GreenSmart™ Gas Fireplace Inserts with Remote

GreenSmart™ Gas Fireplace Inserts with Remote
GreenSmart™ Gas Fireplace Inserts with Remote
Turn Your Fireplace Into An Efficient Heat Source for Your Home
Our GreenSmart™ fireplace inserts are designed to transform virtually any metal or masonry fireplace into an efficient source of
heat. Traditional open fireplaces can have efficiency ratings up to 15% and can actually draw the heat out of your home for a net
heat loss! Our gas inserts achieve efficiency ratings as high as 86% and may be used as a primary heat source in a mid-sized home.
Smarter Design
Our variety of beautiful faces, choice of surround panels and optional firebacks give your fireplace insert a custom
appearance that not only updates the style of any room, but makes your fireplace look like it was designed that way
from the beginning.
Zone Heat
Unlike a gas furnace that ducts heat to all rooms of your home, you can use your insert for zonal heating and just
heat the room(s) you are using. Our remote also helps you save by maintaining a constant desired temperature, rather than
burning fuel when not needed. And the 180 cfm convection fan is standard to increase the heating efficiency of your insert.
The patent-pending GreenSmart™ System is the most innovative collection of components, controls and technology that when
combined provide an elegant, smarter and greener way to heat your home. Innovative standard features include: accent
lights, flame adjustments and a choice of pilot settings. Your Fireplace Xtrordinair gas fireplace insert comes standard
with the GreenSmart remote. This remarkable controller allows you to run the fireplace in “Smart Thermostat Mode” that
automatically adjusts the heat output based on the temperature setting you’ve chosen. That means the flame will modulate
up/down as opposed to shutting off/on like normal thermostats. This conserves fuel and maximizes heating ability while
extending the viewing pleasure of the fire.
Basic GreenSmart Control System
Your Fireplace Xtrordinair dashboard housing the manual controls, is located under the front of the appliance. It
houses three components and all but one, the pilot selection, can be operated by the remote:
A. Accent Light Manual Control - For brightness adjustment. Your remote control turns the accent light ON/OFF.
B. Two Position Pilot Selection: Push up for continuous pilot and down for GreenSmart Pilot.
C. Battery back-up for power outages (also manual ON/OFF if you misplace your remote).
All controls are clearly labeled with white silk-screened lettering for easy reading.
Drop Down Concealment Door
The control valve and wires are hidden by our drop down concealment door to provide an elegant, finished appearance
so your beautiful face is the focal point, not the controls. The concealment door conveniently opens and closes for easy
access to the controls if you decide to adjust the accent light or change your pilot setting.
GreenSmart - The Smarter Way To Heat Your Home
Control Panel Lighting
When the concealment door is opened, control panel lighting is automatically turned on to make controls on the
dashboard easy to see even in a low light environment in your home.
Choice of Pilots - Continuous Pilot or GreenSmart Pilot:
This switch allows you to run your fireplace in either
continuous pilot mode - where the pilot flame
continually stays on, ideal during periods of extreme
cold when maintaining a warm flue ensures reliable
operation – or for maximum efficiency use the
GreenSmart mode, where the pilot flame ignites
via an intermittent pilot (IPI) spark that does not
run continually and thus conserves energy when
the fireplace is not being operated. The GreenSmart
system includes an automatic battery back-up,
ensuring proper ignition even during power outages.
Fuel and Cost $avings
Example: A standing pilot uses .552 therms
of gas each day. The average therm of
natural gas is $1.10, or $0.60 to run every day
- no matter if the gas appliance is on or off.
365 days of standing pilot usage equates to
201 therms of gas or $219. Propane can run
up to three times this cost.
The GreenSmart System helps you save on
both energy usage and your heating bill.
Comfort Control™ Features:
With the push of a button on your standard remote the Comfort Control will turn off the rear burner while leaving the
front burner on for an attractive flame appearance when less heat output is the priority. This feature along with the
self-modulating front burner in GreenSmart thermostat mode delivers a turn-down ratio of up to 72 percent! It works
with the Green-Smart split-flow burners, and offers a more efficient way to heat the room by only burning the correct
amount of fuel to keep a constant temperature; so this is another smarter, greener way to enjoy fire in your home.
