HBZC3500 - Blade Helis
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Welcome to HobbyZone
The HobbyZone® line is designed to make getting
into RC easier than ever. You get to be in control of an
exhilarating RC experience right from the moment you
open the box. That’s because every HobbyZone vehicle,
whether for air, land or sea, comes complete with
everything you need to get started. There’s nothing else
to buy! The batteries, charger, transmitter and more are
right there in the box, meaning you’re just minutes away
from the fun. Only HobbyZone offers additional excitement for our products, like unique X-Port™ technology.
Flip through this brochure and take a look at all of the
exciting options, and get ready to join in on the fun.
The Right Plane for You
Whether you’ve never run an RC product before,
or you have a bit of experience behind the controls,
HobbyZone® has something for you. And we make it
easy to find the right item for you with our Zones.
Get Started
If you’ve never flown or driven an RC vehicle before,
check out our Zone 1 items. Zone 1 products are
designed specifically for anyone who is new to RC.
Their designs and features are made to offer you
added safety and success, and the best part is that
no experience is required. Everything you need is in
the box, so you can just charge the batteries and
take off.
Take Your Next Step
Once you’ve gotten started with our Zone 1 products,
or if you already have some RC experience, Zone 2
offers increased control and speed that let you take full
advantage of your skill. More powerful motors and larger
control surfaces make for more thrilling flights as you
improve your ability to pilot through more challenging
maneuvers. The added power and performance of
Zone 2 planes makes them able to handle intense flying
when you’re ready. Some experienced guidance is also
recommended to keep things flying smoothly.
Your Ultimate Thrill
Zone 3 machines feature the highest level of aerobatics
and speed for experienced RC flyers. The biggest and
most powerful planes that HobbyZone® offers, they let
you develop your skills further and even teach yourself
some advanced aerobatic maneuvers. The sheer size
and speed of Zone 3 machines make them an incredible
flying challenge for experienced pilots who want to
put their abilities to the test. Previous Zone 1 or Zone
2 experience and some instructor assistance may be
helpful in operating Zone 3 products. Zone 3 products
should not be flown by anyone new to RC flying.
The best part is that HobbyZone backs all our great
products with full parts support and professional technical
and customer service for any question you might have.
The HobbyZone Advantage
Not all ready-to-fly planes are created equal. Advanced
technologies exclusive to HobbyZone® make teaching
yourself to fly easy and a whole lot more fun too. As
you flip through this catalog you can tell what features
each plane has based on the icons that are shown.
Anti-Crash Technology
Anti-Crash Technology™ is the latest innovation from
HobbyZone, making your first flights safer and more
successful than ever before by helping to keep your
HobbyZone plane in the air. Optical sensors on the
top and bottom of the plane are designed to detect
the ground and sky in relation to the plane’s normal
flight path. If these sensors detect a drastic change
in the plane’s flight, such as when it starts to spiral
or dive, the receiver corrects the throttle and controls
to prevent any further diving, while allowing you to
regain control. And it does all of this without interfering
with your smooth, normal control input, meaning
you get to enjoy the added safety of ACT while still
experiencing the thrill of RC flight. Once you’ve
developed your flying skills, ACT can be turned off,
even in mid-flight, for an increase in maneuverability
and control.
The HobbyZone Advantage (cont.)
This software uses time-based calculations to precisely
adjust control surface travel so that you can enjoy
excellent responsiveness at all throttle settings without
overcontrolling. You can also switch from Smart-Trak’s
standard mode to expert mode for full control when
you are ready.
Multi-Mode™ flight control software gives you two ways
to fly: Sport Mode or Pro Mode. Sport Mode lets you
get the feel for the plane by keeping control responses
smooth and manageable. When you’re comfortable,
you can unlock Pro Mode for full control.
3-Channel Control
Three-channel planes give you more complete control
over your flying experience. You control the throttle,
steering and pitch that allow additional maneuvers for
exciting flights.
X-Port™ technology gives you the ability to add exciting
functionality to your plane. New accessories are always
in the works, so check out the X-Port accessories page in
the back of this brochure, or find them online.
Simple, Successful Flight
The Firebird Scout™ is your starting point for easy and
successful flight. HobbyZone® keeps the controls smooth
and simple with throttle and steering, just like driving an
RC car. That’s all you have to learn to be in the air and
flying in no time.
