u l t i m a t e
g l o b a l
a w a r e n e s s
Skymap ll and Skymap lllC
The Skymap family from
Bendix/King brings you the
precision of GPS moving map
navigation technology any time,
any place, anywhere. Each model
offers the convenience of a
compact, portable unit whilst
maintaining an inherent
installation capability. The
incredible mounting versatility of
these products allows for either
knee, yoke, gimbal, pedestal,
panel or rack mounting
The Skymap IIIC offers full screen color in a
slim, compact unit and its sister product
Skymap II now offers the same comprehensive
range of features but in a monochrome
version. Both products provide a full moving
map navigation platform with full autopilot
interface capability through our AIM (Aviation
Interface Module) unit,
and for those who already
have a GPS or Loran
receiver, our Tracker
products offer a repeater
equivalent to the IIIC and
II units.
Both products offer worldwide Jeppesen® data coverage, extensive user
defined waypoint storage and flight planning
abilities. Together with our Flight Manager
software package you can download the
weather, notes, plan your trip and upload your
route from PC.
The Skymap series boasts an impressive range
of features to help you plan and calculate your
journey including simplified joystick data entry
and point interrogation, split screen navigation
modes, trip/fuel planning, vertical navigation,
wind calculation, note pad function, auto zoom,
emergency search, emergency airfield
minimum criteria and map customisation.
Dual parallel processing ensures that the
zooming function, joystick panning, displayed
cartography and overlaid navigation capability
are completely seamless. Simply point at your
desired destination, hit DIRECT TO and you
are on track. All these features combined with
simple on-screen help and soft key operating
system, make the Skymap series the very best
that Moving Map technology has to offer.
Technical Specifications
Physical Configuration
User Defined Database
(IIIC) 5” (127 mm) diagonal active matrix TFT LCD.
(II) 5” (127 mm) diagonal high contrast reflective
supertwist back lit LCD
Holds 500 user defined waypoints and up to 25 user
configurable airfields that are non ICAO listed
Holds up to 99 routes, with up to 99 turning points
(IIIC) 6.2”(w) x 4.5”(h) x 2.6”(d) (158 x 115 x 65mm)
(II) 6.2”(w) x 4.5”(h) x 1.4”(d) (158 x 115 x 35mm)
(IIIC) 1.88lbs (850g)
Skymap II Version 4 and Skymap IIIC provide the following interfaces:
(II) 1.43 lbs (650g)
Capable of receiving RTCM-104 format (with differential
Include RS232 (to interface with Autopilot Coupler
(AIM), ARNAV, ELTs, Storm Scopes and fuel flow
systems), NMEA 0183, and an annunciator output
Knee, Yoke, Gimbal, Pedestal, Panel, Rack or Portable
Performance Characteristics
Temperature: -20˚C to +70˚C
Power Input: 10 to 33 VDC
15 Watts max (IIIC)
3 Watts max (II)
(II) 6 AA cells. Dry/rechargeable
Battery Life:
(II) Dry Cell, typically 4 hours
GPS Receiver (Skymap)
8 channel parallel, simultaneous tracking
12 seconds (almanac, position, time & ephemeris
43 seconds (almanac, position & time known)
1.5 seconds
15 metres (without S/A), 1-5 metres with differential
Internal Database
Geographical: Coastline, political bounderies, cities, major towns, urban
areas (IIIC), roads, railroads, lakes and rivers
VORs, NDBs, airports, runway information and graphics,
communicating frequencies, intersections and approach
waypoints, restricted /danger areas, special use and
controlled airspace including upper and lower limits,
minimum safe altitudes
Aeronautical updates available every 1/3/6 or 12 months.
Feature and geographic upgrades are available
periodically within updates.
