Software history - Support

Software history - Support
Software history
The latest software improves the below:
NOTE: Each release contains all solutions identified in the earlier version.
System Software Version: 1.67
Improves playability discs with the following titles:
o The Hobbit 3D
o Rio 3D
o Prometheus 3D
o Ice Age 4 3D
o Alice in Wonderland 3D
System Software Version: 1.61
Improves playability of discs with the following titles:
o Conan 3D
o Rio 3D
o Ice Age 3D
System Software Version: 1.55
Fixes the following issues:
o Philips TV’s with OneUX feature, BDP will freeze if BDP applications are triggered from TV menu.
o BDP does not playback media files when selected from sources menu, while using the MyRemote
application on your mobile device.
System Software Version: 1.52
Philips SimplyShare is now supported. Philips SimplyShare lets you stream your music, movies & photos
from Android Tablet or Android Smartphone or PCs to your Blu-ray player and playback on the TV.
Simply install Philips SimplyShare app on your Tablet/Smartphone. You are now ready to enjoy all your
entertainment effortlessly. You can find the SimplyShare application activation code by going to Setup >
Advanced > Version Information.
System Software Version: 1.42
YouTube Leanback app is added to NetTV.
System Software Version: 1.35
Upgrade Facebook application in NetTV.
Improve playability on ‘HBO Eastbound and Down Season 2’.
Improve playback operation on rental movies from online video stores via Net TV.
Remove an unwanted screen saver when playback ‘.mkv’ files from USB flash drive.
Enable Videociety online video store via Net TV in Germany and Austria.
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