MPX-110 Assembly Guide

MPX-110 Assembly Guide
MPX-110 Assembly Guide
Table of Contents
Tool List………………………………………..…………………….Page 3
Removal From Crate…………………………...…………………..Page 4
Parts Inventory………………………………………….…………..Page 8
Assembly……………………..…………………………………....Page 10
Oil Change……………………………………………..…………..Page 27
Initial Start-Up…………………………………………………...…Page 30
Other Information…………………………………..……………...Page 33
Tool List
- Ratchet handle
- Sockets
- 8mm
- 10mm
- 12mm
- 13mm
- 15mm
- 17mm
- 18mm
- 21mm
- 23mm
- Wrenches
- Phillips head screwdriver ( + )
- Slotted screwdriver ( - )
- Standard Pliers
- Drain Pan
- Funnel
Removal From Crate
NOTE: Some crates are incorrectly labeled VX-110 MKII. Disregard this.
1) Remove (4) white straps from crate.
2) Cut side of cardboard box and discard.
3) Remove plastic wrap covering top of ATV.
4) Cut blue ties from hardware box, handlebars and wheels and tires.
a. NOTE: Wheel spacers are tied to front wheels and are needed to
complete assembly.
5) Remove (10) 12mm hex head bolts from bottom of cage.
6) Remove (2) 12 mm hex head bolts from steering stem cross brace.
7) Remove top portion of cage.
8) Remove hardware box, grill insert, handlebar cover, rear skid plate, grab bar and
front bumper.
9) Remove rear axle clamps from both sides of ATV.
10) Inspect entire ATV for any shipping damage. File any shipping damage claim at .
Parts Inventory
1) After setting parts aside, ensure none are missing.
1 – Rear Wheel and Tire – PN 100388
2 – Hardware Box – See page 9
3 – Front Wheel and Tire – PN 100459
4 – Grill Insert – PN 101146
5 – Handle Bar Cover – Part Number Varies with color. See website.
6 – Front Bumper – PN 101199
7 – Rear Skid Plate – PN 101200
8 – Grab Bar – PN 101201
9 – Tail Light – PN 100161
10 – Side Reflector – PN 100276
Hardware Box
1 – Rubber Hub Cap – PN 101202
2 – Owner’s Manual – PN 101203
3 – Wire Tie – PN 101097
4 – Handlebar Clamps – PN 100147
5 – 1.25” Cotter Pin – PN 101094
6 – 1.5” Cotter Pin – PN 101093
7 – Tool Kit – PN 100093
If any parts are missing, please file a claim form at .
1) With assistance, remove ATV from crate bottom and place on ATV jack.
2) Tie Rod
a. Slide tie-rod end up through steering knuckle.
b. Secure with lock washer, 17mm hex castle nut and 1.25” cotter pin.
2) Tie Rod (cont.)
c. IMPORTANT – Be sure to bend cotter pin as shown to keep castle nut
from backing out.
d. Repeat for other side.
3) Front Shock
a. Remove front shock bolt from mounting bracket.
b. Line up shock with mounting bracket.
c. Insert 13mm hex head bolt and install 15mm hex lock nut.
d. Repeat for other side.
4) Front Brakes
a. Remove blue tie from front brake assembly.
b. Remove 19mm hex castle nut from steering knuckle.
c. Line up slot in brake plate with locating tab on steering knuckle.
d. Slide brake assembly into place.
5) Front Wheels and Tires
a. Slide front wheel onto steering knuckle.
i. IMPORTANT – Ensure wheel spacer is in place.
b. Install and tighten 19mm hex castle nut.
c. Install 1.5” cotter pin.
5) Front Wheels and Tires (cont.)
d. Install rubber hub cap.
6) Rear Wheels and Tires
a. Install and tighten (4) 15mm hex lock nuts on inside of rear wheel.
6) Rear Wheels and Tires (cont.)
b. Remove 23mm hex castle nut and washer from rear axle.
Slide wheel onto axle.
Install washer onto axle.
Install and tighten 23mm hex castle nut and install 1.5” cotter pin.
Install rubber hub cap.
g. Ensure tightness of (4) lug nuts.
7) Lower ATV and remove jack.
8) Handlebars
a. Place lower handlebar clamp on steering stem and position handlebars.
8) Handlebars (cont.)
b. Install (2) upper handlebar clamps and (4) 10mm hex head bolts.
c. Position handlebars to desired angle.
d. Tighten (4) 10mm hex head bolts.