English, French, German & Spanish
Tracker II Version 4 and Tracker IIIC provide the following interfaces:
Receives ARNAV R-30 (RS232 or RS422 9600 baud),
NMEA0183 (4800 or 9600 baud) and Northstar
Proprietary Data (1200 baud)
Standard Equipment
Bendix/King Moving Map, Internal Antenna and Extension Cable (Skymap),
Leg Strap, Cigar Adapter (Skymap), Power/Data Cable(Tracker),
NiCad Batteries (Skymap II), Carrying Case, Owners Manual and
Getting Started Card
(Skymap) applies to Skymap IIIC & II
(Tracker) applies to Tracker IIIC & II
(IIIC) applies to Skymap IIIC & Tracker IIIC
(II) applies to Skymap II & Tracker II
Optional Equipment
Yoke Mount
Gimbal Mount
Pedestal Mount
Panel Mount
Panel Mount with Power/
SMB connector
Rack Mount
SMB to BNC Adapter Cable
Antenna Extension Cable
Low Profile External Antenna
AIM for Autopilot Coupling
Power Adapter (UK, EUR, US)
Flight Manager PC Software
PC Interface Cable
Coverage of each SkyData Module is by ten
ICAO/ARNIC geographic areas.
Accessory Listing
SkyData Modules
Skymap and Tracker products can be updated
with an interchangeable plug-in SkyData
Module. Our series of modules enables any
unit to be used anywhere in the world. The
SkyData Module is unique as it holds the
Jeppesen® aeronautical and Bendix/King
geographic database as well as the operating
system software. Continuous enhancement
means we can pass on new features to our
customers. Database updates (Jeppesen® and
geographic data) and feature upgrades
(operating software enhancements) are
available by exchanging your existing module
on a one off or subscription basis.
Eastern Europe
Latin America
South Pacific
Middle East
South America
• Portable or Installed
• Sunlight Readable
• Wide Viewing Angle
• Landscape or Portrait
• Multilingual
These are combined into three larger regions
as follows:
The Americas (comprising the
following CAN, USA, LAM, SAM)
• World-wide Support
• Intuitive Operation
• Seamless Pan & Zoom
Atlantic International (comprising
the following EUR, AFR, EEU, MES)
• North Up or Track Up
Pacific International (comprising of
the following PAC, SPA, EEU, MES)
• Map Layer Control
Please contact your Bendix/King dealer for
information on available databases.
• Data Point Interrogation
• Jeppesen® Data
• Roads & Railways
• Rivers & Lakes
• Cities & Towns
• MSA & Obstacles (USA)
• Notepad Facility
• Annual Feature Upgrades
f u l l
c o l o r
m o v i n g
m a p
t e c h n o l o g y
a n y
t i m e ,
a n y
a n y w h e r e
p l a c e ,
Skymap II data is stored in a module, which comprises a pair
of programmable EPROMS; the Skymap IIIC has a PCMCIA
flash memory card, both types can be erased and
reprogrammed. Blank data cards for Jeppesen® database
exchanges are available in either blank or pre loaded formats.
Use your Bendix/King unit in either Portrait Standard or
Portrait Inverse modes with this mount. The click attachment
makes for a semi-permanent fit within the aircraft.
Panel Mount
Simple to fit, this mount is suitable for any flat section of the
aircraft instrument panel. An integral power/SMB connector
(as shown in the photo) is available as an optional extra and is
ideal for permanent installations.
Gimbal Mount
Ideally suited for helicopter applications, this mount can be
secured on top of the centre console or binnacle and includes
an adjustable angle feature.
Rack Mount
Designed for your Bendix/King unit to be fitted into a standard
radio stack, this mount provides the benefits of a fully installed
system with the flexibility to remove your unit at will through
the ‘push and release’ mechanism.
Pedestal Mount
The design of this mount offers complete flexibility in
adjusting the unit in all three dimensions for optimum viewing.
It can be installed on the top or sides of your aircraft
console/binnacle or on the roof.
In some circumstances a user may wish to have a permanent
installation, particularly if their Skymap unit is properly
installed in the aircraft. We can provide a suitable white
external low profile antenna complete with the necessary
interface co-axial cables to match the installation.
Cables & Power Adapter/Chargers
Additional leads could include a PC interface cable or
2m antenna extension cable to name a few. Alternatively, you
may require a Power Adapter/Charger. These can be supplied
with plugs to suit most common European, UK and USA
socket standards. These Power Adapter/Chargers are
specifically designed to match the changing requirements of
rechargeables in Skymap II or Tracker II units.
Software Updates
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The information in this brochure is accurate at the time of
publication but is subject to change without prior notice.
Designed and produced by Pollett & Cole
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