Guardian Pro 2
9 to 36 kg
from approx. 9 months to approx. 12 years
The „2-in-1“ child safety seat
The „2-in-1“ child safety seat
Our child safety seats grow as does your child!
The kiddy guardian pro 2 accompanies your child
from the age of 9 months to 12 years.
We have now enhanced the fancy all-rounder for
the entire childhood with regard to the essential
safety and comfort features.
Product features
approx. 7.5 kg
Dimensions (HxWxD)
46 x 65 x 40 cm
60 x 81 x 52 cm
kiddy Original impact shield
The Original Kiddy impact shield allows for „rolling
over“ of the upper part of the body in case of a frontend collision or severe braking maneuvers. Thus the
very delicate cervical area in children is strained less
than with conventional seatbelt systems.
One-hand adjustment
in height and width
of the head- and shoulderrests
Extendable and
elevated leg support
kiddy Shock Absorber (KSA)
kiddy Shock Absorber (KSA)
Approved for use on aircraft
From age group 2 upwards children are secured in the
child safety seat with the 3-point seat belt. This system,
however, has been designed for adults. Our unique
safety component, the kiddy Shock Absorber (KSA),
absorbs the braking energy acting on the 3-point seat belt
and thus protects your child from high impacts. For the
second generation we have improved the absorbing
material for better energy absorption and integrated
the KSA into the textile cover.
(see backside)
Soft-Tex / Thermotex
Ideal for feeling good
Nothing is more unpleasant than sitting in a car in sticky,
sweaty clothes on a hot summer day – and that goes
for adults as well as children. To counteract this we at
kiddy have introduced our breathable Thermotex fabric
to specific areas of our seats. This material increases air
circulation ensuring a comfortable seating environment,
making even long car trips enjoyable.
The most comfortable position in every situation! It only
takes a few seconds to put the seat into the snooze position
and the comfortable headrest can easily be adjusted, too.
(For use until 18 kg.)
You can be the best driver in the world
– but an accident can happen to anyone!
To guarantee the best possible protection
for children in case of an accident, kiddy
has been developing child safety seats for
more than 30 years. kiddy child safety
seats offer the highest possible safety in
accordance with the latest global technology standards. So that the kids of the
best drivers will always arrive safe and
comfortable, too.
Jan-Stefan Würstl
kiddy managing director
9 to 36 kg
from approx. 9 months to approx. 12 years
* The AGR-quality cachet (Aktion Gesunder Rücken = Campaign for Healthier Backs): Certified and recommended by Association Forum Healthy Back
– Better Living and Federal Association of German Back Schools. More information: AGR e.V., Pf. 103, D-27443 Selsingen, Phone +49 4284/9269990,
Comfortable lateral headrests
prevent the head tilting to the side.
Superb side-impact protection
thanks to a new geometric design
of the lateral areas
which also ensures good visibility for the child.
One-hand adjustment
of head- and shoulderrests
enables the seat “to grow”
in width and height simultaneously.
kiddy accessories make any car trip
a pleasure for big and small. Dirty car
seats and boring waiting are so yesterday.
kiddy accessories always make car trips
comfortable and interesting.
Improved integrated
diagonal seatbelt guides
for an even easier fitting through simple
insertion of the seatbelt into the guide slots.
Convenient shoulder rests
put the upper body into the correct position.
Proved and tested
high performance
shock absorbing material
in the head and shoulder area (Honey Comb V2).
kiddy Original impact shield
absorbs the energy in case of a crash from the
front and reduces the risks of serious neck injuries.
Adjustable snooze position
makes travelling even more comfortable
(for use until 18 kg).
kiddy Shock Absorber
crumple zone for the child safety seats.
Resilient fabric seat cover
easy to remove and machine washable at 30° C.
Extendable and elevated
leg support
avoids slipping through
(anti-submarine effect).
Adjustable seat height
The foldable kiddy insert cushion enables
the ideal seating position for the child.
1) kiddy becool Stay cool with kiddy becool. In summer car interiors get very warm
and a children’s car seat too. The kiddy becool is a soft, light cotton cover that enables
air to circulate freely so keeping the car seat cooler. The kiddy becool summer cover
consists of natural “Tencel” fibres and prevents the formation of a film of water or bacteria.
It is both anti-allergenic and antiseptic and ideally suited for children’s sensitive skin.
Suitable for: kiddy guardian pro 2 (available from 11/2011). Item No. 41 604 BC 0CF
2) kiddy clima Seat heating and cooling air circulation in one! Because of a strong
layer consisting of 95 % air, the summer surface provides an optimal temperature
compensation. In the cold winter time, you simply turn the kiddy clima over and your
child sits on a comfortably heated surface. By plugging the connector into the car cigarette
lighter, you warm up the kiddy clima to a maximum of 32° C. Fits all infant carriers and
child safety seats. Item No. 41 610 CI 025 3) Ravensburger bear book The fluffy
bear‘s head with irresistible button eyes beckons children to look inside. The colourful,
tactile pages are full of educational images that young children love. Little bear is eating,
playing and sleeping, just like his reader. Suitable for all impact shield car seat models
which are fitted with poppers: kiddy infinity pro, kiddy energy pro, kiddy comfort pro,
kiddy guardian pro and kiddy guardian pro 2. Item No. 41 606 BB 000
4) kiddy aqua paint Creative art has never been so easy! With this refillable water pen
even a very young toddler can join in the fun without making a mess. The drawing surface
simply attaches to the kiddy original impact shield by means of press studs and can as
easily be removed again. Suitable for all impact shields which are fitted with poppers:
kiddy infinity pro, kiddy energy pro, kiddy comfort pro, kiddy guardian pro und kiddy
guardian pro 2. Item No. 41 611 AP 000
5) kiddy beclean In autumn or winter, children’s muddy shoes easily mark the inside
of your car. There’s usually no time to clean or take off the muddy boots when getting into
the car, so the kiddy front seat protector makes sure the back of the seat in front stays
unmarked. Item No. 41 607 00 000
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Soft-Tex / Thermotex
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Soft-Tex / Thermotex
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Soft-Tex / Thermotex
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Soft-Tex / Thermotex
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