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FullTime Bass System Owner's Instructions
Thank you for choosing the FullTime bass system. We are proud of our products and
confident that you will discover the many benefits of the advanced technology incorpo-
rated into the FullTime bass system.
Before unpacking your new FullTime bass system, please note that the components
should be handled carefully. Touching the moving elements (located in the top third of the
front) could damage them.
After unpacking your FullTime bass modules, save the boxes and all packing materials.
(If you return a loudspeaker for warranty service, the authorized packing material must be
used.) Atthis time youshould fill outall the information on both warranty cards, including
serial numbers and the date of purchase. Keep one of the cards for your records. Mail us
the other one and we will validate your warranty.
The FullTime is a bass system designed to provide extra punch and bass response when
used in conjunction with the DCM TimePiece, HalfTime or any fine, small loudspeakers.
On the rear of each Full Time are two sets of input terminals. Each set has a red terminal for
the positive (+) lead and a black terminal for the negative (-) lead. Set-up is quite easy if
done in the following manner:
1. Before connecting anything, turn off your amplifier and unplug it from the wall.
2. You will need four new pieces of speaker wire to connect the two components of the
FullTime to your amplifier and speakers. Cut appropriate lengths of speaker wire
and remove about one-half inch of insulation from each end. Carefully twist the
exposed strands of wire so that the positive and negative sides cannot possibly touch.
(Most speaker wire is color-coded: red (copper) for positive and black (silver) for
3. Run wire from the amplifier to your FullTimes' bottom terminals (marked with a
serial tag). Pull up the plastic terminal lever, insert the appropriate speaker wire, and
release the lever.
4. Run wire from your satellite loudspeakers to your FullTimes' fop terminals.
5. When all wires are attached to the system, double check that your positive wires are
all connected to the positive terminals (to ensure that the system will operate in
phase and reproduce the maximum bass response). Now you may plug in your
This system is very flexible and is designed to be used in a variety of settings. As a
general rule, most people begin placement with the listener's position at the focal point of
an equilateral triangle. If you are using the TimePiece or Half Time as a satellite, placement
is much less critical as the coaxial technology allows a great deal of flexibility without
compromising the sound quality. Here are a couple of placement options that have worked
well in our homes: stacking the DCM satellite loudspeaker on top of the FullTime creates
an impressive mini-tower system; placing the satellite on a bookshelf, wall or almost
anywhere and the FullTime on the floor near a wall is a method that works very well. In
most situations the bass response is improved by moving the FullTime closer to the rear
wall and/or corners.
We recommend any high-grade furniture polish for the solid oak tops and bottoms. Do
not place the FullTime bass system near radiators or any other heat sources such as direct
sunlight, which may bleach the wood and fade the grilles.
DCM loudspeakers have a history of extremely high reliability. However, if they
should require service, contact your dealer. If your dealer is at an inconvenient distance,
please contact DCM Corporation directly. Remember, if you send your speakers back for
service, they must be packaged in authorized boxes.
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