Retrofit now!

Retrofit now!
Your Webasto Parking Heater
Feel-good climate by the market leader
Cozy interior for every weather!
Get in, feel good, drive off – that’s how wonderful driving can be when you have
»Up until yesterday,
a Webasto parking heater. Our parking heaters are real all-rounders when it comes
I scraped ice every
morning. Today I can’t
even imagine doing
that anymore.«
to feel-good ambience. Is there anything nicer than getting into a car with just
the right cozy temperature and clear visibility on a cold and wet or snowy day?
The same also goes for hot days; just switch your parking heater to ventilation,
and voila, pleasantly fresh air wafts into the interior. We have expanded our range
with new customized solutions – from the low-cost starter package all the way to
the premium product with the flexible heat distribution options. See for yourself!
»Getting in and feeling
good after a long walk,
even when it’s beastly
»I’m always online.
So I expect that from
my parking heater too.«
»I need a parking heater
that’s like me: fast,
punctual, reliable.«
»Since we have a parking heater,
our mornings at breakfast are a
lot more relaxed!«
»I’m active and always on
the move. That‘s why my
parking heater needs to be
flexibly and independently
Feel-good climate despite rain, snow and ice
Quality and high performance from the
market leader – regularly awarded
Clear windows and pleasantly warm interior temperatures are
not a matter of the size of the car. Webasto offers a top-notch
solution for every type of car.
Customized comfort for every type of vehicle
Webasto developed the Thermo Top Evo generation of its
parking heater line specifically for new vehicle models and those
with limited installation space. It is available in the performance
classes 4, 5 and 5+, providing optimum performance for the
individual car sizes. Thanks to a series of innovations, the most
powerful parking heater in its class, the Webasto Thermo Top
Evo 5+, provides particularly fast and efficient warm-up of even
Thermo Top Evo
Comparative tests of the TÜV SÜD show:
the Webasto Thermo Top Evo solutions
defrost the windshield faster while
consuming less fuel and electricity
thereby proving much more efficient
than comparable competitive products.
For the 10th time in a row, the
readers of „auto motor and
sport“ have chosen Webasto
as the best brand in the
category parking heaters.
For the 4th time, winner of
the AutoBild reader survey,
„The best brands in all
classes!“ 04 / 2015
AutoZeitung readers agree:
Webasto is the top brand for
parking heaters!
large passenger compartments.
Entry-level package:
Small price, great performance
For extra personalization:
the Webasto Individual add-on kits
Getting into a pre-heated car early in the morning, enjoying
A Webasto parking heater provides comfort and safety during
great comfort even on a mini budget and above all, being on
Good news for drivers of diesel-fueled cars
the cold season. Ice and fog-free windows improve visibility,
Webasto Individual Quick provides you particularly
the road much more safely. That is all included in the Webasto
Many diesel-powered vehicles come with a built in
thus significantly enhancing safety on the road. To upgrade the
fast warmth in the vehicle interior.
entry-level package for small cars.
auxiliary heater. With an upgrade kit by Webasto it
benefits you get from your parking heater, you can personalize
can be upgraded to a full-fledged parking heater at
it with the individual Webasto add-on kits.
You can get a Webasto parking heater including installation
and the MultiControl preset timer for as little as 1,098 Euros*.
Webasto Individual Select leave the choice up to
you: You decide where and when you want just how
low cost and with minimal effort!
You can choose from the Individual Quick and the Individual
The Thermo Top Evo fits into almost any small car and is
Thus you have all the functionality of an original
Select kits. So that your parking heater is perfectly geared to
guaranteed to be a worthwhile investment.
Webasto parking heater as well as the complete
your personal preferences, down to the last detail.
much heat.
selection of control units.
* Recommended retail price including VAT, only at participating partners and
for selected vehicle models. Cannot be combined with price promotions.
Webasto Individual Quick
Webasto Individual Select
Get warm faster, get away faster
You can enjoy flexibility even in winter
Especially short-distance and spontaneous drivers benefit from a
Concentrated heat output for the interior
Do you wish to decide from one car trip to the next how you
Those who desire comfort and a warmed-up engine can
real extra in comfort provided by the Webasto Individual Quick.
Heating up the entire car with the engine and passenger
would like to use your parking heater? A Webasto parking
heat using the combination or standard mode.
