ICORE AC4000 and AC9000 Retrofit Kits

ICORE AC4000 and AC9000 Retrofit Kits
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AC4000 and AC9000 Retrofit Kits
The AC4000 and AC9000 retrofit kits
are designed to replace the electronics
on older style checkweighing systems
while maintaining the existing mechanical material handling properties. This
allows you the opportunity to upgrade
your checkweigher with a state of the
art electronic control without incurring
the expense of a new mechanical
frame and reworking your existing line.
What Does the Retrofit Kit
New Electronics
Since your existing machine was purchased, checkweighing technology has
advanced tremendously. The current
PC based electronics of the AC4000
and AC9000 make these check-
weighers more accurate, more reliable,
and simpler for your operators to use.
There are no mechanical dip switches
to set or wear out. The advanced
self-diagnostics of the AC4000 and
AC9000 aid in alerting operators of
possible malfunctions. Online statistics
are accessible from both machines.
Whether the basic production statistics
offered in the AC4000 fit your needs or
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if you prefer the more in depth and concise, real time, statistics offered by the
AC9000 and displayed on its full color
liquid crystal display.
New Loadcell
Depending on the age of your existing
system you may require the addition of
our standard state of the art loadcell.
These loadcells have no moving parts
to adjust and are virtually unaffected by
temperature changes. This will provide
superior accuracy and increase durability. Loadcells that can withstand hostile
environments and are suitable for washdown conditions are also available.
Peripheral Advancements
The retrofit kit will also include an
infrared photoeye and brackets for
mounting to the existing frame. These
photoeyes allow for precise tracking
and measurement of package speed
and size, thus ensuring optimum weighing from your checkweighing system.
Also available is an optional speed
sensor with proper mounting hardware.
The speed sensor will allow you to reliably track the product, which ensures
superior weighing and proper reject
timing for off weight product.
Other Options
The AC9000 has the ability to provide
communication of raw weights and
statistical production reports via communications link. These systems support a broad range of communications
Automatic speed control
The AC9000 can be fitted with an automatic speed control system, which will
automatically change the speeds when
products are changed.
Servo Feedback
The AC9000 is capable of giving a
closed contact output to fillers, slicers
or cutters to adjust product fill weights
online. This Servo Feedback automatically controls and maintains desired
target weight.
How to Order
When ordering, please provide Thermo
Ramsey with the serial number of your
existing weighframe. This will help us
to ensure a smooth conversion of your
existing frame and a successful installation of your retrofit kit.
Installation of retrofit kits is simple and
straightforward. We recommend you
contract Thermo Ramsey service
personnel to assist in installation. Since
the current weighframe remains intact
there will be no lines to cut, or machinery to move. Just install the peripheral
equipment, electrically hook up the
checkweigher and you’re ready to run.
AC4000 Retrofit Kit
The AC4000 is designed for basic
checkweighing applications where
detailed statistical information is not
required. The AC4000 offers the
following features:
• 3 zones
• 15 product set-ups
• Displays for weight and zone
• Status indicators i.e. no gap, rezero,
and alarm
• Easy set-up and operation
• Autozero
• Sample key
• Built-in gray zone calculation
• Password protection
• Automatic self diagnostics
AC9000 Retrofit Kit
The AC9000 is designed for applications where the checkweigher is used
to control production weight, monitor
productivity, or analyze packaging line
performance. The AC9000 offers the
following features:
• 5 zones
• 100 product set-ups
• Detailed specific information including:
- Full production statistics
- Standard deviation
- Histograms
- X-bar charts
- Full color graphic display
- Built-in oscilloscope
- Built in self diagnostics
- Internal gray zone calculation
- Event recording
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