3.5X Higher Resolution and
15% Less Total Data Storage*
• First High Definition Police In-Car Video System
• No Trade-Off Between Video Quality and File Size
• Superior Compression – H.264 High Profile
• Record-After-the-Fact™ - Never Miss a Recording
• High Fidelity Wireless Audio System
• NEW Ultra-WDR Camera - Superior Nighttime Video
• Dual Solid State Drives - Evidence is Never Lost
• Industrial-Grade 802.11n Wireless Hardware
• The Only Secure USB Flash Drive Transfer Option
• Advanced Live Video Streaming Hardware is Built
Into the DVR
WatchGuard 4RE HD was the largest in-car
camera system development effort in the
history of the in-car video industry.
* As Compared to Standard Definition Video
Uses Multiple Resolution Recording Technology
by WatchGuard Video, US Patent #8,081,214
High Definition In-Car Video
Every agency would prefer to record video in high resolution;
however the time and expense of transferring and storing
larger video files usually forces agencies to accept lower
resolution video.
The WatchGuard 4RE HD in-car video system changes
everything – now agencies can have high definition video
while simultaneously reducing storage costs and transfer
Actual image from the WatchGuard® 4RE™ HD
Multiple Resolution Recording
The real magic of WatchGuard® 4RE™ (Four
Resolution Encoding) is its ability to record
in high definition and in a lower resolution
simultaneously. On recordings that turn out to be important (5-10%),
the 720p HD version is kept. Routine recordings (90-95%) are archived
using 480p resolution (still 20% better than any SD system).
Agency Defined Event Tags
Customizable event classifications are created to determine which types
of recordings are stored in high definition. Officers simply select the event
type, and the agency’s policies determine the rest.
The Event Tag Determines
Which Recordings Are Kept
In High Definition
standard compression
format comparison
(For 720x480 D1 video at equal video quality)
MPEG-4 2.0 GB per Hour
H.264 BP (Baseline Profile)
1.2 GB per Hour
H.264 HP (High Profile)
0.7 GB per Hour
Storage for 10 Hours of Video
(10% Tagged as Critical)
H.264 HP (HIGH profile)
compression technology
WatchGuard® 4RE™ HD is the first in-car video system
to use the most advanced H.264 HP (High Profile) video
compression technology. Existing H.264 in-car video systems
use much simpler H.264 BP (Baseline Profile) technology,
which creates files that are up to 50% larger at equivalent
video qualities. Older MPEG-4 systems create files that are
more than 100% larger than H.264 HP.
WatchGuard 4RE HD
9 Hours Standard Resolution (D1) @ 0.88 GB/Hr = 7.92 GB
1 Hour High Definition (720p) @ 2.32 GB/Hr = 2.32 GB
Total = 10.24 GB
20 GB
It takes 10 times more processing
to create H.264 HP video than
to create H.264 BP video.
12 GB
10.24 GB
other h.264
MPEG-4 Systems
10 Hours Standard Resolution (D1) @ 2.0 GB/Hr = 20 GB
Other H.264 Systems
10 Hours Standard Resolution (D1) @ 1.2 GB/Hr = 12 GB
WatchGuard 4RE HD
9 Hours High Resolution (480p) @ 0.88 GB/Hr = 7.92 GB
1 Hour High Definition (720p) @ 2.32 GB/Hr
= 2.32 GB
TOTAL = 10.24 GB
6 simultaneous streams
The WatchGuard 4RE DVR is so powerful it can create
6 separate video streams at the same time.
• Record one 720p High Definition video stream
• Record one 480p High Resolution video stream
• Record two separate D1 resolution video streams *
• Output 2 lower resolution video streams optimized
for a low bandwidth live streaming video feed
* With the 4RE Expansion Card, one of the D1 resolution video
streams can be a quad split screen from 4 separate cameras, which
enables the 4RE system to record and display up to 6 cameras at the
same time, enabling a full 360º of camera coverage.
3.5X Higher Resolution for Court Video AND 15% Less Data Storage
WatchGuard’s new ZSL and
HD Mini Zoom cameras utilize a
revolutionary dual-exposure,
Ultra-Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
technology that dramatically
improves nighttime video quality.