The parking heater is integrated with an island circuit, the
compartments may take some time. Generally 30 minutes for
heater combined with the Individual Select add-on kit allows
engine therefore not involved. Thus the entire capacity of the
a normal parking heater. Webasto Individual Quick gives you
you maximum freedom and spontaneity. Then it won’t make
The difference: in “combination” mode the priority is to heat
parking heater is available solely for heating the interior and
the option of heating the passenger compartment separately
a difference whether short distance or long distance, and
the interior of the car and engine preheating* is activated
defrosting the windshield. This way, the interior is preheated up
from the engine space.
you’re guaranteed a reliable start in cold climate countries.
with a time delay, once the interior has reached the desired
With Webasto Individual Select you‘re in charge of the heating.
temperature. In “standard” mode, however, the interior and
to 50% faster, while the battery is spared.
The advantages are obvious:
the engine* are warmed up at the same time.
Webasto Individual Quick is available for the Thermo Top Evo 4
Rapid heating of the interior
Three options for warmth to measure:
and 5 parking heaters with the control unit of your choice.
A safe drive from the very start thanks to frost-free glasses
When outside temperatures fall to -10 °C, the battery-conserving
Convenient operating
Rest the battery of the car
“interior” mode defrosts the windshield and warms up the
Important: The parking heater with Webasto Individual Select is
interior of the car in around 15 minutes.
operated with the ThermoCall Advanced control unit and the App.
* Depends on vehicle type
The app for your parking heater –
it doesn’t get any more convenient
The ThermoCall control unit is available in two new versions:
ThermoCall Entry
With the basic model you control your parking heater
with the on / off function.
ThermoCall Advanced
The comfort model gives you totally individual control
of the operation of your parking heater via a variety of
control functions:
Preprogramming for seven days in advance
Choose from heating, ventilation and automatic settings
Weather alert when the weather is unpleasant
Display of account balance on the ThermoCall SIM card*
Control several vehicles
Search for the nearest Webasto partners
For the App to communicate with the parking heater, you need
the ThermoCall control unit. It is built into your car along with the
parking heater.
* To operate the ThermoCall you need a SIM card with a sufficient balance. Depending on your
contract type, the feedback function incurs text message costs.
Heating exactly how and where you like it
Warm up your car via your mobile phone – operating a
Warm App!
By the way: The App is free of charge. Download
Even more comfort
Webasto parking heater has never been easier and more
Install the free ThermoCall App on your smartphone and you can
now and try the demo version.
Have you combined the “Individual Select” add-on kit with
flexible. Goodbye ice scraper – hello feel-good climate!
see for yourself. The navigation is intuitive and clearly organized –
now it’s fun to operate your Webasto parking heater!
Unlimited operation comfort
your Webasto parking heater? In that case, the ThermoCall
You can download the App for free here:
Apple App Store
Amazon App Shop
Google Play Store
Advanced control unit also lets you select various preheating
The Webasto ThermoCall App liberates you in many new ways.
You have all the information you need and the important
It allows you to operate your parking heater specifically and
functions right there in front of you on your start screen. With
conveniently at any time and from anywhere. It’s easy:
the restructured and clearly arranged menu you can conveniently
by making a call, sending a text message or via App. All you
manage your vehicle information and your personal settings.
unit can be retrofitted also for most of the factory-installed
need is a phone and the ThermoCall control unit that is installed
That way you can control your parking heater just how and
parking heaters.
in the car along with parking heater.
where you like.
You don’t have a ThermoCall control unit yet?
Not a problem, it can be retrofitted anytime. The control
Climate comfort – operated comfortably
Your Webasto parking heater not only ensures substantially more comfort and convenience,
Webasto offers remote controls with
the highest reach for parking heaters –
with distance to the competition.
This shows the test of the technical
control board of Austria in comparison
to products of the competition under
free field conditions.
Unreached in terms of operating distance:
Webasto remote controls
it can also be conveniently and easily operated – exactly as you like.
The Webasto MultiControl preset timer
The design of the Telestart T91, the
Besides the on / off function with
Operate your Webasto parking heater comfortably and intuitively
smallest remote control for parking
feedback and the temperature request,
with the new cutting-edge MultiControl preset timer. Thanks to the
heaters, is attractive and compact. It has
the Telestart T100 HTM also offers
built in automatic timer, you can preprogram up to three preset times
an on/off function with feedback signal
the opportunity to adjust the desired
per weekday. All the start and stop times that have been programmed
and a range of up to 1,000 meters.
departure time. The intelligent remote
and activated are clearly presented. If you prefer, you can also switch
calculates the required heating time
your parking heater on directly via the instant start button.
based on the current indoor temperature.