GreenSmart Remote Control Standard:
The innovative hand-held GreenSmart remote allows you the ease of controlling your GreenSmart insert
from the comfort of your chair. The remote is designed to sit on a nearby coffee table or you can mount
it on the wall with the included wall holster. On your GreenSmart remote first select your method of
heat; manual control (A), standard thermostat setting (B) or the “SMART” thermostat setting (C). Once
that’s been selected you may adjust the fan setting, including on or off, turn on or off your accent light
and turn on or off your back burner depending on the season and your heating needs. •
(A) In the manual setting you will manually adjust
the flame height/heat output of the insert and
manually turn the insert on and off.
(B) In standard thermostat mode you manually
adjust the flame height/heat output of the insert
to desired setting and then select the temperature
setting you want to maintain in your room. The
insert will then heat up to the set temperature
you’ve selected, then cycle on and off to maintain
this temperature.
(C) In the “SMART” thermostat setting your insert will
automatically adjust your flame height/heat output
based on the temperature you’ve selected. The
flame will automatically modulate from low to
high, or high to low to achieve and then maintain
the set temperature. This feature conserves fuel
and maintains a more consistent heat in your
home while allowing you to enjoy the flame
longer. The flame will only shut off if your set
temperature is exceeded.
Is It A Wood or Gas Fire?
Patented Ember-Fyre™ Burner Technology
We feature the patented Ember-Fyre™ burner system in both the 32 DVS and 34 DVL gas fireplace
inserts. Popular Science® magazine awarded the prestigious “Best of What’s New” awarded to the EmberFyre as one of the year’s top achievements in Science and Technology. The combustion system delivers
an efficiency up to 82.2%. There are no unsightly burner tubes or metal pans and the appearance of the
fire and glowing embers are just as beautiful on the low flame setting as they are on high. The level of
realism is so remarkable it is difficult to tell it apart from our wood burning appliances.
How It Works
Natural gas or propane is piped to a sophisticated
SIT™ IPI gas valve. This gas burner is designed to
provide reliable, continuous operation
even if the power goes out in your
home. If the power goes out it
automatically switches to the
built-in battery back-up and back to
the house-hold circuit when the
power comes back on.
The low-pressure gas flows to a
precisely engineered burner orifice.
A hidden mixing tube mixes the gas
with outside air. The standard mix is set by
the installer to compensate for variations in altitude,
fuel type, installation and line pressure.
The gas/air mixture flows through a unique
array of burner ports in the ceramic base,
where it ignites and burns.
As the Ember-Fyre burner heats to a deep red
1200° Fahrenheit, it mimics the look of glowing
wood embers and charred logs. Dancing yellow flames further enhance the look and feel of
a real wood fire.
The fire passes over the hand-carved logs that are so incredible detailed, you’ll be amazed
they are not wood.
For hands-free operation the standard GreenSmart remote control allows you to set and
maintain the comfort level of your home.
GreenSmart - The Smarter Way To Heat Your Home
Optional Firebacks and Liners
All inserts come with a standard black interior, or you have the option of adding a realistic ceramic brick fireback
that looks like real masonry brick. The Common/Herringbone brick fireback is reversible and offers you the choice
of common brick on one side or flip it over for the herringbone brick pattern or mix and match. The Handmade
brick fireback (not reversable) has much deeper grout lines and a distressed brick look. For a contemporary look
to your fire, you have the option of adding the brushed Stainless Steel or the Black Enamel interior liner.
Common Brick
Herringbone Brick
Brushed Stainless Steel Liner
Handmade Brick
Black Enamel Liner
Stainless Steel will naturally patina with age
Optional Insert Wiring Kit
If you do not want the fan power cord running across your hearth, consider using the optional U. L. approved Fan
Wiring Kit. This kit allows you to hard-wire the standard fan’s electrical connection within your existing fireplace.
Safety Screens for Child and Pet Safety
Children, like most of us, are fascinated by fire, and for families with
young children, fireplaces pose a potential safety hazard.
Take the time to educate young children about the dangers
of fire and the hot surface temperatures of glass and metal
surrounding the fireplace insert. If you have an infant or toddler
consider installing a fire screen; make sure it’s tall enough so
that children can’t climb over it, and that it’s placed far enough
away so that reaching arms can’t touch the surfaces of the
fireplace. A few precautions such as these will allow everyone
in your home to safely enjoy the comfort and warmth of your
new gas fireplace insert. 4
Arched Face Collection
Classic Arch™ black painted face with arched 8” panels, herringbone brick fireback and insert wiring kit.
