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Keyboard Glockenspiel Celesta
CEL -53/CEL -56P
Keyboard Glockenspiel
Instruction Manual
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Table of Contents
Recommended Environments
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Published 09/2016 MW-C0
Celesta / Keyboard Glockenspiel
Instruction Manual
Please read these instructions carefully before using your celesta or keyboard
How to transport
The celesta and the keyboard glockenspiel have four swivel casters for easy
transportation. Be sure to unlock the two front casters when moving them.
Hold the bottom of the side arm and the cabinet, as shown in illustration (a).
For models equipped with a soft pedal, be sure to unlock the soft pedal when
moving them, as shown in illustration (b).
* Only the CEL-56P and the CEL-56PGL are equipped with a soft pedal.
How to lock the caster
The two front casters have locks. Be sure to lock the casters when storing the
instrument, using your feet as shown in illustration (c).
How to use the music rest
Soft pedal
Damper pedal
The music rest is integrated into the fallboard.
How to close the fallboard
The fallboard is equipped with a “Soft-Close” safety mechanism to ensure that
it closes slowly when you let it go.
Recommended Environments
Since the celesta and the keyboard glockenspiel are acoustic musical instruments, their sounds change with the ambient
temperature. The resonators are designed to produce maximum volume at 23°C (73°F).
Since the celesta and the keyboard glockenspiel are constructed of natural materials, excessively high or low humidity may
degrade the tone as well as the feel of the keyboard. The celesta and the keyboard glockenspiel are best kept in an
environment with a relative humidity of 40% to 70%.
Maintenance of the coated surface
Gently wipe dust off the surface of the wooden cabinet with a soft cloth.
Do not use cleaning detergent or a chemical cloth as they may damage the finish.
Maintenance of the keyboard
Wipe the keyboard off with a soft cloth.
If you cannot wipe off a stain, soak a cloth in soapy water, wring it out thoroughly, and wipe off the stain.
Do not use cleaning detergent, alcohol or benzene, as they may cause the keys to crack.
Dust cover
The cabinet has facing of the metal grilles for good sound penetration.
When you store the celesta or the keyboard glockenspiel, cover it with a cloth dust cover to control humidity and protect
against dust.
Tuning and adjustment
Some components may wear out through continued use.
Periodic tuning and adjustment are recommended.
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