For every frame of video, the
camera actually takes 2 separate
images (a dark exposure and a
light exposure) and automatically
blends the two images into a
single video frame. The result is
an ideally exposed picture that
keeps bright areas from
being over-exposed
and keeps darker
areas from turning
Light Exposure
Dark Exposure
• Dual-Exposure, Ultra-WDR Technology
• 720p HD Resolution (1280x720)
• 16:9 Aspect Ratio
• 57 Degree Wide Field-of-View
• 12X Optical Zoom
• Large Format, Dual-Exposure CMOS Sensor
• F1.6 Optics, 0.82 LUX (Full Color)
WatchGuard’s NEW Ultra-WDR Cameras
have Better Full Color Low Light Sensitivity
than the Human Eye!
The ZSL mounts in front of the rear view mirror,
so the officer’s sightline is not obstructed.
It is the size of a credit card and only ¾ of an inch thick.
Actual final nighttime video image from the ZSL Camera
ZSL (Zero Sightline) CAMERA
• Dual-Exposure, Ultra-WDR Technology
• 720p HD Resolution (1280x720)
• 16:9 Aspect Ratio
• 68 Degree Wide Field-of-View
• Large Format, Dual-Exposure CMOS Sensor
• F1.7 Optics, 0.85 LUX (Full Color)
Just like HDTV, the WatchGuard® 4RE™ HD system records video in a 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio (versus a
conventional 4:3 ratio where the image area is almost square). This is the ideal aspect ratio for a forward facing
in-car video camera, because it utilizes more pixels to the sides and wastes less area on the sky and vehicle hood.
4RE records the front camera at both 720p and 480p resolutions simultaneously. Both recordings utilize
progressive scanning in a 16:9 wide screen aspect ratio. 4RE’s lower video resolution is still 20% higher than any
standard definition (D1) system and all snapshot images from 4RE are far superior to SD systems which utilize
interlaced video and analog cameras.
720p = 1280x720 (16:9 Ratio)
480p = 864x480 (16:9 Ratio)
D1 = 720x480 (4:3 Ratio)
WatchGuard® 4RE™ HD equipped with the new HD Mini Zoom camera provides license plate
legibility up to 38 feet away, even at the widest angle zoom level. Most conventional systems lack
the image quality to resolve license plates beyond 10-18 feet away.
secondary cameras
side or rear-facing camera
• Sony Super HAD CCD
• 74 Degree Wide FOV
• 540 TV Line Resolution
4RE can also record and display video from standard analog cameras;
like FLIR cameras and backup cameras. Let 4RE manage them!
• High Resolution Color CCD
• Built-in Infrared Illumination
• 90 Degree Wide FOV
• 420 TV Line Resolution
Intuitive 4.3” Touch Screen Display
The WatchGuard® 4RE™ HD System Uses a Rich and Beautiful
Graphical User Interface that is Easy to Use and Understand
Actual Size
Multi-Camera Split Screen
The standard WatchGuard® 4RE™ HD can record from 3 cameras
simultaneously. With the optional 4RE Expansion Card, the system can
record up to 6 cameras simultaneously enabling a full 360º of camera
coverage. The screen layout automatically changes to display only
active cameras to maximize the viewing size, and any one camera can
be isolated for full screen viewing.
While the touch-screen display is the quickest and simplest way to control the WatchGuard®
4RE™ HD system, the system can also be integrated with a mobile data computer. The
optional WatchGuard 4RE Mobile App® is a Windows® application that displays video and
system controls on the in-car computer, yet the video system can be fully operated even if
the computer is not working.
new, high fidelity
wireless microphone
hear what you’ve been missing!
near cd audio quality
3x Better Frequency Response
1-2 miles of range (Line of Sight)
Maintain Audio Through Buildings (High Power, 900 MHz)
extraordinary battery life
1 Week of Typical Use on a Single Charge
Advanced Technology
Uses a high power industrial radio
modem instead of cordless telephone technology
High Fidelity Sound
More lifelike sound, improves the intelligibility of speech
Built-in AGC (Automatic Gain Control) Processor
Helps eliminate distortion from traffic noise
Solid State MEMs Microphone Sensor
Higher sensitivity and frequency response
High Performance Internal Fractal Antenna
Helps achieve 1-2 miles of range
iPod™ Battery
Uses the exact same Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery and
connector used in the iPod Classic
Continuous Talk Time
12-30 Hours (dependent on distance)
Intelligent Standby
2-35 Days (Patent Pending)
Recharge Time
2.5 Hours (charges whether it’s turned off or left on)
Typical Usage
1 Week (from a single charge)
(2 hours of active recording per day)
Listen to a Real Traffic Stop with the HiFi Mic
Backlit LCD Status Display
corners protect the
mic if it’s dropped
Built-in Acoustic
Foam Wind Barrier
Includes 2 Clips
Rotatable Alligator Clip
Duty Belt Clip
The spring loaded
slider switch
can manually
activate the mic or
temporarily mute
the audio
Actual Size
dual drive architecture
Removable USB Flash Drive AND Integrated Hard Drive
Anytime 4RE is powered on, video will be continuously
captured on the internal Solid State Hard Drive (SSHD).
