12 Boat Talk with Alex - Boating on the Hudson Articles

12 Boat Talk with Alex - Boating on the Hudson Articles
Alex: I Have Excessive Vibration of the
Outboard Engine
Alex Salomatoff.
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ALEX: My Engine Does Not Start
There are many causes for a no-start scenario in outboard engines. The table below shows
the common causes for this problem and their corresponding fixes.
Possible Cause
Fuel tank is empty
Fill the fuel tank with the right type of fuel. If the engine has overheated
and is still hot, wait for it to cool down before filling the tank.
Fuel tank has old fuel
Fuel that has been in the tank for over 30 days should be drained and
replaced with clean, fresh fuel.
Kill switch is engaged
Kill switch is engaged
Disengage the kill-switch.
Insert the kill switch clip firmly into place. Alternatively, try removing
the clip and putting it back in place.
Kill switch clip is not inserted
Engine is in gear
Dead battery (electric motors only)
Damaged spark plugs
or ignition system
The engine needs to be set to neutral in order to start. Slip the engine
lever to neutral and try starting again.
Charge the battery to give the engine enough power to start up.
Also, check the electrical connections of the engine for any signs of
damage, corrosion, or loose wires.
Use a spark plug tester to check if the ignition system is in good
condition or if the plug is sparking. If not, replace the spark plugs with
new ones. In more extreme cases of damage, the ignition system may
need to be replaced.
Alex: My Engine Is Overheating, It Is An Outboard Motor
Outboard motors rely on a continuous amount of water flowing through the engine to keep cool. When there
is not enough water going through the engine, overheating occurs. To fix this, turn the engine off and check if
there is any blockage in water flow. This can be due to foreign objects like weeds blocking the water intake. Try
running the engine again after it has cooled down.
Another possible cause of overheating is a broken water pump impeller. The water pump impeller is a round
disc with blades that circulate water through the outboard motor. When this part is broken, it cuts off the
water supply to the engine and causes the engine to overheat. If this is the problem, replace the broken pump
impeller with a new one.
June 2017
Engine vibration can be caused by a variety of factors. The most
common cause is a damaged or loose propeller. The first step
in troubleshooting this problem is to check if the propeller is
attached securely. Examine the blades for any breaks, bends, or
cracks. If the propeller seems loose, tighten the components.
However, if the propeller is damaged, replace it with a new one,
and then run the engine to see if the vibration stops.
Another cause of engine vibration is worn-out rubber isolation
mounts. These absorb engine vibration and prevent it from being
felt by the user. Worn-out parts can aggravate engine shaking.
To fix this problem, remove the cover plates of the engine. If
necessary, consider removing the powerhead and lowering the
engine cover. Inspect the rubber isolation mounts and proceed to
tighten the loose ones. Also, replace the worn-out mounts with
new ones.
Alex My Engine Suddenly Cuts Off
One possible cause of an engine cut-off is a collapsed primer
bulb. This happens when a vacuum forms inside the fuel tank,
cutting off the fuel supply to the engine. To fix this problem,
simply loosen the vent screw to allow some ventilation, and then
pump the primer bulb until it is hard.
Some boaters may have also pulled out the kill switch by
accident, causing the engine to stop suddenly. If this is the case,
just disengage the kill switch in order to start the engine again.
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