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Macap MC4
Macap was founded in 1930,
in Venice. It was
established as a coffee and
equipment supplier to
industry, and has provided a
quality service since its
start. The MC4 is designed
as a professional doserless
grinder where the coffee
ground falls directly into
your portafilter. Ideal for
the home and office user
demanding a professional
grinder in a compact
If you are looking for a high
performance espresso coffee
grinder with heavy duty motor,
top steel grinding burrs and easy
adjustment, then this is the
grinder for you. The MC4 features
a strong 250-Watt motor which
has plenty of power and will not
run hot and burn your coffee
grind, like small motors do. Some
standout features include chrome
plated steel and the placement of
the electrical cord under the
grinder (not out of the side body
as found on many other grinders).
The bean hopper can be removed
with the beans still in it, allowing
you to easily swap beans. There’s
easy access for cleaning from the
top of the machine.
Technical specifications
Size: 19cm W, 31cm D, 43cm H
250-Watt Heavy Duty Motor
Speed 1400-RPM
58-mm steel grinding burrs
Bean hopper 500-grams capacity
Weight 18-pounds
230 Volt
Colors: Grey, Black or Chrome
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Macap MC4
Why choose a professional grinder?
A professional grinder like Macap is the
perfect companion of any professional
(E61) espresso machine. Daily fresh
coffee grind result in the best caffè, best
extraction and tasty crèma. Each
individual coffee is freshly made. You can
finetune the grind exactly to your
espresso machine and kind of coffee
drink, to reach the perfect 25-sec shot.
Beans can be easily preserved, much
better than ground coffee.
Heavy Duty Construction
The Macap’s body is made of one-piece
heavy duty steel. It weighs a heavy 18
pounds and is incredibly well engineered.
This will last a lifetime and cuts down on
some noise the motor makes.
Espresso Grind Settings
The Macap is able to grind from super
fine espresso grind to very coarse grind
for caffè Americano. With the stepped
grinding adjustment you can adjust the
grind as much as you want.
Professional 250-Watt Motor
This machine is designed to handle a
commercial load and features a strong
250-Watt motor. Nowadays people
choose this quality for their home or
office, to get the best espresso grind and
a machine that will last a lifetime. The
motor is a direct drive style that
operates at 1400-RPM. So, your grind
can be very fine without burning your
espresso. It is very quiet when operating
without beans you can barely hear the
motor. As a safety feature the Macap has
an overload switch that turns the
machine off to prevent any damage due
to foreign objects getting stuck in the
Easy Grinding & Disposal
Grinding is easy by just pushing the
on/off switch. The ground coffee will fall
directly into your portafilter. So, each
caffè will get the most freshly ground
coffee. You can also put a bag on the
grinder to store ground coffee.
Top Quality Grinding Burrs
The grinding burrs are made of a special
hardened steel measuring 58mm in
diameter. These burrs are of the highest
quality available. Due to their large size
they can grind large quantities of coffee
quicker while imparting very little heat to
the freshly ground coffee.
Easy Access for Cleaning
To access the burrs for cleaning you
won’t need any tools and it only takes a
minute. Just turn the adjustment lever
clockwise until the whole adjustment
lever and attached brass burr hold
comes off. You can then see the grinding
burrs for cleaning or inspecting. Please
note that most grinders are tested at the
manufacturer and some coffee grounds
may be found in the grinder as a result.
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2W Lifestyle B.V.
© 2008 Casa Barista
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