Anytime an active recording is initiated, the video will be
written to both the internal hard drive and the secured
USB Flash Drive.
•Keeps recording even if the USB Flash Drive is
full or missing
•Keeps recording even during playback and
• True Industrial Grade SSHD operates from
-400F - +1850F
• Integrated Crash Detection
• Integrated GPS for Speed & Location
4RE is the ONLY product on the market with a SECURE manual
transfer option. Every other system leaves your agency
exposed to the risk of data loss during manual transfers.
fully secured usb flash drive
To support a manual transfer option, 4RE incorporates
today’s most universally compatible flash memory device;
a USB Flash Drive. For easy access, the USB device
automatically swings out 90 degrees when the door is
• Physical Security – Locked behind a cast zinc door
• Data Security – USB data encryption with EL3
• Redundant Security – The video files are safely
backed up on the DVR’s hard drive until the USB drive
is reinserted into the DVR with confirmation files
that prove the videos were safely transferred to the
Evidence Library Server.
Any standard thumb drive can be used as long
as it fits inside the drive bay
Never Miss Recording Something
Important Again!
With 4RE, you never have to worry if the system recorded an
important incident or not, because 4RE is always recording
to the hard drive (often called “Background Recording”).
When something important happens that was not part of
a normal triggered event, create a new recording by simply
entering in a start point and a stop point that covers the
time of the important incident. A new high definition
recording event will be created, automatically copied to
the USB Flash Drive and automatically uploaded as soon
as 4RE is connected to the wireless network.
The Power to
Go Back in Time
and RECORD an
Event AFTER it
• Background recorded video is continuously
looped to the hard drive
• Background video is typically available for the
previous 2-3 shifts
• Just enter a start and stop point to create a
new event from background video
• The new event will be uploaded and managed
just like normal triggered events
WatchGuard’s Record-After-the-Fact has already been
used to avoid countless lawsuits and solve hundreds of
crimes (including over a dozen homicides).
• Vindicates Officers
• Provides crucial video for investigations
• It’s the ultimate safety net
Read stories about WatchGuard customers using
Record-After-the-Fact to solve major crimes.
Visit www.WatchGuardVideo.com/stories
WatchGuard’s Record-After-the-Fact is Patent Pending
“hands free”
The WatchGuard 4RE HD automatically handles
everything for the officer. It automatically locates the
desired wireless network(s), authenticates and rapidly
uploads all content to the WatchGuard Evidence Library
Server with no help from the officer.
• Wireless uploads are fully automatic
• New configurations are pushed to the DVR
• DVR firmware updates are completely
4RE uses an advanced, 5 GHz industrial grade 802.11n
radio system that is connected to the Ethernet port of
the DVR. By not embedding the radio into the DVR,
WatchGuard customers can easily upgrade the wireless
radio in the future without having to scrap or service
the DVR when new technologies like 802.11AC become
commercially available.
system shutdown is automatic
When the vehicle is turned off, the in-car unit
automatically starts several programmable
shutdown timer sequences and switches into a
low-power mode while video is uploaded. Once the
upload is complete, the DVR automatically powers
Real-world transfer speeds
fast enough to upload
an hour of SD video in
less than 3 minutes
intelligent upload
With 4RE technology, the officer’s role in
managing uploads is virtually eliminated.
