DVB-S2 LAN-Caster for DSB over IP (777)

DVB-S2 LAN-Caster for DSB over IP (777)
IP Television Headend
The MediaStar Evolution 777 LAN-Caster allows digital
satellite TV and Radio channels, (DVB-S or DVB-S2), to
be streamed onto an IP network. Connect a DVB-S/S2
LNB feed to the LAN-Caster and use the simple browser
based control interface to stream up to 11 channels
from a single RF multiplex to any networked PC using
the MediaStar Evolution desktop viewing software
(Part 761) or video screen with MediaStar Evolution
Digital Media Decoders (Parts 760 and 780).
Included within the scope of delivery:
777 DVB-S2 unit; Quick Start Guide; IP address label;
CD with USB driver; 4 x 10mm self adhesive feet; 2
metre Cat-5 patch cable; 2 metre USB 2.0 A to B cable;
2 metre RS232 cable; 12V DC external power supply; 2
metre UK & USA ‘figure 8’ power cords.
The unit is stand-alone, housed in a freestanding
metal box. It has IP Browser/RS232/USBv1.1 control
interfaces and is built around an ultra reliable dualcore engine running under Linux.
Signal Input
· RF input of Digital Satellite Television (DVB-S2) TV and radio
channels via a 75ohm IEC type F female connector
· Delivers up to 11 channels from an unscrambled
DVB-S2 Multiplex
· Supports both SD and HDTV
· RF loopthrough for connection to additional MediaStar
DVB-S2 LAN-Caster units
Video Output Streaming Protocols
· Unicast/Multicast; UDP/RTP/RTSP 10/100 Base-T network
interface for streaming to the network
Management and Control
· IP:10/100 Base-T interface to the on-board HTML
browser interface
· Serial port: RS232 interface for control and Configuration
· USB: USBv1.1 interface for control and configuration
Configuration and Monitoring
· On-board HTML setup browser. Choose up to 11 individual
channels from an unscrambled DVB-S2 MUX. Select channels
to stream across the network and remove at any time. Scan
through available DVB-S2 multiplexes for listing in a MUX
Selection Table
· Multicast and Unicast address for output of video stream
· C ontrol additional LAN-Caster units from a single web
interface via multicast link
· Password protected; Enablement Code for addition of features
· S tatic IP address or DHCP assignment of DVB-S2
LAN-Caster unit
· Supports Netmask, Gateway Address, DNS Server Addressing
· T elnet: 3rd party connectivity via TCP control such as Touch
Panel interfaces
· S NMP: monitoring of key operating functions reported via
on-board SNMP agent
100-240V AC, 10 Watts via external DC Adaptor with locking mini DIN connector
1.1Kg, 2.42lbs
Dimensions: 14.3cm x 22cm x 4.1cm; 5.7” x 8.7” x 1.7”
Environmental:0 - 40ºC; 32 - 104ºF
FCC Part 15, CE, CB
Companion Models & Accessories:
760 & 780 Digital Media Decoders
761 Desktop Viewing Application
762 Evolution Administrator Software
770 Rack and Mount Kit
774 DVB-S2 Rack Mounted Blade
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DVB-S2 LAN-Caster for DSB over IP (777)
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