9) Side Front Fender Brace
a. Install 10mm hex head bolt through slot in fender brace into frame.
i. IMPORTANT – Install both sides before tightening.
b. Tighten both sides.
9) Side Front Fender Brace (cont.)
10) Center Front Fender Brace
a. Install and tighten 8mm hex head bolt through brace, into frame.
11) Fender/ Toe Guard Brace
a. Insert Phillips head screw through fender and toe guard.
b. Install 10mm hex nut on opposite side of Phillips head screw and tighten.
12) Grill Insert
a. Remove packing material from grill insert.
b. Remove (2) chrome Phillips head screws from top of fender.
c. Install grill insert.
d. Install (2) chrome Phillips head screws and tighten.
13) Front Bumper
a. Remove packing material from front of frame.
b. Align bumper with 4 mounting holes in frame.
c. Secure with (4) 13mm hex head bolts, lock washers and flat washers.
14) Handle Bar Cover
a. Match neutral and reverse lights with open connectors near handlebars.
b. Snap handlebar cover into place.
15) Grab Bar
a. Remove (4) 13mm hex head bolts from frame.
b. Align grab bar with mounts in frame.
c. Connect Tail light.
d. Install and tighten (4) 13mm hex head bolts.
15) Grab Bar (cont.)
16) Rear Skid Plate
a. Position jack under ATV and raise from ground.
b. Remove (4) 13mm hex head bolts from swing arm.
16) Rear Skid Plate (cont.)
c. Align skid plate with mounts in swingarm.
d. Insert and tighten (4) 13mm hex head bolts
17) Battery
a. Ensure ignition is off and key is removed.
b. Unlatch seat via the latch under the rear fender and set aside.
c. Remove manual and store for future reference.
d. Remove battery strap and battery.
17) Battery (cont.)
e. Place battery on a trickle charger and let battery charge overnight.
f. Remove battery from charger and place in rear fender.
g. Connect red wires to positive terminal ( + ) and green wires to negative
terminal ( - ) with hardware
i. NOTE: There will be extra, unconnected plugs under the seat.
These are normal, and do not need to be connected.
h. Place tool kit under seat.
i. Connect battery strap over battery and tool kit.
Reattach seat.
Oil Change
1) Locate oil drain plug on bottom of engine.
a. NOTE: ATV has been lifted onto it’s rear wheels for picture taking purposes only.
b. IMPORTANT: Bolt in the right side of the picture/left side of the bike is not the oil
drain plug. Do not remove it.
2) Position drain pan beneath oil drain plug.
3) Remove 17mm hex head oil drain bolt.
4) Allow oil to drain completely.
5) Replace 17mm hex head oil drain bolt.
6) Locate oil fill and sight glass on right side of engine.
a. Oil fill is the chrome plug on the right rear of the engine. The sight glass is on the
bottom right side of the engine.
7) Remove oil fill plug and fill engine with 750ml of 5w30 engine oil (or until oil level
reaches the “H” mark on the sight glass).
8) Replace oil fill plug.
Initial Start-Up
1) Fill gas tank with standard pump gas.
2) Turn petcock valve to “on” position (arrow pointing down).
3) Turn choke lever to full choke position (black lever up).
4) Insert key and turn ignition switch to ‘On’ position.
5) Ensure transmission is in neutral and the neutral light is on.
a. NOTE: Neutral is one full click up from bottom of shift pattern.
6) Place “Engine Stop” switch in ‘Run’ position.
7) Press and hold engine start button until engine starts.
a. NOTE: If engine does not start within five seconds, release start button to
prevent starter damage.
8) Upon engine start up, allow engine to idle in neutral for 15 minutes.
9) After 15 minutes, adjust idle with a slotted screwdriver to a low, consistent idle
(roughly 950 RPMs).
a. NOTE: Turning idle screw in (clockwise) will raise idle. Turning idle screw
out (counter-clockwise) will lower idle.
10) Check tire pressures on all four tires.
a. Tire pressure should be 10 PSI in the front tires, 7 PSI in the rear.
11) Remove all remaining packaging material.
12) Congratulations! Your RedCat MPX-110 is ready to ride.
Other Information
Website –
Phone number – (602) 256-2282
Address – 1002 E. University Dr.
Suite 103
Phoenix AZ, 85034
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