Before you start your factory assembled RC8T RTR, please
review your instruction manual and this quick-start sheet.
Remove battery cover by pulling Insert charged 6-cell Sub-C size Slide wires through slot and
_ gently away from Pro Starter. battery pack (not included). close battery cover.
Plug battery pack connector into Remove starting bit from the holder Slide black collet away from Pro
connector on top of starter. on the side of the Pro Starter. Starter and insert the bit. The bit
`` A\ Note: When finished using your Pro Starter, disconnect the battery! should snap info place
Pull gently on the trigger.
Starting bit should rotate
clockwise. If it does not,
DO NOT USE! This counter-
clockwise rotation will
damage your engine.
Contact Team Associated
before use. Insert 8 AA batteries (not included) Insert 4 AA batteries (not included)
into transmitter. or charged 5-cell NiMh pack into
harness and install into radio box. ,
С | В
= 1
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35 Ч N
NU: Move the switch on the transmitter
Use supplied clips to attach cover Screw antenna into the hole inthe to the ON postion (blue LED will
onto radio box. top of the transmitter. illuminate). Hold Transmitter with
left hand as shown.
Move the switch on the radio box to — Check the operation of the radio system. Turn the steering wheel left and
the ON position. right. The front tires should turn left and right. Pull the trigger towards
the handle and the carburetor should open; push the trigger away and the
brakes should engage. IMPORTANT! Check to make sure throttle linkage
« is set to neutral. See page 40 in your manual for setup instructions.
ff you have trouble starting or keeping your RC8T running, check the Troubleshooting page located
at the end of this document. If you are still having difficulties, please contact our Customer Service
department for help.
Associated Electrics Customer Support
Phone: 949.544.7500
Fax: 949.544.7501
Oil the filter elements with the filter
oil packet included in the kit. Dab Lift the fuel tank lid, and using the
off any dark spots with a paper towel. supplied fuel bottle, fill the tank with
Make sure the filter elements are fuel (not included), Attatch a zip tie
evenly coated! to the fuel tank lid for easy refueling.
Attach body to chassis with the
supplied body clips.
Make sure your wheel nuts are
tight by holding the wheel, and
tightening each wheel with the
\__ included wheel nut wrench.
“The engine manual has
break in instructions on
page 2, section 3. All carb
settings are pre-set from
the factory for engine
break in.
Slide the starter shaft though the back
of your RC8T and into the hex starter on
the back of the engine (body removed
for clarification). Pull the trigger on the |,
Pro Start to start engine.
Insert a D-sized battery info the
glow igniter and twist together.
Pull up on the slider
— ===
Insert the glow igniter info the
remote glow plug. Make sure it
‘grabs’ the glow plug.
CAUTION! Engine parts WILL be hot!
To shut your RC8T oft, use pliers to pinch the fuel line
sing caution fo not rip the fuel line. Once engine is 0
turn off your vehicle, then furn off your transmitter.
Remember, transmitter ON first, OFF last. ,
Associated Electrics
26021 Commercentre Dr.
Lake Forest, CA 92630 USA
www. TeamAssociated.com
P: 949.544.7500
F: 949.544.7501
4 Description
S hoc
Engine will not start. Out of fuel
Incorrect or old fuel
Glow plug igniter not charged
Glow plug bad
Fuel not getting to carburetor
Engine flooded
Engine overheating
Carburetor incorrectly adjusted
Exhaust blocked
Air cleaner blocked
Fill fuel tank.
Replace fuel with 20-30% Nitro 2-stroke model fuel.
Charge glow igniter or replace battery.
Replace glow plug, see “Glow Plug Problems” section below.
To prime the engine, pinch pressure line and turn over
engine with Pro-Start Pisto for 1-2 seconds.
See “Flooding” section below.
Allow engine fo cool, richen fuel mixture, see “Fuel
Mixture” section below.
Re-adjust carburetor, see “Fuel Mixture” or “Factory
Carburetor Settings” section below.
Check exhaust, remove blockage.
Check air cleaner, remove blockage/replace dirty filter.
Idle speed set too low
Engine starts, then
stalls. Air bubbles in fuel line
Glow plug is fouled
Adjust idle speed screw, see “Fuel Mixture” section below.
Check for leaks in fuel line.
Replace glow plug, see “Glow Plug Problems” section below.
(Glow Plu Problems. The glow plug in your engine
must be replaced periodically to maintain peak performance
and easy starting. Most storing problems or erratic
performance can be traced back to the
glow lug, The easiest way to check for
a faulty glow plug is to simply install a
new one and see If the problem is
corrected. However, to test the glow
plug, remove the glow plug from the
cylinder head with a 5/16" nut driver
make sure there is no dirt on top of the head which could
all into the engine. Do not lose the copper gasket which
seals the glow plug) Connect the glow plug to the glow
ignite. All of the coils should glow brig t orange,
ometimes, the first few coils will not
preset from the factor (see photos below). Your engine
should start and run slightly rich with these settings (rich is
good for break-in). Tuning Tip: Always make sure you can
see some exhaust smoke coming out of the exhaust outlet
during operation. This is a good sign that enough fuel is
getting to the engine.
Factory Carburetor Settings.
ow, while the rest are
bright orange. This indicates a bad glow plug or low igniter
battery. Try recharging the igniter, or replace the battery or
the glow plu
Idle Speed:
.030" (0.7mm)
Adjust Idle Screw until
Jmm is obtained.
Low Speed Mixture:
6/4 turns out at full throttle
g. Clockwise = Leaner
Counterclockwise = Richer
Flooding. Symptoms of a flooded engine include difficulty
in starting, muffled sounds coming from the exhaust, Pro-Start
won't operate, and excess fuel draining from the exhaust outlet.
Remove the glow plug with a 5/16" nut driver. Tilt the truggy
on its side and run the Pro-Start pistol a couple of times to
pump the excess fuel out of the engine. Re-install the glow
plug and try starting again.
7 -
LA ra
Richer Y\ " Leaner
° , . High S eed Mixture:
Fuel Mixture. The fuel mixture is controlled by three 23 urns out
different adjustments on the carburetor, and should come Clockwise = Leaner
Counterclockwise = Richer
Mix Metering Screw:
Even with carb body
Clockwise = Leaner
Counterclockwise = Richer
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