The Classic Arch™ Face features the graceful arch opening
that frames the fire viewing area and is complemented
by a parallel arch face. This combination of curves has a
timeless appeal and universal application to a wide range
of architectural styles. The delicate heat exchange grills have
the appearance of woven lace, a design departure from the
horizontal bars of the average fireplace.
The French Country Arch™ Face incorporates a floral
garland grill design on top and detailed arched rings along
the bottom for a more formal French Baroque design.
Classic Arch Face Detail
French Country Face Detail
32 DVS Face Dimensions:
30” wide x 22” high
34 DVL Face Dimensions:
34-3/4” wide x 26-1/2” high
Classic Arch Face, shown in
black painted finish.
Classic Face Collection
Classic Arch Face, shown in
brushed nickel finish.
French Country Face, shown
in black painted finish.
Artisan™ Face Collection
The Artisan, in New Iron paint finish, on a 32 DVS fireplace insert and is accented by the arched panels, optional brick fireback and insert
wiring kit.
The Artisan™ Face design and craftsmanship are reminiscent of the ironwork found
in the Great Lodges of Europe and America. The Artisan face is hand-forged and
hammered by master blacksmiths. Each face bears unique, subtle characteristics
from the hands of its creator, making it an individual work of art in iron.
A convection chamber, which circulates heated room air around the appliance is concealed
by a delicate, forged air intake and hot air return grill. Variations in the hand-forged metal
texture will create an infinite variety of firelight reflections, whether you choose New Iron
paint, plated antique nickel, antique copper finish or bronze patina finishes.
32 DVS Face Dimensions: 30” wide x 22” high
34 DVL Face Dimensions: 34-3/4” wide x 26-1/2” high
New Iron painted finish
Artisan™ Face Collection
Antique Nickel plated finish
Antique Copper plated finish
Hand-Rubbed Bronze Patina 6
Metropolitan™ Face Collection
The Metropolitan face in metallic black on a 34 DVL insert with optional firebrick and insert wiring kit.
The customized inside-fit insert panels compliments the beauty of your existing fireplace opening.
The Metropolitan™ Face may be installed on both the 32 DVS and 34 DVL
Fireplace Xtrordinair inserts. This face design has the same beautiful grill
work of the Classic Collection, but in a more linear, retro style. The beveled
edges of the Metropolitan face also create an intriguing, three-dimensional
appearance. Choose the beautiful brushed nickel or change the look of the
black Metropolitan face with any “Stove Bright®” paint color to compliment your
32 DVS Face Dimensions:
30” wide x 22” high
34 DVL Face Dimensions:
34-3/4” wide x 26-1/2” high
Close-up of the intricate grill design and
beveled edge of the Metropolitan.
Metropolitan™ Face Collection
Shadow Box™ Face Collection
The Shadow Box face in metallic black on a 34 DVL insert with optional fireback and insert wiring kit.
With the new Shadow Box™ Face, your insert will say Bold! Elegant!
Innovative! Tasteful!
The Shadow Box face projects 3 1/2” out from your fireplace facing in multiple
levels creating a frame for the delightful fire. The Shadow Box conceals the
convection openings and the controls to give the fireplace a linear, contemporary
appeal. Showdow box face requires the one pice panel to complete the insert
32 DVS Face Dimensions:
30 1/2” wide x 21” high
34 DVL Face Dimensions:
34” wide x 25” high
French Country™ Face Collection
Shadow Box face, available
in the metallic black paint or
bronze painted finish.
Architectural & Artisan Double Doors
The DVL GSR Insert with black painted Architectural double doors, herringbone brick fireback option and insert wiring kit.
The DVS/DVL GSR gas insert double door faces are intended to cover the most common sizes of fireplace openings, eliminating the
need for surround panels and giving your insert the look of a custom fireplace. Double Doors come in two styles, the Architectural
Double Doors or the Artisan Hand-Hammered Double Door. Two sizes of backing plates are available for each insert. The black painted
Architectural double doors fit either of the backing plates and are available as arched or rectangular shapes.
The Architectural Double Doors may be used by themselves or with one of three decorative onlay options. Matching accent
plates are also available for the space above the doors if desired on the large backing plate as shown above.