What makes flying the Firebird Scout easy for you is
HobbyZone’s exclusive Smart Trak™ control system. With
Smart Trak you get two ways to fly: Standard Mode and
Expert Mode. If you’ve never flown before, Standard
Mode adjusts your control inputs so you don’t risk losing
control of your plane. The result is a smooth, successful
flight with added safety. After you’ve taught yourself the
basics, you can unlock Expert Mode for tighter turning
performance that’s ideal for racing friends and more.
HBZ4600 $54.99
Wingspan: 29.5 inches (750mm)
Motor: 180-power
Battery: 5-cell, 6V 300mAh Ni-MH
Flight Time: 8–10 minutes
Radio: FM, 2-channel proportional
Your First Flight
The Firebird Commander 2’s 2-channel controls make
learning to fly just as easy as driving an RC car. Equipped
with HobbyZone’s innovative Anti-Crash Technology™,
the Firebird Commander® 2 actually gives you two ways
to fly. When active, ACT analyzes the way your Firebird
Commander 2 is flying and helps ensure that the plane
doesn’t fall into a dangerous dive that could lead to a
crash. ACT can be turned off when you’re ready for more
aerobatic and challenging flight. Anti-Crash Technology
is an added level of safety that takes the worry out of
your first flights, letting you enjoy the fun of flying.
Looking for a New Flying Experience?
The Firebird Commander 2’s white wings make it a great
plane to fly with HobbyZone’s Night Flight Module™.
The bright LED lights illuminate the wing, offering an
exhilarating, new way to fly.
HBZ2600 $99.99
Ready for More Power?
Equip your Firebird Commander 2 with a more powerful
7-cell, 8.4V 900mAH Ni-MH (HBZ1013) battery pack.
Check the back of the catalog for the chargers and
batteries that work for you.
Wingspan: 40 inches (1020mm)
Motor: 380-power
Battery: 6-cell, 7.2V 900mAh Ni-MH
Flight Time: 12–15 minutes
Radio: FM, 2-channel proportional
The Plane That Grows With You
HBZ7000 $139.99
Experience the next dimension of first-flight success
with the Firebird Freedom™. The Firebird Freedom is the
first RC plane ever to offer groundbreaking Anti-Crash
Technology™ combined with a 3-channel radio system
for complete throttle, steering and pitch control. The
Firebird Freedom’s 3-channels let you teach yourself to
fly with more control and feel, making the move up to
advanced planes in the future even easier. HobbyZone’s
exclusive Anti-Crash Technology sees the horizon and
adjusts the Firebird Freedom’s throttle and pitch to
prevent dangerous dives, and also offers the option of
turning ACT off for increased aerobatics.
Ready for More Excitement?
The 3-channel control of the Firebird Freedom makes it
perfect for adding the Aerial Drop Module™. Just plug it
in for thrilling bomb raids or parachute drops right on
target. Check out the X-Port™ accessories page for this
and more options.
Wingspan: 50 inches (1270mm)
Motor: 480-power
Battery: 7-cell, 8.4V 1000mAh Ni-MH
Flight Time: 12–15 minutes
Radio: FM, 3-channel proportional
Your Next Step
If you’ve advanced beyond your Zone 1 plane and
are now ready for the challenge of three channels,
the Aerobird Challenger® is the right fit. The fully
proportional 3-channel control system opens the door
for all kinds of exciting maneuvers, like steep turns and
loops, and paves the way for a transition into larger RC
aircraft. Advanced Multi-Mode™ flight control software
gives you the ability to ease into the Zone 2 experience.
Get the feel for the Aerobird Challenger in Sport Mode,
then unlock Pro Mode when you’re ready for extreme
V-tail maneuverability that’s perfect for aerobatics.
Want More Fun?
The Aerobird Challenger’s power and maneuverability
make it ideal for aerial combat. Add the Sonic Combat
Module™ and let the games begin! Check the X-Port™
accessories page to see all the possibilities.
Can’t get enough?
Get a spare 7.2V 900mAh Ni-MH battery pack (HBZ1012)
to extend your flying sessions. Check the battery compatibility chart to see which batteries fit this plane.
