RPB GX4 Gas Monitor Brochure

RPB GX4 Gas Monitor Brochure
The ultimate gas detection monitor
As you know, dangerous levels of toxic gases can cause severe injury or death.
How can you have complete confidence that the air you and your employees
breathe is safe? Your solution is the RPB® GX4™, an intelligent gas monitor
that has the ability to detect up to 4 gases, giving you peace of mind.
Gases such as carbon monoxide are invisible to all the human senses, yet are
commonly found in industrial premises worldwide. While low level exposure may
not be immediately fatal, ongoing contact at low levels has a cumulative effect, causing
serious illness and long term health concerns. Early symptoms can be mistaken for the
flu, headaches or tiredness. It is a serious problem which is commonly overlooked.
APPLICATIONS INCLUDE Spray painting, coating and confined space applications
Pharmaceutical manufacturing Chemical, pesticide and materials handling
Chemical stripping Waste management And many more!
A robust carry case is available to
protect your investment and allow
you to transport it easily.
View your air quality from any device
Check readings
from the informative
illuminated display
on the unit.
Connect to the GX4® from your laptop, tablet, phone or via a network.
All sensors in the GX4 Gas
Monitor® are displayed on
the home page in real time.
You also have the ability to
download logs and more.
Can be mounted to the
RPB® Radex™ Airline Filter
or to the wall
103 DBA staccato alarm
Illuminated display that
shows real time data
Monitor up
to four gases
Robust power inlet
Push release air inlet
Sturdy mounting bracket
Cartridges can be easily
removed and replaced
Strong nylon ABS case that will
handle the harshest of conditions
Universal power options
External alarms can be connected if you are working remotely
Calibration kit available for quick
and easy calibration checks with no
set points required
Pre-calibrated gas sensors
that last for up to 2 years
The RPB® GX4 Gas Monitor® pairs perfectly with these products and more:
RPB® NOVA 2000™
As you know, it is important that your
blasters are as comfortable as possible
to obtain maximum productivity.
How can you increase your productivity?
It is paramount that your blasters have
the best equipment to obtain maximum
productivity. How can you increase
productivity and advance your safety?
Polluted air can be the cause of major health
issues, so how can you improve the quality
of the air your employees are breathing?
The RPB Nova 2000 has been designed
specifically for blasting, focusing on
improved operator comfort to boost
employees’ performance. It meets
worldwide respiratory protection
standards including NIOSH, CE and AS/NZS.
The RPB Nova 3 is an advance on
the RPB® Nova 2000™ in comfort and
functionality. It can also be customized
to suit individual needs, further enhancing
employees’ performance. It meets
worldwide safety standards worldwide
including NIOSH, ANSI Z87.1 -2010+,
ANSIZ89.1 -2012 Type 1.
The RPB® Radex™ Airline Filter exceeds
industry filtration standards so you can be
assured that your workers won’t suffer the
consequences of breathing contaminated
air. The Radex Airline Filter is fitted with a
large capacity, 6-stage filter cartridge that
removes moisture and particulates to 0.5
micron and odor from the compressed air
stream, providing clean, breathable air.
Contact your local RPB distributor now:
WARNINGS: Read all instructions and warnings before assembling and using the RPB® GX4 Gas Monitor®. Failure to adhere to all instructions and warnings could result in serious injury or death. The RPB® GX4
Gas Monitor® satisfies the requirements of OSHA rule 29CFR 1910.134(i)(1)(ii)(C) for carbon monoxide monitoring. The RPB® GX4 Gas Monitor® DOES NOT remove Carbon Monoxide from the air. Do not use this unit
until you have been trained in its use and operation by a qualified individual appointed by your employer. Failure to adhere to the user’s instruction manual could result in serious injury or death. Leave work area
immediately if the monitor alarm sounds, check air source and wait until alarm mode stops, if it continues change your air source. Use only calibration gases supplied by RPB® to perform calibration checks, the use
of unapproved gases could cause premature failure of the unit. RPB® cannot accept any liability of whatsoever nature arising directly or indirectly from the use or misuse of RPB® products, including purposes that
the products are not designed for.
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