Architectural Double Door Collection
Artisan Hand-Hammered Double Door comes standard in Charcoal Paint Finish
Coverage Area
DVS Artisan door with small backing plate
23 1/8”H x37 1/2” W
DVS Artisan door with large backing plate
29” H x 40 3/8” W
DVL Artisan door with small backing plate
27” H x 40 3/8” W
DVL Artisan door with large backing plate
33 1/2” H x 44” W
With Small Backing Plate
With Large Backing Plate and Accent Trim
Architectural Double Door comes standard in a Black Painted Finish
Rectangular Double Door
Arched Double Door
Coverage Area
DVS Architectural door with small backing plate
23 1/8”H x37 1/2” W
DVS Architectural door with large backing plate
29” H x 40 3/8” W
Shown on the Small Backing Plate
DVL Architectural door with small backing plate
27” H x 40 3/8” W
DVL Architectural door with large backing plate
33 1/2” H x 44” W
Add the option of antique
plated onlays as shown below.
Artisan Onlay in
Antique Nickel
Classic Onlay in
Antique Bronze
Shown on the Small Backing Plate
Double Door Backing Plates
The Architectural and Artisan Double Doors for the DVS and DVL gas
inserts do not use the standard rectangular or arched finish panels
shown on page 12. Instead, these faces attach to backing plates that
take the place of the panels. This gives the impression that there
are no panels on the insert and gives you a true fireplace look. The
Backing Plates come in two size to fit almost all fireplace openings.
If you require the use of the large backing plate, a decorate Accent
Trim can be added to give a more finished look to your insert. If you
require an even larger panel coverage area you can then install the
large 10” x 13” panel sets behind the Backing Plate.
Arts & Crafts Onlay
in Antique Copper
Small Backing Plate
Large Backing Plate
with optional Accent Trim
Universal Face
The DVL GSR Insert with large black painted Universal face with optional brushed stainless steel interior.
Both 32 DVS and the 34 DVL have the option of adding the economical Universal Face combination. The Universal
face is unique in the fact that it combines both the face and panel in one simple, clean look easily blending with any
architectural design in your home.
The Universal face is available
in black paint finish and
comes in two different sizes
to accommodate most
fireplace openings.
Universal Face/Panel
32 DVS Small Universal Face
Dimensions: 37” wide x 23” high
32 DVS Large Universal Face
Dimensions: 40” wide x 29” high
34 DVL Small Universal Face
Dimensions: 40” wide x 27” high
34 DVL Large Universal Face
Dimensions: 44” wide x 33” high
Finishing Your Fireplace Insert
Sizing Your Fireplace
For An Insert
Before visiting your Fireplace Xtrordinair
dealer, answer these helpful questions.
1. What purpose will the fireplace insert fill?
a) Zonal or Supplemental Heating
b) Whole Home Heating
2. What room or rooms (determine
2. square footage) will the insert be
used to heat?
Insert panels are used to close off the opening of your fireplace when installing a gas
insert. Fireplace Xtrordinair offers a choice of four looks.
8” x 10” Arched Panel
This option offers the graceful arched
upper panel, which adds a desirable
element to many installations. To ensure
coverage of the fireplace opening,
consideration must be made to account
for the radius of the top panel.
32 DVS 8” x 10”
34 DVL 8” x 10” 3. Do you have natural gas or propane;
2. and has it been piped to the fireplace?
4. Is the fireplace of Masonry or Zero
4. Clearance (Metal) construction?
It would be helpful to jot down these
basic measurements. Your hearth
professional can assess your installation,
and help select the correct fireplace
insert for your heating needs.
28-7/8” H x 40-3/8” W
33-3/8” H x 44-3/16” W
Rectangular Panels
The Rectangular Panel System is available
in three sizes and is the most versatile.
32 DVS 4”x 6” 32 DVS 8”x 10”
32 DVS 10”x 13”
29” H x 40” W
28-7/8” H x 40-3/8” W
31-7/8” H x 44-3/8” W
34 DVL 4”x 6”
34 DVL 8”x 10”
34 DVL 10”x 13”
29” H x 40” W
33-3/8” H x 44-3/16” W
36-3/8” H x 48-3/16” W
Inside-Fit Panels
You can modify (cut-down) any of the
standard rectangular panels to fit the
inside opening of your fireplace. This
allows you to showcase your original
fireplace finish and the fireplace face.