Partial uploads, “drive offs,” and other types
of interruptions are automatically handled
seamlessly; the WatchGuard® Evidence Library™
upload service is sophisticated enough to
manage partial uploads without requiring the
DVR to resend data. It’s even smart enough
to reassemble events that have been partially
transferred across different upload stations.
built-in hardware support
for live video streaming
4RE can create and output additional video streams that are
optimized for live video streaming applications (by using
lower resolutions and frame rates) without sacrificing any
of the high resolution streams that are recorded on the solid
state drives.
watch-commander lvs application
The new, optional Watch-Commander Live Video Streaming
application enables agencies to view the live video and audio
from any of their wirelessly connected WatchGuard 4RE HD
camera systems. View any camera, vehicle status, metadata, GPS
coordinates and more. The web-based multi-cast application
enables any internet connected device (with proper authentication)
to view live feeds.
The heart of a WatchGuard 4RE HD system is the
WatchGuard Evidence Library 3 (EL3), an enterprise
class, back-end server platform which utilizes
sophisticated Microsoft® SQL Server databases. This
state-of-the-art server software supports wireless
uploading, networked implementations, remote
clients, and it sets a new standard for back-end
capability, flexibility and ease of use.
Simple searches are performed live on the Quick Search bar.
The Advanced Search function allows for building and saving
complex searches using multiple fields, with both specific
values or across ranges in a graphical environment. For
example, to monitor a special enforcement effort, a search
could be created to find any recordings in the last 60 days
tagged as “Traffic” or “Other”, with a radar target speed of
55 MPH or higher, that occurred within 1.25 miles of
a specific GPS location.
The built-in media player includes a graphical view of the
dynamic metadata. Users can visually spot when the lights,
siren, or brakes were activated during the event timeline,
or view the patrol speed graph to quickly find moments of
interest. Snapshot and copy/export functions are built into
the player, including the ability to burn DVDs or convert file
Advanced Video Management
Integrated Case Management
Fleet & Security Management
Group Level Fleet Management
Quick Search Bar for Simple Searches
Advanced Graphical Search Engine
Media Player with Timeline Graphing
Codec-Free Export Video Player
Sophisticated Event Trimming Tool
Scalable Across Multiple Locations
Integrates with Active Directory
Import Video from Wearable Cameras
Use Thick Clients or Web Clients
Permissions Based Clients
Hands-Free DVR Firmware Deployment
Hands-Free Configuration Deployment
Export Queue Management
DVD Robot Software & Management
Thumbnail Previews for All Cameras
Scheduled & Automatic Purging
Built-in File Format Conversion Tools
Audit Log Viewing and Much More
Tie Any Digital Asset to a Case
Correlate Video from Multiple Cars
Assign Specific Case Workers to a Case
Document Notes
Automatically Builds an Audit Log Protect Recordings Tied to Case
Creates Secured Copies of Files
Export a Case to a DVD Robot
• Export recordings with a codec-less media player
Ensures any computer can play the original evidence
• Use Event Trimming to export just a portion of an event
Create a 10 minute clip of just the sobriety test from a 2 hour DUI
• Convert the original recording to other types of standard file formats
DVD-Video, AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG-2, etc.
• Export an entire case with all associated digital assets
Other in-car recordings, wearable videos, JPEGs, reports, .doc, etc.
• Export cases or recordings to a folder, DVD, network drive, DVD robot, etc.
Automatic Disc-Spanning enables large files to be automatically burned across
multiple DVD-Video or Data Discs
Included FREE with 4RE™
WatchGuard’s NEW Evidence Library Express™
(ELX™) is a full featured, easy-to-use Video
Management System (VMS) that is designed
for agencies that do not require wireless
uploading or support for remote
(or networked) clients.
the “stand alone” 4RE solution
ELX allows customers to operate a WatchGuard 4RE HD system without any server computers or wireless infrastructure.
With ELX, an officer can easily manage their video recordings on their in-car computer or any other agency provided PC.
ELX can easily link to external hard drives to expand the storage capacity beyond the PC’s available drive space.
ELX utilizes the secure USB Flash Drive
to transfer files from the car to the PC. Since
the USB drive is a redundant copy of recordings, there
is no risk of losing evidence should the flash drive be lost
or damaged.
Once recordings are transferred, ELX places a unique file on
the USB drive to confirm the successful transfer. When the USB
drive is re-inserted into the DVR, 4RE will allow the recordings
that have been safely transferred to ELX to be overwritten on
4RE’s internal hard drive when space is needed.
