UniWake - Univox Audio

UniWake - Univox Audio
Wakening device with vibrator
and built-in alarm indication
UniWake is a convenient sized wakening device developed for hearing impaired.
UniWake is suitable for many different situations. The built-in microphone
monitors the sound from your alarm clock and/or fire alarm and activates
the vibrator. If you have a phone placed close to UniWake it monitors the
phone signal as well. Additionally you can connect an external microphone for
monitoring sounds further away, for example a baby crying. If there is a power
failure UniWake still works, thanks to the built-in back-up battery.
Place UniWake close to the alarm clock and/or telephone and you will wake up at
your preset alarm. The small size makes it also easy to bring when travelling.
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• Built-in back-up battery
• Built-in microphone
• Possibility to connect external
microphone (option)
• Adjustable microphone sensitivity
• LED indicator for activated alarm
• LED indicator for connected
transformer. If mains power failes
the LED flashes indicating that
the back-up function is activated
• Trigger input makes it easy to
connect any external devices,
short-circuit or input voltage
• Voltage output for triggering
external devices
Hearing excellence since 1965
System Overview
Part No Description
340020 UniWake wakening device set with vibrator, 230-240V AC
transformer, DIN connector
340021 As 340020 with 230-240V AC transformer with UK plug
340022 As 340020 with 110-120V AC transformer with US plug
Built-in mic
External mic
Triggering input
Built-in electret microphone with sensitivity setting at the front panel
External microphone input (3.5mm) with sensitivity setting at the front
panel. Apart from ordinary wakeup function external microphone can be used as baby monitoring for a sleeping child
Triggering input activates by 1.5-24V AC/DC or short circuit.
Connects easily to a smoke/fire detector, doorbell etc
Vibrator output
3.5mm jack at the rear panel. Can also be used as voltage
output to start triggering (6V DC, max 200mA)
LED indicators Red LED (”VIB”)
Indicates that an alarm is activated
Yellow LED - steady light Indicates that the unit is powered by the transformer
Yellow LED - flashing
Indicates that the unit is powered by the internal back-up battery
Power supply
12V AC
Back-up battery
Built-in internal Ni/Mh rechargeable battery. Charges when the transformer
is attached to the unit. The charging time is approximately 36 hours when
the cell is empty.
Operating time
Approximately 48 hours (simulated with 10 indications) fully charged battery
150x70x22mm (WxDXH)
280g excl. transformer
Wire length1.7m
Part No Description
289003 Transformer 230/12V, 20VA
289004 Transformer 230/12V, 20VA, UK plug
289006 Transformer 120/12V, 20VA, US plug
241101 13C, Electret tie-clip microphone
Spare parts/Accessories
Copyright © Bo Edin AB
Wire length2m
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