HBZ3500 $149.99
Wingspan: 42 inches (1065mm)
Motor: 380-power
Battery: 6-cell, 7.2V 900mAh Ni-MH
Flight Time: 12–15 minutes
Radio: FM, 3-channel proportional
Your Ultimate Flying Thrill
You’re an experienced flyer, and you’ve got 3-channel
controls mastered. Now you’re ready for HobbyZone’s
ultimate flying machine. The Aerobird Xtreme™ lets you
advance your skills even further as HobbyZone’s largest,
most powerful plane. You’ll be doing loops, barrel rolls
and more like a pro with the Aerobird Xtreme’s powerful
540 motor, 3-channel controls and wingspan that’s over
4½ feet wide. The user-friendly Multi-Mode™ control
system allows you to get the hang of flying it in Sport
Mode, and you can unlock the full level of control for
increased responsiveness in Pro Mode.
Test Your Skills
The Aerobird Xtreme’s size, power and control make it
the ultimate aerial combat machine. Equip yours with
the Sonic Combat Module™ and challenge your friends
to a dog fight. Find out more about the Sonic Combat
module on the X-Port™ accessories page.
Want to keep the fun going?
Check out the battery page at the back of the catalog
to find additional high-capacity packs for the Aerobird
Xtreme so you can keep on flying.
HBZ6500 $189.99
Wingspan: 55 inches (1400mm)
Motor: 540-power
Battery: 6-cell, 7.2V 1700mAh Ni-Cd
Flight Time: 15–20 minutes
Radio: FM, 3-channel proportional
Unique Flying Fun
Turn a few heads at the local park with the wild and
wonderful Sky Surfer™ paraplane. Its ultra lightweight
parafoil design is nearly impossible to crash and a real
thrill to fly. Like HobbyZone® airplanes with two channels,
all you have to control is throttle and steering so flying is
a cinch. Shoot touch-and-go’s, limbo under goal posts or
race around pylons. It’s flying fun unlike anything you’ve
ever seen before.
Increase Your Hang Time
Boost the Sky Surfer’s run time and performance with the
optional 7.2V 1100mAh Ni-Cd battery pack (HBZ7809).
Check the battery page in the back of the catalog for
information on more charger and battery options.
HBZ7800 $249.99
Width: 50 x 18 inches (1260 x 460mm)
Motor: 370-power
Battery: 6-cell, 7.2V 600mAh Ni-Cd
Flight Time: 3–4 minutes
Radio: AM, 2-channel proportional
Monster Truck Madness!
The 1/20-scale Mini Mauler™ brings the excitement of
monster trucks right out of the arena and into your living
room. Small enough to be run almost anywhere, the Mini
Mauler comes completely assembled and ready to drive
with a sharp-looking factory-painted body decked out
with pre-applied decals. It also sports oversized rubber
tires that can tackle almost any terrain. Just like larger RC
trucks, the Mini Mauler is equipped with a sophisticated,
fully proportional radio control system, electronic speed
control and working suspension. For highflying, groundpounding monster truck action you can enjoy anytime,
anywhere, nothing can touch the Mini Mauler.
Want More Speed?
Add the rechargeable 5-cell, 6V 600mAh Ni-MH battery
pack (HBZ1011) for more power. Check the accessories
page for more batteries that are compatible with your
That’s Just the Beginning
Ball bearing and motor upgrades are also available.
To make your Mini-Mauler screaming fast, go to
HBZ3000: Black
HBZ3005: Red
HBZ3010: Blue
Length: 7 inches (177mm)
Motor: 180-power
Battery: 4 AA alkalines
Run Time: 25–30 minutes
Radio: AM, 2-channel proportional
Backyard Blast!
Become a backyard battle commander with the M1A1
Abrams Tank. Loaded with five exciting combat functions
and realistic combat sounds, this RC battle tank is a real
blast. Cannon fire, turret rotation and cannon elevation
are all controlled from the transmitter. Rubber treads and
dual independent motors will give you plenty of traction
and power to climb 45-degree inclines and run virtually
anywhere. It is available on two different frequencies, in
either green or tan camouflage patterns.
HBZ2050: Tan (27MHz) $99.99
HBZ2051: Green (49MHz) $99.99
Length: 21 inches (533mm)
Motor: 280-power
Battery: 6-cell, 7.2V 600mAh Ni-Cd
Run Time: 10–15 minutes
Radio: AM, 5-channel
Splash and Dash
HBZ3410: Blue $79.99
Dash across the water. Slash your way through turns.
