70-181 WMS3 Sell Sheet
Universal speaker mounts
are ideal for mounting
home theater systems to
walls or ceilings
These speaker mounts are designed to fit most any speaker mounting
need. Three pivot points allow perfect aiming of each speaker and
an extension allows mounting to the ceiling. But the features that
really make this mount stand out are the geared pivot points which
lock permanently in place and the matching cover pieces that hide
the mounting hardware for a clean, seamless look.
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Speaker Mounts
• WMS3 speaker mounts are designed
to be used on walls and ceilings
• Nylon hardware caps keep WMS3
wall mounts looking clean
Includes both single-hole
and dual-hole brackets
• Fits most small satellite speakers
• Three color options (silver, black
and white) provide a perfect
match for any home theater
Hardware caps hide adjustment
and mounting hardware
Two speaker mounts
Two extensions
Two 2-bolt mounting plates
Two 1-bolt mounting plates
Decorative caps
Allen wrench
Assembly hardware & instructions
• Adjustable interlocking gear hinges
provide strength and stability
• Perfect for indoor or outdoor use
Unique knurled fitting prevents
slippage and adds security
Use with extension for
ceiling mount
Maximum speaker capacity:
8 lbs. (3.6 kg)
2-bolt speaker mount:
3.25" w x 1.25" h
(8.25 cm x 3.175 cm)
1-bolt speaker mount:
1.25" w x 1.15" h
(3.175 cm x 3 cm)
Speaker Wall/Ceiling Mounts
WMS3b - Black
WMS3s - Silver
WMS3w - White
Proper speaker placement for home theater
Front and center speakers–
Place as close as possible to the
same height, at or near ear level.
Surround speakers–
Place slightly behind and above
ear level facing horizontally
(not down at the listener).
Source: www.dolby.com
www.sanus.com 800.359.5520
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