New Quick Start Guide

New Quick Start Guide
Table of Contents
Getting Started:
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Login & Password Setup
Page 3
Shopping for Parts:
Introduction to Search
Page 4
Search Results (+ Facets & Filters)
Page 4
Product Detail Page
Page 5
Multi-Line Order
Page 6
Shopping Cart & Checkout
Page 7
Order History
Page 8
Order Status
Page 9
Invoices, Tracking & Packing Slips
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Page 10
Account Management Overview
Page 11
Account Settings
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Support Center:
• Visit to view how-to articles, Aviall announcements and more!
Getting Started - Registration
Your account grants you access to view invoices and packing slips, create saved part lists, download
certs, and much more! Registration is as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Click the “Get an Account” button
2. Fill out the “Register for an Account” form.
3. Submit the registration request after
reviewing and agreeing to the Terms and
Conditions of Sale.
Useful Tips
Don’t have or don’t remember your Aviall account
No problem! Give us a call at 1-800-AVIALL-1
(1-972-586-1564 for international) and we’ll
assist you in looking up, or setting up, your
Aviall account.
Registration requests are approved after review from
our customer service team, access is not granted
Need quick access? Give your local Aviall sales
representative a call, or call 1-800-AVIALL-1 (1972-586-1564 for international).
Password setup link expired?
Simply request a new link by clicking the
“Login” button, “Reset Password” and enter
your email address. A new link will
immediately be sent. Please be aware that
password setup and reset links are only valid
for 24 hours.
Getting Started – Signing In
You can login to your account from any page. Simply click the blue “Login” button at the top and submit
your login credentials. Don’t remember your credentials? Select “Reset Password” in the Login window, enter your
email address, and submit. A link to reset your password will instantly be emailed to you.
Quick Tip: You will need to set up your ship-to profiles before placing your first order. Need help setting them up?
Please visit for a tutorial.
1. Password Setup
When your access is approved
you’ll receive an email with a link to set up
your password.
2. Login
Once you set up your password click “Login”
and enter your credentials to start using
3. Forget your password?
Click “Reset Password” in the Login window
to generate a reset password email.
Useful Tips
Password reset and setup links are only valid for 24 hours.
You can request a new link at any time by clicking “Login”
and “Reset Password”.
Trouble setting up your password? Please verify that it meets the
following requirements.
Passwords must be 8-50 characters
Must contain upper-case and lower-case letters
Must contain numbers or symbols
Must not contain part or complete username and any 3
consecutive characters
Must not contain the word "password"
Shopping for Parts – Search
New gives you access to enhanced search features that make finding product easier than ever. When
your search results are returned use the facets to the left of your results to narrow down your search results.
Facets can help better focus your part search based on multiple attributes like Category, Manufacturer or
1. Item Search
Search the Aviall catalog by part
number, manufacturer or
2. Faceted Browsing
Select from multiple facets to
help narrow your search
results. Easily select categories
or specific manufacturers.
3. Export to CSV
Download your search results
as a .CSV file.
4. Sort & Show
Sort results by relevance or
product code A-Z or Z-A, and
select how many results display
per page. Currently defaults to
twenty results per page.
5. Pagination
Easily navigate from page to
page by clicking “Next” or jump
ahead by clicking the page
Shopping for Parts – Product Detail Page allows for easy access to the product details that you need. From the product detail page you can add
items to the shopping cart, save them to a list, view the product in the Aviall catalog, view supersedure history and
much more!
1. Product Inventory
View quantity on-hand at your local
2. Available Stock
View branch specific inventory by
clicking in “Available Stock”.
3. Add item to cart
4. Add item to a Saved List
Add product to an existing saved
list, or create a new list.
5. Print or Download Catalog Page
Download the Aviall catalog page
6. Product Specific Details
View product specific information
like NSN, CAGE Code, ECCN, etc.
7. Item Replacement History
Item supersedure information with
links to detail pages for superseded
Shopping for Parts – Multi-Line Order
Multi-Line Order allows you to quickly find and add multiple part numbers to your shopping cart or saved
1. Multi-Line Order
Click the “Multi-Line Order” button to
open the Multi-Line Order screen.