If the USB drive is removed, but never used to securely transfer
recordings to ELX, then the 4RE DVR will automatically re-copy
the non-transferred recordings onto the next USB drive that is
video evidence Management
Locate or sort recordings by combinations of:
• Officer Name
• Date or Date Range
• Event Type
• Vehicle ID
• Storage Location • Recording Duration
• Number of Cameras • File Size
Supports multiple car & officer
ELX can also be installed on a centrally located
single PC where multiple officers could use ELX
to upload video from their 4RE’s USB flash drives.
4RE has the only manual transfer process
that doesn’t put your evidence at risk.
dvr configurator
Use ELX to populate agency and officer names, vehicle
IDs, and to configure all other DVR settings including
security and custom event classifications. Once your DVR
configurations are set up, export the configuration files
to a USB flash drive, and plug that drive into 4RE. The 4RE
in-car video system will be fully programmed in seconds.
migrate to full evidence library 3
Agencies can start off using ELX with USB uploading and
then transition to wireless uploading and full Evidence
Library 3 at a later date. Simply purchase the wireless
hardware and the full Evidence Library in the future when
funding becomes available.
24/7 Customer Support
Enterprise Class
Server Hardware
WatchGuard has partnered with one of the nation’s
largest OEM computer manufacturers to provide the
most cost-effective enterprise class server solutions.
WatchGuard’s OEM relationship guarantees servers are
built with the exact drivers, operating systems, and SQL
Server® versions tested by WatchGuard engineers. This
removes disruptive variables (like introducing untested
hardware drivers and mismatched software versions) that
can escalate implementation time and cost. WatchGuard’s
OEM server systems come standard with a three-year
on-site hardware warranty.
At WatchGuard Video we understand that if your camera
system is not working properly, the entire vehicle may be
taken out-of-service. That is why throughout the history
of WatchGuard Video, we have always demonstrated a
commitment to provide extraordinary service and support;
including 24/7 after hours emergency support.
Most companies agree to repair hardware that fails while
under the warranty period – but that often takes weeks,
and waiting weeks for your camera to be repaired is time
you cannot afford. The WatchGuard warranty provides for an
immediate replacement of defective hardware. Advanced
replacements are usually shipped within 24 hours (next
business day), and WatchGuard does not make you wait until
the defective component is received before the replacement
is shipped. With WatchGuard, you get reduced downtime.
In addition to WatchGuard’s OEM server systems,
WatchGuard has established relationships with DELL® and
HP® to provide competitive name-brand servers.
WatchGuard Video
415 Century Parkway
Allen, TX 75013
972-423-9777 (Main)
972-423-9778 (Fax)
Toll Free Sales
Other factory warranties exclude the most common failure
points; cables and batteries. WatchGuard’s factory hardware
warranty coverage plans range from 1-5 years in length, and
the warranty covers all parts, including removable media,
batteries and cables.
Passionate service
The WatchGuard Customer Service Team goes beyond merely
honoring a product warranty – they strive to create raving
To learn more about our passionate 24/7 service,
please just ask some of our customers.
WatchGuard Video is so confident that your agency will be satisfied with the WatchGuard®
4RE™ HD Wireless In-Car Camera System; we are extending an unprecedented six-month
money-back guarantee, provided our implementation guidelines are followed.
Factory Guaranteed Implementation GUIDELINES:
Evidence Library Express Implementations Require
• WatchGuard 4RE In-Car hardware to be installed as recommended
• WatchGuard training for administrators and user trainers
• The computer running ELX to meet the recommended specifications
Evidence Library 3 Implementations Require
• WatchGuard 4RE In-Car hardware to be installed as recommended
• WatchGuard training for administrators and user trainers
• WatchGuard provided in-car wireless radios and antennas are used
• WatchGuard provided Access Points are used and installed as recommended
• Server computer(s) meet the recommended specifications
• On-site software installation and configuration is performed by WatchGuard
• Agency controlled VPN access for WatchGuard Customer Service is present
Our Promise
We guarantee that the WatchGuard 4RE HD system, when sold as a “Factory Guaranteed
Implementation,” will work effectively, and your agency will be satisfied. If you find that the
WatchGuard 4RE HD system is unable to perform as intended, and our support team cannot
resolve the issue, WatchGuard Video will refund your money within the first six months.
Robert Vanman, Chief Executive Officer
WatchGuard® 4RETM is proudly made in the USA
WatchGuard Video
415 Century Parkway, Allen, TX 75013
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