Norstar BCM Analog Trunk Port Doorphone

Norstar BCM Analog Trunk Port Doorphone
Norstar / BCM Analog Trunk Port
May 2004
For Norstar/BCM Analog Trunk Port
Doorphones are frequently used in residences, access and business shipping doors, hospitals, prisons, airports, casinos, schools, or any environment that requires safe communication with a visitor or client.
Frequently, doorphones are connected to video monitoring systems and door or gate control systems for remote entry permission. Algo manufactures a variety of doorphones in stand-alone
and rack-mount configurations, station port and trunk port, and
with varying degrees of vandal resistance.
In this application, the 3026 Doorphone connects to an unused
(spare) analog trunk port and appears to the telephone system as
an outside CO line. The Doorphone provides talk battery and
ring voltage to the telephone system. Each 3026 Doorphone
requires its own analog trunk port.
Visitors can press the call button on the door station causing the
control unit to ring into the trunk port. The ring cadence and
number of rings can be selected. Any telephone(s) on the system can be assigned to ring when the doorphone calls.
When the call is answered, visitors can talk hands-free to the tenant. Also, at any time the doorphone trunk can be
selected at a telephone and a conversation initiated without the need for the call button being pressed.
Visitors can be allowed entry through an electric gate or door by dialing "6" on the telephone while talking to the
visitor. (This requires a customer-provided electric gate or door control.)
The door station requires 2 wire pairs to the control unit (maximum 1000 feet 24 awg), and 1 wire pair is required
between the control unit (includes power supply) and KSU/ICS (maximum 3000 feet). The door control relay is
provided from the control unit.
Spare Analog Trunk
3026 Trunk Port Doorphone
Nortel Networks offers the BST Doorphone (AO618970), which connects to a digital station port on the Norstar
KSU/ICS or BCM system. Products for door opening control are also available from Nortel Networks.
This application note is intended for Norstar systems with no spare digital station ports.
Algo Communication Products Ltd.
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