Bariatric Chair | BRODBARICS385 Brochure

Bariatric Chair | BRODBARICS385 Brochure
Where Comfort is Essential
800 lb Weight
(363 kg)
Bari 385
Bariatric Transport
Commode/Shower Chair
Because Broda understands the challenges of
Bariatric care, we have addressed many of these
challenges with the uniquely superior Bari 385
✔ Weight Capacity
- 800 lb (363 kg) capacity enables bariatric patients
to leave their bed for shower and commode needs
- Heavy-duty frame and casters ensure safety and
✔ Safe Positioning and Patient Handling
- Infinitely adjustable tilt, recline and elevating legrest
helps reduce the risk of falls and helps patients feel
secure and comfortable
- Anterior tilt works as a stand-assist
- Lower back concavity accommodates patient’s
Gluteal Shelf
✔ Shower and Commode Functions
- Unique recline feature opens mid-section for ease
of cleaning hard to reach abdominal areas
- Open front commode seat facilitates peri cleaning
Seat width: 27” (68 cm) 33” (83 cm) with arm width adjustment
Adjustable seat depth: 21” or 23” (53 cm or 58 cm)
Adjustable seat height: 21” or 23” (53 cm or 58 cm)
Backrest length: 26” (65 cm)
✔ Easy Maneuverability
- 4 total lock swivel casters and 2 locking middle
wheels allow chair to be easily pushed and permits
turning in tight corners without lateral drifting
- Patient weight is concentrated primarily over middle
wheels in upright chair position for safe and easy
Standard Features
- 800 lb (363 kg) weight capacity
- 14° posterior tilt
- 8° anterior tilt
- 65° back recline
- Comfort Tension Seating™
- 33” or 39” overall width (83 cm or 98 cm)
- Elevating and length adjustable legrest
- Flip up footrest
- Four 5” total lock stainless steel casters
- Two 8” stainless steel middle wheels
- Emergency middle wheel brake
- Stainless steel frame with drainage holes
- Removable, adjustable armrests
- Urethane foam commode seat with
front opening
- Commode pan and basket
widths up
to 33”
14° Posterior tilt
8° Anterior tilt
65° Back recline
Open front commode seat
facilitates peri cleaning
Broda Seating, 560 Bingemans Centre Drive, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada N2B 3X9
Tel 519-746-8080 • Fax 519-746-8616 • Toll Free US/Can. 1-800-668-0637 • •
Bari 385 Bariatric Transport
Commode/Shower Chair
The Bari 385 is 3 chairs in one
• Commode Chair
• Shower Chair
• Transport Chair – with the option
of our easily interchangeable
transport seat
Infinite positioning options and easy
maneuverability make the Bari 385
excellent for patient transport
within a facility.
Emergency hand brake easily
locks 8" middle wheels
3 Chairs in One!
Optional Transport Seat
Removable arms assist
with side transfers
Broda’s Comfort Tension Seating™
- Conforms to patient for comfort
and pressure reduction
- Anti-bacterial & anti-fungal
- Easy to clean
Tested for Safety and Durability
Broda has conducted numerous tests in order to determine not
only the weight capacity of the Bari 385, but also to ensure that
the stability, static strength and life cycle durability of the chair
are sufficient to provide optimum safety and functionality in
even the most extreme cases.
Bariatric Positioning
Broda Vanguard Bariatric
The Vanguard offers outstanding comfort unlike
any other bariatric chair
500 lb. weight capacity
30° of seat tilt and 10° anterior tilt operated
by foot pump- for No Lift
45° of back recline assists with comfort
and breathing
26", 28", 30" seat widths
Vanguard with IV pole and vinyl seat
and back pad upgrade.
Tel 519-746-8080 • Fax 519-746-8616 • 1-800-668-0637 • • •
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