Your Fireplace Measurements
E = Hearth to Mantle
F = Hearth to
Combustible Facing
A = Opening Height
B = Width in Front
C = Width in Back
D = Depth of Fireplace
G = If the fireplace is raised
above the hearth, what
is the distance from the
hearth to the fireplace
H = Width of Hearth
I = Depth of Hearth
Finishing Your Fireplace Insert
Lower Zero Clearance Panel
Designed to be used with both
Rectangular and panel systems, this lower
panel offers a finished appearance to your
installation when the existing fireplace
opening is elevated above the floor. This
panel can be cut to size and will cover up
to 7” below the insert.
32 DVS & 34 DVL
Bottom Panel Only
One Piece Panels
For a clean, look a one piece panel is available
for a flat to the fireplace finish.
The one piece panel come without trim and
does not allow for the rheostat installation
on the panel. One piece panel also requires
an additional 1” fireplace depth for insert.
32 DVS - 25” H x 38” W or 28-1/2” H x 40” W
34 DVL - 30-1/2” H x 42” W or 34” H x 44” W
Installing a Fireplace Insert
In a Metal or Masonry Fireplace
The first step is determining whether you have a metal (zero clearance) or masonry fireplace. Metal fireplaces can be altered
by professionals to accommodate Fireplace Xtrordinair inserts. Your Fireplace Xtrordinair Design Center Professional can
help if you need it. They will also provide you with your new air intake system and exhaust vent liners. It is important that
this work is done by a hearth professional.
Next determine which insert is best for your home based on size and your heating requirements. Again, your Design
Center Professional can help.
Model 32 DVS GSR - Heating Capacity: Up to 1,500 sq. ft., BTU Input: Up to 31,000 BTUs/Hr.
Model 34 DVL GSR - Heating Capacity: Up to 2,000 sq. ft., BTU Input: Up to 40,000 BTUs/Hr.
Choose the correct size and preferred style of insert panel.
Select a face design and optional firebrick and you are ready to enjoy your new efficient gas insert by Fireplace Xtrordinair!
If you do not want the fan power cord running across your hearth, consider using the optional Fan Wiring Kit which allows
you to hardwire the fan’s electrical connection within your existing fireplace.
Masonry or Zero
Clearance Metal
Select the DVS or
DVL Fireplace Insert
Choose Size and
Type of Panel
Add Your Face
Go to the Fireplace Xtrordinair™ Website
and Design Your Own Fireplace Insert
Customize the right insert for you - has a
wide selection of premium quality gas, wood and electric
fireplaces and fireplace inserts – each custom-crafted with an
eye for detail. But what’s going to work in your house?
The Fireplace Xtrordinair Fire Designer can help you customize
your insert with an easy and fun website that helps you choose
the right insert for the right space and for the right look.
Print the specs of the fireplace you’ve designed and take them
into any of the more than 1,200 Fireplace Xtrordinair dealers nationwide for pricing, installation and more.
Installing Your Fireplace Insert
Fireplace Inserts
32 GSR Direct Vent Small
34 GSR Direct Vent Large
The dimensions and clearances on this page are for reference only. Refer to the Owner’s Manual prior to installation.
Width in Front
Width in Back
Flex Vent Diameter
Unit Weight
Burner System
Glass Area
3” Exhaust - 3” Air Intake
115 lbs.
352.5 square inches
4” Exhaust - 3” Air Intake
135 lbs.
518.38 square inches
Powerful Fans
YES - 180 CFM
YES - 180 CFM
(will vary slightly with face design)
*Gas appliance performance can be affected by negative pressure in the home and by prevailing atmospheric conditions.
Contact local building or fire officials about restrictions and installation requirements in your area.
Heating Capacity*
BTU Input (NG)
BTU Input (LP)
Steady State Efficiency
Canadian P4 Efficiency
Clearances To Combustibles
Installation information is available at your local Fireplace Xtrordinair dealer or online at
from floor.
