POWERWARE 9120 – 6000 VA
POWERWARE® 9120 – 6000 VA
UPS POWERWARE® 9120 - 6000 VA
P/N 1018290
Powerware 9120 is the perfect choice to protect critical applications in standalone configurations. With
its double conversion design, the PW9120 provides uninterruptible clean sine wave power to the
critical loads whether it is servers or industrial automation systems. The backup time can be
extendable with external battery cabinets and special solutions can be build up with the extensive set
of connectivity possibilities as well as hardware options
- Power 6000VA/4200 W, 1ph/1ph
Technology on-line (double conversion) with automatic static bypass
Backup time at full load 8 min, 50% 20 min
Backup time extendable with battery cabinets
Hot swappable batteries
Advanced battery monitoring extends battery life by 50%
Dual input (separate for static bypass and rectifier)
- User friendly and informative LCD display,
enables easy customization
- RS 232 and USB as standard
- Emergency Power off port standard
- SNMP web card or relay card as option, can be used in
parallel with USB/RS232
- Frequency : 50/60 Hz auto-sensing
- Nominal Voltage : 208 / 220 / 230 / 240 V selectable from LCD display
- Input voltage window : 140 / 160 / 180V * to 276V,
- Voltage regulation : 208 220, 230, 240 V ± 2%,
- Input connection : Hardwired
- Output connection : Hardwired
Bundled with : Signal cable and USB cable
Powerware Software Suite
- Dimensions (mm): H = 570, W = 280, D = 580, Weight = 91 kg.
*(Input voltage window at 33% / 66% / 100%)
Included software Suite
The software suite, conveniently packed on one CD-ROM, follows every UPS free of charge.
LanSafe is a network shutdown software product that currently supports up to 20
operating systems. It ensures controlled sequential shutdown of the whole network
across platforms in case of a prolonged power failure. LanSafe allows the shutdown of
up to 64 computers protected by a single UPS.
NetWatch is a shutdown agent for the ConnectUPS Web/SNMP card. It is a very
compact piece of software, but still features powerful configuration options for
shutdown actions, timings and user notification. NetWatch is available for Windows,
Novell, MacOS X, and most Unix platforms including Linux
POWERVISION PowerVision® is performance monitoring and trend analysis software
for critical UPSs and multiple UPSs in a network. It calculates trends
and stores information about the operation of the UPS device in its
database. PowerVision’s alert and notification behavior is highly
configurable, which makes it a great tool for system administrators.
Optional shutdown controller module can host hundreds of shutdown
NOTE! 30 day trial version included with the unit
Extended runtime options PW9120-BAT6000
P/N 1018291
It is possible to extend the runtime for the PW9120 6000VA by adding an external battery cabinet
PW9120-BAT 6000. You can max add two battery cabinets to one UPS
Backup time table
1000 VA 2000 VA 3000 VA 4000 VA 5000 VA 6000 VA
PW 9120 6000VA
80 mn
38 mn
123 mn
15 mn
10 mn
7 mn
PW 9120 6000VA + 1 module battery
300 mn
145 mn
90 mn
65 mn
45 mn
30 mn
PW 9120 6000VA + 2 modules battery >480 mn 300 mn
150 mn
120 mn
85 mn
65 mn
- Dimensions ( mm): H = 570, W = 280, D = 580, Weight = 125 kg.
Transformer option P/N 1018673
Option that provides galvanic isolation and neutral earth bounding if needed. Can be used both at the
input and the output of the UPS
Service bypass option P/N 1014016
Option that provides the possibility to replace/repair the unit without taking down the load
WEB/SNMP card P/N 103002973-5501
is a complete UPS monitoring, control and shutdown solution in a networked IT environment. In case
of alert the Web/SNMP card can notify users and administrators through email and SNMP traps. In
case of a prolonged power failure the protected computer systems can be shut down in a graceful
manner with NetWatch and LanSafe 5 software
Environmental Monitoring Probe for ConnectUPS
Web/SNMP adapters P/N 103003637-5501
The Environmental Monitoring Probe adds temperature, humidity and two contact closure monitoring
capability to ConnectUPS Web/SNMP card. It is especially well suited for monitoring rack temperature
and door status. Operating system shutdown can be triggered if user defined thresholds are exceeded
or contact closure status changes.
Relay/AS400 cards P/N 1014018
provide and easy connection to IBM AS/400 series computers as well as industrial and building
management systems.
Cable for AS400 (5 m) DB15 à DB9 P/N 1002001
Cable to be used with AS-400 application
View UPS (remote LCD panel) P/N 1011747
Remote LCD, can be used max 50 m from UPS.
Standard warranty includes:
Ø 2 years warranty
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