Run circles around practically everything else on the water
with the Zig Zag Racer 2™. Its compact size, slingshot
acceleration and turn-on-a-dime agility are unlike anything
you’ve seen before. Each boat includes three selfanchoring ball buoys for creating your own racecourse,
or detach one from its anchor and play water soccer
with your friends using the included buoy retrieval arm.
Keep Sailing
HBZ3405: Red $79.99
HBZ3400: Yellow $79.99
HBZ3315: Orange Balls (2) $3.99
Want more time on the waves? Grab an extra 7.2V
900mAh Ni-MH battery pack (HBZ1012) so you can stay
on the water longer for more fun and excitement.
Length: 15 inches (381mm)
Motor: 380-power
Battery: 6-cell, 7.2V 900mAh Ni-MH
Run Time: 10–15 minutes
Radio: FM, 2-channel proportional
HBZ4020 $19.99
X-Port Accessories
Expand your experience by adding exciting functionality
to any HobbyZone® plane equipped with X-Port™
technology. Adding an accessory is as simple as clipping
it on and plugging it in, and you control them all with
the transmitter.
Sonic Combat Module
HBZ6023 $19.99
Plug in the SCM and take on other similarly equipped
HobbyZone planes in aerial combat. When your plane
is “hit,” the SCM temporarily disables the motor while
allowing you to steer.
Aerial Drop Module
Plug in the ADM and you can drop streamer bombs or a
parachutist, both of which are included.
HBZ3510 $19.99
Night Flight Module
Once you’ve gained some experience, you can add the
NFM, featuring ultra-bright LEDs, for an exciting and
unique nighttime flying experience. Check out the planes
featuring white wings in this brochure to see which ones
work best with the NFM.
Batteries & Chargers
Firebird Commander 2
Firebird Freedom
Aerobird Challenger
Aerobird Xtreme
Actual prices may vary.
5–7 Cell DC Peak 1.8A (HBZ6519)
7.2V 900mAh Ni-MH Battery
HBZ1012 $22.99
8.4V 900mAh Ni-MH Battery
HBZ1013 $25.99
2.5-Hr Wall w/Timer (HBZ4547)
1.2A Variable Rate DC Peak Charger
HBZ1026 $18.99
3-Hr Wall w/Timer (HBZ2519)
2.5-Hr Wall w/Timer (HBZ5539)
Zig Zag Racer 2
4–7 Cell DC Peak 1.2A (HBZ1026)
Firebird Scout
1.8A Variable Rate DC Peak Charger
HBZ6519 $22.49
6V 600mAh Ni-MH Battery
HBZ1011 $16.99
Battery Compatiblity Chart
6V 300mAh Ni-MH Battery
HBZ4545 $12.34
4.8V 600mAh Ni-MH Battery
HBZ1010 $13.99
Want to keep your downtime to a minimum? Or are you
looking to add more speed and power to give you that
edge in sonic combat? Whatever your needs, keep the
fun going with extra batteries and chargers. Find out
which ones are compatible with your vehicle in the chart
below or online at hobbyzonesports.com
Scale Flying Excitement
ParkZone® provides quality park flyers that require
minimal setup, and they feature the technology and
design to make flying fun. These park flyers are the
perfect next step for pilots who have sharpened their
skills on HobbyZone® planes and are ready to get
even more out of their flying experience. Much like in
HobbyZone, each plane in the ParkZone line is ready
to fly in minutes and includes everything you need in
the box. You can get flying right away because full
proportional FM transmitters, rechargeable battery
packs, variable-rate DC peak chargers and transmitter
batteries are all included. Open the box, charge it up
and take to the sky. It’s that easy.
Super Decathlon
PKZ1400 $159.99
P-51D Mustang
PKZ1500 $179.99
F-27B Stryker
PKZ1200 $169.99
Even More RC Excitement
When it comes to getting started with radio control,
nothing comes close to HobbyZone® for a fun and
easy way to learn. But, what you see in this catalog is
just the tip of the iceberg. Along with HobbyZone and
ParkZone,® there’s a whole universe of radio control
flying, driving and boating adventures you can explore.
Look for these items and more at your local hobbystore.
Blade CX
EFLH1200 $189.99
Get Involved
Learn even more about radio control by joining one of
these organizations dedicated to the hobby.
ShockWave 36” RTR
PRB2050 $349.99
Academy of Model Aeronautics
Phone: (765) 287-1256
Remotely Operated Auto Racers
North American
Model Boat Association
LOSB0215 $199.99
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