Panel Sizes
Up to 2,000 square feet
40,000 (high) - 11,900 (low)
40,000 (high) - 7,400 (low)
84% (NG)
86% (LP)
72.8% (NG)
73.7% (LP)
Up to 1,500 square feet
31,000 (high) - 10,700 (low)
31,000 (high) - 12,600 (low)
85% (NG)
85.5% (LP)
71.1% (NG)
73.7% (LP)
from side
of unit.
1 = Floor to Mantle
1 = Floor to Mantle
2 = Floor to Top Facing
2 = Floor to Top Facing
3 = Insert to Sidewall
3 = Insert to Sidewall
4 = Insert to Side Facing
4 = Insert to Side Facing
5 = Extension onto Hearth
5 = Extension onto Hearth
6 = Hearth Not Required
6 = Hearth Not Required
* maximum 12” mantle depth
* maximum 12” mantle depth
Measurements for each panel is for maximum fireplace opening coverage - Panels may not be needed on Architectural Double Door Faces.
Arched 8” sides x 10” top
40-3/8” w x 23-1/2” h at side of arch
28-7/8” h at top of arch
44-3/16” w x 28-1/4” h at side of arch
33-3/8” h at top of arch
Rectangular 4” sides x 6” top
Rectangular 8” sides x 10” top
Rectangular 10” sides x 13” top
37-1/8” w x 25” h
40-3/8” w x 28-7/8” h
44-3/8” w x 31-7/8” h
40” w x 29” h
44-3/16” w x 33-3/8” h
48-3/16” w x 36-3/8” h
(all can be trimmed for inside fit of fireplace opening)
Testing & Installation Information
Tested and Certified by OMNI-Test Laboratories Inc. to ANSI Z21-88a-2003, applicable sections of UL307b-1995
Note: Improper installation of your gas appliance or failure to operate it in accordance to the guidelines detailed in the Owner’s Manual may negate your warranty and
endanger your home and family. Installation information is available on our website at
We recommend all Fireplace Xtrordinair appliances be installed and maintained on an annual basis by your Specialty Hearth Retailer. 14
Your gas fireplace insert is backed by a network of Specialty Hearth Dealers and certified factory trained Installers.
Fireplace Xtrordinair warrants our products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 7 years
from date of purchase. All parts, electronics, and labor are covered for a full 2 years. No other manufacturer’s warranty
can compare. Full details can be found on the product Owner’s Manual on our website.
Additional Fireplace Xtrordinair Products
If you are in the market for other hearth products, Fireplace Xtrordinair manufactures a full line of wood, gas and
electric fireplaces and electric and wood burning fireplace inserts.
Electric Fireplaces
Clean Face Gas Fireplaces
The Fireplace Xtrordinair 564E Electric
Fireplace offers the convenience of
adding a fireplace to any room within
your home. With no venting required,
installation can be completed in as
little as one hour. The 564E offers a
selection of finish faces to match any
home decor.
If you are interested in the latest
trend in fireplace design, Fireplace
Xtrordinair’s Revolution™ Clean
Face fireplace offers the look of a
traditional open fireplace without
grills or louvers. These fireplaces
operate with the efficiencies and
performance of a gas furnace.
Illuminations ™
Wood Burning Fireplaces
The Illuminations™ Electric Fireplace
is a breakthrough product designed
to mimic the beauty of real burning
candles. With a flick of a light switch
or remote control, add ambiance
and light without the mess or safety
issues of candles. These fireplaces can
be installed either single-sided or as
a see-thru units.
If you prefer heating with wood,
Fireplace Xtrordinair also manufactures a line of EPA Certified clean
burning fireplaces that feature the
remarkable Posi-Pressure complete
home heating system.
Gas Fireplaces
Fireplace Xtrordinair offers a complete
line of heater rated gas fireplaces in
both landscape and portrait-style
designs. There are Fireplace
Xtrordinair gas fireplaces in many
sizes and for every heating need.
See our complete line of fireplaces
Visit us online:
Photos and illustrations are for descriptive purposes only. We reserve the right to improve or change our products
without prior notification. Trademarks belong to Travis Industries, inc. Consult the Owner’s Manual for complete
installation requirements.
© Copyright T. I. 01/2012 - Printed in the U. S. A. - 98800157 CAN
For the ultimate in design
and fire style Fireplace Xtrordinair offers the Xtreme gas
fireplace. Featuring a huge
60” wide by 20” tall glass fire
viewing area and a collection
of unique Fire Sculpture™
interior art.
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