roller
movement as the gate open/close. The bracket mounted should be able
to completely include the maximum travelling path of the roller bearing as
the gate swing from fully close to fully open position.
The final position of the bracket varies depending on the installation site
–and it has to be measured again for every new installation. Failure to
mount the bracket accurately will caused bearing roller to fall out when
gate is fully open or fully close.
4 anchor sets to
secure stopper to
the floor
Auto Gate System
User Guide – AGC3K Control Panel Manual
The installer, the owner and/or operator of this system should read and understand this installation
manual and the safety instructions provided. This information should be retained by the owner and/or
operator of the gate.
Warning! To reduce the risk of injury or death
2. Never let children operate or play with gate controls. Keep the remote control away from children.
The AGC3K consists of advance microprocessor based PCB that operates as the core monitoring panel
of the automatic gate system.
The AGC3K features included:
Dual speed control for the gate opening and closing operation
Gate leaf opening and closing with cushioning
Automatic pillar light control
Single or two gate leaf open; selectable from remote control transmitter or in house push button
Adjustable opening/closing angle. Gate can be stopped immediately and resume motion at any
LED indication
Power supply input: AC 230VAC +/-10%
Available DC 12V & 24V output for actuator
Consists integrated power surge arrestor to protect against lightning strike.
Auto Gate System
Function Description:
LED Indications:
CPU, D15 : blinking when power is ON
2SIDE, D6 : light up upon button pressed for opening or closing 2 gates
1SIDE, D7 : light up upon button pressed for opening or closing 1 gate
If Photo Beam Jumper (J5) is enabled:
Light up when no object is detected with the detection ray (if available).
The LED will turn OFF when object is detected
If Photo Beam Jumper (J5) is disabled: Light up at all time
Red LED, D13 : light up when gates closing
Green LED, D14 : light up when gates opening
Red LED, D16 : fully light up when gate 1 is under overloaded condition
Red LED, D17 : fully light up when gate 2 is under overloaded condition
Jumper Indications:
J1, Light Delay Jumper (Default: DLY):
J1 enabled (DLY) – the light (if available) will turn ON and remain ON when the gate is
opened. When the gate closed, the light will remained ON for 30 seconds before turning
J1 disabled (FLW) – the light (if available) will turn ON only for the duration of the gate
swings open/close.
J2, Half Way Swing (HWS) Jumper (Default: HWS):
J2 enabled (OP/CL) – when the control is being pressed when the gate is swinging halfway, it will immediately swing in reverse direction.
J2 disabled (HWS) – when the control is being pressed when the gate is swinging halfway, it will stop moving. The gate will swing in reverse direction when the control is
pressed again.
J3, Open Reverse Jumper (Default: ON):
J3 enabled (ON) – the gate will reverse slightly upon opening
J3 disabled (OFF) – the gate will open normally
Auto Gate System
J4, Auto Close Jumper (Default: OFF):
J4 enabled (30S) – the opened gate will automatically close after 30 seconds.
J4 disabled (OFF) – the opened gate will remain open until the close button is pressed.
J5, Photo Beam Jumper (Default: OFF):
J5 enabled (ON) – the gate will sense with photo beam to check if there is object
blocking in the path of the closing gate. If object is detected, the gate will reopen and
remain open as long as the object is still in the detection path.
J5 disabled (OFF) – the gate operates as usual.
Rheostat Indications:
M1, M2 – controls the force detection capacity or how much force is required to stop the gate,
the gate will stop moving when contacted an object in the opening/closing path.
TOTAL TIME – controls the total time taken for the door to open/close.
OPEN HIGHSPEED – determines the time for the gate to swing open at fast speed before
changing to slow speed.
CLOSE HIGHSPEED – determines the time for the gate to swing close at fast speed before
changing to slow speed.
MOTOR2 DELAY – provides a delay respond time for motor 2 (gate 2).
Auto Gate System
User Guide – Installation
If you have any enquiry or questions about the safety of the automatic gate system, do not
attempt to install this autogate. Consult the autogate manufacturer for assistance.
Only qualified personnel should install this equipment. Failure to meet this requirement could
cause severe injury and even death, for which the manufacturer will not hold responsible.
The installer must provide a main power switch that meets all applicable safety regulations.
Devices such as reversing edges and photocells must be installed to provide better protection for
personal property and pedestrians. Install reversing devices that are appropriate to the gate
design and gate application. (Sold separately)
Before applying electrical power, be sure that the voltage requirements of the equipment
correspond to your supply voltage. Refer to the label on your auto-gate system.
Use this equipment only in the capacity for which it was designed. Any use other than the stated
specification is not advisable and is considered dangerous.
Please observe some fundamental rules when using any electrical equipment:
a. Do not touch the equipment with damp or humid hands or feet.
b. Do not install or operate the equipment with bare feet.
c. Do not allow children or unqualified personnel using this device.
Turn off the main power before making any attempt to repair the gate system.
The system might reach high temperatures during operation; therefore, please be cautious when
attempting to remove or even touch the external housing of the operator.
Disconnect the system from the power supply before making any cleaning or maintenance
The manufacturer recommends that the system is being inspect and maintained by a qualified
personnel periodically to ensure the efficiency and safety of this device.
Auto Gate System
User Guide – Operating Instruction
Press and release the push button on the remote control to open the automatic gate. The gate will
slide open and stops at the open limit.
Press and release the remote control again to close the automatic gate.
If the remote control is pressed while the gate is moving, it will stop.
Press the remote control again to set the gate moving at reverse direction.
The system is integrated with force sensing device, which will prevent the gate from moving
once an object with appropriate amount of force is contacted.
Auto Gate System
User Guide – Wiring Diagram
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