Operating range up to 1,000 meters.
How your Webasto parking heater works –
it’s that simple
Heating comfort for every type.
And always at a fair price.
Technical information and prices for parking heaters:
Type of heater
Thermo Top Evo 4 1)
Thermo Top E
Heat output (kW)
Full Load / Partial Load
Consumption of fuel (l) during
an heating phase of 20 min.
fully loaded
Power input (W)
Full Load / Partial load
Thermo Top Evo 5 1)
Thermo Top C
Thermo Top Evo 5+
4 / 2.5
5 / 2.6
5 / 2.6
ca. 0.17
ca. 0.21
ca. 0.21
35 / 26
46 / 26
46 / 26
Price (Euro)
With Intelligent Heat Control
Prices remote controls:
Type of control element
T100 HTM
Price (Euro)
Information and prices add-on kits:
Webasto Individual Quick 2)
For driving short distances
with focusing on interior
All Webasto parking heaters operate according to the
same proven principle. Simple, effective and safe.
The parking heater
is activated with one of
The circulation pump
moves the cooling agent
along a closed loop: through the parking heater to
the car heater‘s heat exchanger
, then on to the
engine and back to the parking heater.
The cooling agent is warmed up in the parking heater.
This warmth is expelled from the car heater‘s heat exchanger
and comes into the car interior via the car‘s fan
Price (Euro)
Only in combination with ThermoCall and App
The Webasto innovation: continuously
variable heat output control with
Intelligent Heat Control
Individual approach with
App according to interior
and engine preheating
For installation costs, please ask directly at your Webasto dealer.
The gasoline-air mixture is ignited by a glow plug –
the combustion chamber warms up.
Not in combination with Thermo Top Evo 5+
For Individualists and
maximum flexibility in
distributing the warmth
to the heater.
The parking heater fan draws fresh air in
The parking heater goes into start mode: fuel is
transported from the gasoline tank
50% faster warming
of the interior,
no engine preheating
Price (Euro)
our remote controls. Now new: Also via App!
Webasto Individual Select 2) 3)
Automatically always provides only as much
heat output as is necessary
Reduces fuel consumption, conserves the
battery and spares the environment
The cooling agent is transported to the car engine
Enhances heating comfort
and warms it up as well.
Standard on all Webasto Thermo Top 4 and
Did you already know? The parking heater is worth itself twice: caused by the ventilation function,
Thermo Top 5 heaters
the parking heater also ensures pleasant temperatures in the summer!
Back in the parking heater the process starts all over again.
Trust our Webasto dealers
Have him make you a good offer
Wherever there are Webasto parking heaters, you get the Webasto
At Webasto you get quality from the market leader. And you even
specialist to go right along with it. He is specially qualified for the
get that at particularly favorable prices. For example, our complete
installation of Webasto parking heaters and in addition to good
offer for small cars. Or our add-on solution for diesel-powered
advice, he also offers you top-notch service. When it comes to
vehicles: many already come equipped with an auxiliary heater
your parking heater wishes and requirements, you are in the best
ex works. With an upgrade kit from Webasto, it can be inexpensively
hands here.
turned into a full-fledged parking heater.
Go immediately to
Set up an installation appointment and experience the total
This is where you’ll find the Webasto dealer in your neighbourhood.
comfort of a Webasto parking heater in your very own car.
Tell him what you’re looking for and request an individual quote.
Allow yourself to be convinced of the attractive price / performance ratio.
Webasto wishes you a pleasant drive!
For over 75 years, the Webasto Group has been setting technological standards – in the original
equipment sector and in the aftermarket. As one of the 100 largest suppliers in the automotive
industry worldwide, we develop and produce roof, convertible as well as heating, cooling and
ventilation systems. Our products help ensure a better driving experience, more comfort and / or
security, as well as enhanced efficiency for cars, commercial and specialty vehicles, motor homes
and boats. An outstanding network of production facilities and dealers guarantees high-quality
products, installation standards and services worldwide.
Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE
P.O. Box 1410
82199 Gilching
Ident-Nr. MK11737 • 07/15 • Errors and omissions excepted • Printed in Germany • © Webasto Thermo & Comfort SE, 2015
This is how easy it is to get your parking heater
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