2. Line by Line or Paste Your
Manually add up to 20 parts in the
Line by Line tab, or paste up to 100
lines using the Paste Your
Spreadsheet tab. You can download
our Excel template by clicking on
“Download Our MS Excel
3. Add Items
Enter part numbers manually or
paste your spreadsheet.
4. Continue
Once your parts are entered click
“Continue” to proceed to next steps.
Our Multi-Line Order resolution
process will assist you with selecting
parts from multiple manufacturers,
parts that have been superseded or
require a minimum order quantity.
Resolve all will fix all the parts
on your list that require
a) Update will resolve parts on
a line by line basis.
Remove all will clear your list of
parts requiring correction and
take you to the Finalized Parts
b) Parts can be removed on a
line by line basis by clicking
the icon.
Order – Cart & Checkout
Shopping Cart Page
1. Save your cart to a saved list, as a quote,
download as .CSV or remove all items.
2. Checkout
3. Select to include certs and/or 8130s for
all or individual lines.
4. Adjust item quantities.
5. Remove a line item, or save the line item
to a Saved List.
Place Order Screen
1. Payment Method
Select a payment method for your
order and enter a PO number.
2. Ship-To
Change the ship-to address, or use a onetime ship-to, and select your preferred
freight method.
3. Email Notifications
Add additional email addresses to receive
order confirmations and advanced
shipment notifications.
4. Item Summary
Choose ship-from location, adjust
quantifies and select to receive 8130s for
each line item.
5. Place Order
Order – Order History Search
Your order status and history are available on the “Order History” page under “My Account”. Order
History allows you to track all orders that were placed on your Aviall account. Use the “Search Order”
functionality to find orders by part, PO, order, invoice or shipment number. Additional filter
functions include order status, date range, ship-to address and user ID. By default your order history
will show all open orders in the past 14 days.
Order Date, Order Number and User ID *
of individual who placed the order.
PO Number
Order Total
Ship-to Address
Order Status
* Please note, User ID only displays for
orders placed on
Order Contains
Search order history by part, PO, order,
shipment or invoice number.
Filter Order Status
Apply the order status filter to show all orders
or only those that are open or closed.
From Date – To Date
Specify a date range to increase or decrease
the number of orders returned.
Ship-To Address
View orders for specific ship-to locations.
User ID
View all orders placed by an individual user on
your account.
Order – Order History Search
Quickly find your invoices, packing
slips, tracking numbers and more all
in one place on the order detail page.
1. Detailed order status.
2. View or download copies of your
invoices and packing slips.
3. Track your shipments.
4. View or download MSDS, SDS
and WHMIS sheets if applicable.
Order – Quotes
Creating quotes on is as easy as 1-2-3!
Search for the parts you wish
to quote and add them to the
shopping cart.
After adding your parts to the
shopping cart click on “Save as
Give your quote a nickname
and click the “Save Quote”
Useful Tips
Quotes can be accessed by going to My Account >
Quotes. From there you can view, print, and add
quotes directly to your shopping cart. Need to
update an expired quote? Just add the expired quote
to your shopping cart. We’ll automatically update the
pricing and allow you to save it again as a new quote.
Account Management Overview grants managers the ability to activate and deactivate users on your account, set account
level checkout preferences and review your user’s orders prior to approval.
Users with the appropriate level of access will find their
account level settings in “My Account” under “My
1. “Users” allows a manager to add and remove user’s
access on their account.
2. “Checkout Preferences” allow a manager to specify
default PO format for all orders placed on the
account. Additionally, you can specify to always
include or exclude 8130s, certs and no prices on
packing slips.
3. “Pending Mgr. Approval” contains any order that
requires manager approval. Once reviewed, the
manager can choose to approve or reject the order.
Please note, if you need the management abilities above
please reach out to your local branch or Aviall sales
Knowledge Base & Support Center
Have a question about Visit our Support Center for helpful articles and guides to assist
you with any questions you may have.
Having an issue logging in, resetting your password, or just want to learn more?
Visit, or type “help” in the search bar to access our Support Center.
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